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Why Students Fail to Gain Admission and Solution



Why Many Students Fail to Gain Admission and Solution is basically for candidates who has a burning desire to get admission into Universities, Polytechnic or Colleges of Education this year. So, if you are in this category,Check full Details and solution below;

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Getting admissions into school is one of the simplest endevour in life although many students fail to achieve this in many attempts. The reason behind their failure is not far fetch but “lack of correct knowledge“.

Many Students Fail to Gain Admission – is it true?

Every year, over 12million candidates fail to get admission into higher institution in Nigeria. The main reason behind this is the fact that the admission capacity for the available universities does not balance the teaming numbers of applicants.

Many universities, polytechnics and colleges therefore maintain high standard in admission process. Because they need limited numbers of students, the institutions raise their admission cut off marks to scare students who performs poorly in screening examination (post utme).

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See for instance, for this year, over 1.6 million students applied through the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination – UTME, and out of this number, about 1.2million will not be able to secure admission slot into any higher institution in Nigeria.

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The reason for this is obvious, the number of applicant outweighs the carrying capacity of all the higher institution in Nigeria put together.  The average carrying capacity of a typical Nigerian University is about 4,500 or less.

The country currently does not have enough  institutions to take care of  the total number of candidates seeking admission every year. Sometimes, candidates fails to secure admission even after such candidates have successfully gotten high score the post-UTME screening of these schools.

Also, for a particular candidate to secure admission into any of the higher institutions in Nigeria, the candidate has to score at least 180+ to be eligible for university post UTME Screening; 150+ at least to be eligible for post utme screening for polytechnics or a colleges of education.

Going by this trend, over 350 thousand applicants have been disqualified already from sitting for post utme screening exams  as a result of several reasons ranging from failure to meet the minimum 150 JAMB UTME score, withheld or invalid results and absenteeism. How to Score 300 and Above in JAMB

With this trend it would be advisable for all candidates to rather seek and explore other alternatives to gain admission into school other than wasting their precious time staying  to stay at home

What Should you do?

Well, there are ample opportunities out there even to people who don’t go to universities. However, if you still insist in gain a higher qualification, be prepared to work hard. No matter the crowd, many do work their way in.

Success at any level requires diligence and very little percentage of luck. These few suggestions can help.

1. Get High Score in Both JAMB and Post UTME

The most important strategy is to get high score in both JAMB and post UTME so as to beat competitors. Some students do have high score in JAMB but fails to make it in post utme. The main reason behind this is that candidates fail to prepare well for the examination. I always advice candidates to prepare for post utme with Post UTME Past Questions.

2. Join Extramural Classes:

Students who needs to excel academically should not be staying at home. Knowledge is volatile and the more you are not being taught, the more you forget. So, if you have been at home for at least one year, consider joining a pragmatic lesson centers. This lesson centers will help you refresh your memories in preparation for the exams.

I will like you to discus this topic in the forum, lets figure out more solutions and help others.

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