Horizon NJ Health Insurance Card

Horizon NJ Health Insurance Card

Your membership card is the key to accessing quality healthcare services through Horizon BCBSNJ’s extensive network of doctors and hospitals.

Your Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Membership Card in New Jersey is your key to accessing quality healthcare but don’t worry if you can’t find your ID. Just download the Horizon Blue app. This app allows you to send text messages or emails to your addicts and doctors covered right from your phone on your ID card.

To get the Horizon Blue App, simply text Get App to 422-272 or download it from the App Store or Google Play.

You can also easily view and print your badge, or order a replacement at any time by logging into HorizonBlue.com and clicking Badges. Your doctor, other medical professionals, and hospitals also have online access to your ID and benefits information.

With convenient online and mobile access, your membership card is always available.

What’s on my membership card?

Your membership card contains a lot of important information. Here is what it all means.

1. Member Name – In most cases, it will only display the customer name and not the dependent name. Doctors and hospitals accept this card for you and you are insured.

2. Member ID – Your Member ID is a string of letters and numbers. This is the same for everyone covered by your BCBSNJ Horizon plan and will remain your identification number for as long as you are a health plan subscriber. In general, the number after 3HZN is what doctors and hospitals need from you. The prefix (first three letters/numbers before 3HZN) is used by Horizon BCBSNJ to target claims processing.

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3. Coverage Verification Data – Doctors and hospitals need this information to verify eligibility and make claims. You can also visit the provider’s website to confirm your coverage.

4. Appoint a GP (PCP) if your plan requires PCP.

5. Your Horizon BCBSNJ package name – you’ll need to know this when searching for participating doctors and hospitals in the Doctor & Hospital Finder.

6. Additional charge information – This is only shown if your package includes an additional fee. A co-payment is an amount you can pay each time you receive care, treatment, or service. The amount may vary depending on where you are being treated (eg hospital, family doctor or specialist). Your co-payment is not your co-insurance amount. Some membership cards also show your co-insurance and the amount to be deducted if this applies to your plan.

7. Suitcase Logo – Having a photo of “PPO in a Suitcase” means that when traveling outside New Jersey, you can receive online treatment from a doctor or hospital that is part of your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield package. If you have an empty suitcase logo, non-emergency care outside New Jersey is treated as offline.

8. Claim Information for Members and Providers.

9. An indication of whether your Horizon BCBSNJ plan is insured or self-funded – this may be related to how your employer manages your Horizon BCBSNJ health plan.

10. Website Address – Go online for information on exclusive rights, benefits and tools, and resources available to you. Be sure to register to access these tools and resources.

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11. Phone numbers are important for you and your doctor.

12. A logo indicating that you have prescription drug coverage through your Horizon BCBSNJ health plan.

What if I can’t find my ID?

If you haven’t received your membership card or it’s lost, don’t worry. Just log in and click Badges to view and print an image of your badge or request a new one. You can also text ‘GetApp’ to 42272 to download the HorizonBlue app to view and share your membership card. Doctors and hospitals accept this image on your ID card. Your doctor and hospital staff may also inquire about your card, terms of participation, and online services.

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