13 Medical Jobs To Consider in the U.S. Air Force in 2022

Medical Jobs in Air Force – In the United States Air Force, there are many career opportunities for those interested in health care. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time position, there are many benefits to working with the military. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to serve in the US Air Force as well as what you need to know about joining this career path.

The Air Force is one of the largest employers in the United States, with over 350,000 active duty and reservists. The Air Force offers thousands of jobs in a variety of fields ranging from pilots to medical technicians. For those considering a career in healthcare or wanting to serve their country, here are some reasons why military medical jobs in the Air Force may be for you.

Benefits of medical jobs in the Air Force

You can work as a medical professional in the Air Force and enjoy numerous benefits. One of the biggest benefits of working with the Air Force is the low cost of living. The average food cost in the U.S. is about $1,200 per year, but that figure drops to just $300 if you live on base.
In addition to being financially frugal, military bases are often located in remote areas where jobs are hard to come by otherwise. Furthermore, military personnel have access to educational opportunities and a low student loan rate for those who pursue advanced degrees after active duty service. Other benefits include the fact that you get free health care and dental coverage from Day 1, along with a retirement plan and paid vacation time (2-4 weeks per year).
There are also many job opportunities for medical professionals in the Air Force.

Getting a medical job with the Air Force can have many potential benefits such as:

  • Financial coverage for education: Depending on your particular medical profession or specialty, the Air Force may pay for your advanced education in part or full. The Air Force offers both a financial assistance program and numerous Air Force Health Profession Scholarships for different healthcare fields. Applicants must typically already have their undergraduate degree to be eligible. Financial assistance can apply to both medical schooling and residency periods.

  • High-quality medical equipment: The Air Force provides their medical professionals with the best available medical technology.

  • Enhanced community: Although Air Force medical professionals work in a wide variety of medical environments across the globe, Air Force bases are often self-contained towns. This could make it easier for you to build personal relationships with your patients and fellow medical professionals.

  • Multiple career development opportunities: Medical professionals in the Air Force can choose the career opportunities that best suit their needs and professional aspirations. For example, they can select from a variety of work environments ranging from serving a team of air staff to the White House Medical Unit. You could also choose to work at a base in a country outside of the United States.

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Medical jobs in the Air Force

Here are 13 medical jobs in the Air Force:

1. Dental assistant

National average salary: $40,527 per year

Primary duties: Dental assistants help dentists provide healthcare for Air Force members’ teeth, gums and other parts of the jaw and face. Dental assistants aid in both routine examinations and more complex procedures, such as oral surgery. A dental assistant’s responsibilities vary depending on the patient’s and dentist’s needs, but might include sterilizing dental tools, taking X-rays, maintaining patient records or providing surgical help.

2. Operating room registered nurse

National average salary: $49,874 per year

Primary duties: Operating room nurses provide medical care to members of the Air Force with surgical needs. Operating room nurses typically provide patient care either before, during or after surgery. Depending on what stage a surgical patient is at in their procedure, an operating room nurse might help with tasks such as recording a patient’s vital signs, sanitizing surgical equipment, handing surgical tools to physicians as requested and ensuring all staff adhere to patient safety guidelines.

3. Histology technician

National average salary: $50,754 per year

Primary duties: Also known as histology specialists, histology technicians create tissue samples for microscopes. Examining human tissue under microscopes can help diagnose and determine treatment plans for Air Force members requiring medical care. Besides preparing tissues for microscope slides, histology technicians also perform tasks such as disinfecting laboratory equipment and assisting pathologists with autopsies.

4. Physician assistant

National average salary: $56,896 per year

Primary duties: Physicians assistants diagnose, treat and help Air Force members maintain overall health. Like physicians, physician assistants treat common illnesses and help patients practice general wellness. However, physician assistants are legally required to have a supervising physician advise them on medical practices and procedures. Daily responsibilities might include prescribing medications, conducting physical examinations or interpreting laboratory results.

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5. Dietitian

National average salary: $70,022 per year

Primary duties: Dietitians advise Air Force members on diet and nutrition. A dietitian’s goal is to help Air Force members maintain or improve their health by modifying what or how they eat. Daily responsibilities might include developing meal plans, assessing individual nutrition needs and counseling patients on healthier dietary habits.

6. Pharmacist

National average salary: $82,375 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists dispense prescribed medications to Air Force members. Dispensing involves correctly preparing, compounding, packaging and labeling medications according to the prescribing physician’s instructions. Pharmacists also advise patients on proper use of the medication, warn patients about possible side effects and maintain accurate records of controlled substances.

7. Physical therapist

National average salary: $87,257 per year

Primary duties: Physical therapists help Air Force members recover from injuries, relieve physical pain or improve the movements and coordination of their muscles. Daily tasks for a physical therapist might include diagnosing problems with muscle movement, showing patients therapeutic exercises to do on their own time, creating individualized treatment plans or providing massage to a patient’s injured areas.

8. Biomedical equipment technician

National average salary: $88,510 per year

Primary duties: A biomedical equipment technician installs, tests, troubleshoots and repairs medical equipment for the Air Force. Biomedical equipment technicians work on equipment ranging from simple IT machines to more complicated devices, such as MRI machines. A biomedical equipment technician also keeps detailed records of performed tests, fixes and replacements on all medical equipment.

9. Optometrist

National average salary: $94,819 per year

Primary duties: Optometrists ensure that Air Force members can see well enough to fulfill their job duties and responsibilities. Optometrists perform routine eye examinations, prescribe glasses and other visual aids, diagnose problems or diseases related to vision, conduct minor eye surgeries and offer advice on overall vision health.

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10. Clinical psychologist

National average salary: $101,789 per year

Primary duties: Clinical psychologists diagnose and treat behavioral, mental and emotional disorders in Air Force members or their family members. A clinical psychologist’s goal is to help patients better understand manage their disorder to improve their overall well-being. Clinical psychologists help their patients create actionable plans to change their behaviors or habits, monitor their progress through regular sessions and use a variety of therapeutic techniques.

11. Surgeon

National average salary: $122,092 per year

Primary duties: Surgeons perform operations for Air Force members and their families. Air Force surgeons might be general surgeons, meaning they do common surgical procedures such as hernias and appendicitis. Other Air Force surgeons specialize in a certain medical field, such as orthopedics or cardiac surgery. Surgeons might operate to aid in medical diagnoses, correct deformities, help patients recover from injuries, improve physical functions or treat diseases.

12. Family medicine physician

National average salary: $170,909 per year

Primary duties: Family medicine physicians provide healthcare services for members of the Air Force and their families. Physicians who specialize in family medicine give comprehensive medical care which includes disease prevention, health maintenance and behavioral needs. A family medicine physician’s daily responsibilities vary from distributing vaccinations to performing routine physical examinations.

13. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $177,298 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatrists help members of the Air Force treat, maintain and improve their mental health. Air Force psychiatrists diagnose and treat many mental illnesses and help patients increase their overall mental wellness. A psychiatrist’s daily responsibilities might include prescribing medication, evaluating psychological test results, creating treatment plans and maintaining detailed mental health records.

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