Cryptozoologist Degree: What Is A Cryptozoologist?

Learn about what it takes to have a career in cryptozoology, the study of unknown animals. The degree of Cryptozoologist studies unknown animals, referred to as cryptids, and is a science-based field.

While the field of cryptozoology is often met with criticism, it has led to the discovery of a few species once thought to be nonexistent.

What is Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is a science-based field within the larger field of evolutionary biology. However, it focuses primarily on the animals we do not yet understand. Some of the animals described as “unknown” have ever been seen and documented by humans, and while they may not be classified as mammals, they are worthy of further study.

Cryptozoology investigates these so-called “mystery animals” by examining their history, anatomy, behavior, appearance, body structures, and physiology.

It investigates the possible existence of these animals, which, when they are “discovered,” are assigned to various taxonomic ranks, from cryptids to aliens. Cryptozoology is a collection of fields within the larger field of biology.

Cryptozoology is not limited to certain regions. Notable cryptozoologists include the Australian explorer Ivan T. Sanderson, who travelled throughout North America in search of a mysterious reptilian creature he dubbed the “Yeti.”

Cryptozoology is quite controversial. It’s often accused of perpetuating an outmoded myth of myth. However, some of its most fascinating and notable discoveries stem from the field.

How long does it take to get a degree in Cryptozoologist?

If you study Cryptozoology at a university, it typically takes four years to complete the four-year Bachelor of Science degree.

How long does it take to get a job in Cryptozoology?

If you study Cryptozoology part time, you can obtain employment.

There is a low number of Cryptozoologists in the world. Many universities have cryptozoology programs. If you are seeking to find employment in this field, it may take some time before you find a job.

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There are currently two major universities that offer Cryptozoology degrees.

University of Wisconsin – Madison.

University of Michigan.

University of California – Riverside.

What are the prerequisites to be a cryptozoologist?


U of M.

The University of Wisconsin offers the largest program in Cryptozoology.

Why Study Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is a relatively new field that studies elusive and unidentified animals that have evaded classification. Many of these animals are said to possess supernatural qualities that render them invisible, such as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or Ghost of the Mists of Avalon.

Is This A Real Degree?

No, cryptozoology does not exist as a degree. However, individuals can learn about the field in numerous ways. Among the most popular courses include, The Cryptozoology Field Course and Cryptozoology: An Introduction, both from The University of Akron.

Some well-known professors in cryptozoology are Lee Berger and Ian Futrell. The field has also been popularized by the movie, Sharknado.

The School you Attend

While there are only a few cryptozoology schools, we found that the School for Environment and Sustainability, the Ocean Studies Institute, and Pacific Rim University all offer courses in cryptozoology. The Ocean Studies Institute has the most options in terms of public training with classes in Isla San Juan from December to April, a class on Cryptozoology from September to November and a course on the biology and ecology of deep-sea organisms in the Pacific.

In terms of personal interest, the Ocean Studies Institute, of which Jamie Delgado is a co-director and lecturer, has various camps throughout the year for students. Additionally, the non-profit group The Cryptozoology School offers programs for students to gain hands-on experience.

The number of credits you can earn

1st place: $1,000

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2nd place: $500

3rd place: $250

What Are The Benefits?

It’s a good time to be a student! If you are not sure whether or not it’s the right job for you, it’s a good way to find out. You can only get the certificate of achievement if you have already completed a specific number of credits at your program.

When And Where Do I Need To Register?

You can find the application online here. The deadline to apply is January 28, 2017.

What are the requirements for becoming a Cryptozoologist?

There are no specific qualifications to become a Cryptozoologist. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in cryptozoology need to find something they are passionate about, whether that is the collection of specimens, conducting fieldwork, or telling the story of cryptids.

Even though there are no specific qualifications, all cryptozoologists have to complete four years of post-secondary education.

In the following section, we will go over what the education process looks like and how to get a Cryptozoology degree.

How To Get A Cryptozoology Degree

It has been difficult to find information on how to get a Cryptozoology degree. The best way to get a Cryptozoology degree is to go through a university’s College of Natural and Cultural Sciences.

How do I prepare for my career in Cryptozoology?

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your grades should be good. A high school education is preferred, but some people go to college.
  • Research and observation of subjects, information gathering and image interpretation are very important.
  • You should have an interest in cryptozoology and a familiarity with the field.
  • Working with a team is a good thing.

What is Cryptozoology?

The term cryptozoology was first coined by British Columbia resident W.P.Y. Evans-Wentz in 1926. It is the study of unknown animals. Cryptozoology can be broadly defined as “the systematic search for undiscovered animals, unknown to science.

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Career Possibilities in Cryptozoology

Learn more about the world of cryptozoology by taking a look at the various careers and jobs that are open to those who possess a Master’s degree in Cryptozoology. Some of these occupations include:




Wildlife Management


Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Film Maker

Film Producer


Archeologists work to understand how past peoples behaved. Archeologists use methods of analysis, drawing from all kinds of research and theory, to help find the truth behind various historical accounts.


Some of the larger and more well-known cryptids to arise from the study of cryptozoology include Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.


“A cryptozoologist, in short, is a person who looks for (or thinks he sees) large animals. They do not believe they exist and are never happy about it. A couple of hundred species of living species, though, are known to exist which cannot be seen, heard, smelled or smelled by any human.”

The world of Bigfoot and other famous creatures may or may not exist, but the internet has brought people together from around the world. Many believe that they can prove these creatures, but there is little proof available to support their claims.

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We reached out to many Universities, ranging from the most famous like MIT to some as obscure as Lehigh University, hoping to find a Cryptozoology degree but were unable to find one.

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