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How to Overcome Post UTM Exam Tension and Fear



How to Overcome Tension and Fear in Post UTM Exam |  Every time we want to undertake an important task, there is always a degree of fear and tension involved especially in tasks where we can’t predict the outcome. But perhaps none strikes more fear into us than writing examinations. Some people have been known to get sick just from the fear and tension of taking an examination. It is usually referred to as “examination fever” These are summarized below:

You can score as high as 300 in your post UTME if, and only if you overcome tension and fear on and/or before the exam. What are the causes of this exam tension? One of the most prominent causes of tension during exam is fear of failure.  

Of course, there are two sure outcomes in every examination. Either you pass or you fail.Most interestingly, in terms of post UTME, you are interested in getting the highest score or meet the cut off mark for your institution of choice.  

One of my candidates called me on phone after writing Delta State University Post UTME Last year and said …” Sir, the examination was so easy but I was afraid because of the number of students that applied for my course”.

Yes! You may be terrified by so many things: the crowd that comes for the same examination or fear that comes from the examination itself.

Some people even fall sick because of the fear of failure. This is popularly called “examination fever” as a result of tension built up in the course of waiting for the exam.

Let me tell you emphatically that, the fear of the any examination is the beginning of failure. There are several things you will need to do to overcome this fear and tension. Just go through the steps below and see how it can help you.

  1. Find a Mentor:

Mentorship is very important in this regards. Your mentor will be able to work out the modalities for you to boost your confidence in anything you want to do. If you are reading this post up to this point, we can help you. We have all the strategies and materials that can help you get better score in your post utm exam. Just keep in touch with us. It’s free and hassle free. Simply click subscribe and put your email there. We will be sending our free tips and resources that will help you on the go.

  1. Get Post UTME Past Questions and Answers:

Do you have past questions for your intending exam? If you don’t have it, try and buy it now.  I earlier emphasized this point here, here and here. Any good student will always want to get hold of the past questions of the examination he/she wants to write. Like I earlier said, post utme past questions will help you gain confidence before the examination. It will help you know the nature of the examination. 

  1. Enrol in Extra mural class:

There are several JAMB and Post UTME tutorial classes going on in your location. Just locate anyone closer to you, find out their credibility and join the class. This class will not only boost your confidence but will give the ability to overcome fear and tension in your exam. Another advantage of extra mural classes is that you will interact with friends that have the same interest like you. You can then reason together and find out the way forward.

Let me leave you with the 3 tips above. More of this will be coming your way on daily or weekly basis. Our main aim is to help you get admission this year. Just subscribe to our newsletter and we will be delivering stuffs like this into your e-mail box.

Do you have other strategies that can help your friends overcome fear and tension in their post UTME examination? Kindly share in the comment section.   

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