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NUN Scholarships Pragramme 2019/2020 – How to Apply Online



The School Management of The Nile University of Nigeria Scholarships Pragramme for Student and discounts in the 2019/2020 academic session. method of application and requirement, See more Details below;

The authorities of the Nile University of Nigeria (NUN) have released the conditions to be eligible for the available scholarships and discounts in the 2019/2020 academic session.

See:  How to Apply for Nile University Undergraduate Admission.

Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship Conditions.

Students with high JAMB and WAEC scores will get scholarship according to list below: (JAMB or WAEC, one of them is given)

nile university scholarship conditions

  • The amount of scholarships due to JAMB and WASSCE results is as announced by the Board of Trustee of the Nile University of Nigeria NUN.
  • Students can get scholarship according to their Jamb and WAEC results in 2019/2020 academic session as follows:

    • For Medicine, a JAMB score of 250 attracts 10% discount, 260 attracts 20% discount, and 270 attracts 30% discount and so forth. No discount for WAEC results.
    • For Law, a JAMB score of 240 attracts 10% discount, 250 attracts 20% discount, and 260 attracts 30% discount and so forth. WASSCE/WAEC grades of 4A’s attracts 10% discount, 5 A’s attracts 20%, 6 A’s attracts 30% and so forth.
    • For other Departments, a JAMB score of 220 attracts 10% discount, 230 score attracts 20% discount, and 240 score attracts 30% discount and so forth.
      For other departments excluding law and medicine, WASSCE/WAEC grades of 3A’s attracts 10% discount, 4 A’s attracts 20%, 5 A’s attracts 30% and so forth.
  • Students with 3 A’s and above in WASSCE together with a JAMB score of 300 and above will get 100% scholarship.
    Note: apart from the above offer in No 3, students will only be allowed to use either JAMB or WASSCE results but not both. Also, all scholarships are offered to a limited number of students for each department
  • Students with outstanding performance in sports at national or professional level will get up-to 100% scholarship, if they participate in NUN team.
  • International Olympiads (IMO, IPHO, ICHO, IBO, IOI. PAMO, PASO) participants will be offered a 50% scholarship while medalists will get 100% scholarship
  • The following conditions must be obeyed by Scholarship students:

    • You must be successful from all the courses at the end of the session
    • CGPA must be minimum of 3.50/5.00 at the end of the session
    • You must complete your studies within the stipulated period allowed.
    • You must not be involved in any act of misconduct or disciplinary act.
    • The university reserves all the right to terminate your Scholarship if the need arise.

***For more different types of scholarship and discounts, a candidate will be given only highest one.

Nile University of Nigeria Discounts Conditions.

  1. NTIC graduates coming to NUN are given a special amount of discount which is mentioned by the BOT  for each year. They have given 10 to 40 discount to the newcomers to NUN for 2019 – 2020 academic session.
  2. Parents will get the following discount if they have more than one child in NUN or NTIC.
    • children – 5% discount for each child
    • children – 10% discount for each child
    • children – 15% discount for each child
    •  children and more- 20% discount for each child.
  3. Only one (1) immediate family member (child or wife) of the NUN staff will be given 50% discount. The discount will continue as long as the staff is still working with the university.
  4. BOT of NUN determines the amount of discount for foreign staff family members.
    •  NUN first class graduates get 100% discount
    •  NUN second class upper graduates get 50% discount
    •  NUN second class lower graduates get 40% discount
    •  NUN staff with 3 years experience get 80% discount
    •  NTIC graduates get 30 % discount
    •  First class graduates from other institutions get 50% discount
    •  Three individuals from the same corporate organization get a discount of 10% for each person, five people and above get a discount of 20% for each person and ten people and above get a discount of 30% for each person.
    •  The Board of trustees and management of the Nile University of Nigeria have agreed that for all Academicians who wish to apply for the 100% scholarship are to bring a reference letter from their Dean and HOD to the Board of Trustees for approval. They shall work for NUN for 2 years after graduation. The NUN first class graduates do not have this obligation.
    •  Non-Academicians “who have worked here for 3 years are entitled to apply for an 80% discount scholarship as well. They shall work for NUN for 2 years after graduation in their promoted position.

PHD Discounts:

  • NUN graduates (PGD, Undergraduate and master’s) get 30% discount
  • NUN Staff (Academic and non-academic) gets 50% discount
  • NTIC graduates get 30% discount
  • The board of trustees can give up to 100% discount
  • Staff working in the institution under First Surat Group get 50% discount

***For more different types of scholarship and discounts, a candidate will be/given only highest one.

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