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UNIABUJA Postgraduate Courses and Entry Requirement



UNIABUJA Postgraduate Courses Offered | The University of Abuja, Gwagwalada (UNIABUJA) Current list of available postgraduate courses programmes/courses by the National University Commission (NUC). Interested members of the public are hereby implored to check the list. Entry requirements has also been included – See more details below;

The University of Abuja, Gwagwalada (UNIABUJA) Postgraduate Courses / Programms available for admission. These are the UNIABUJA PGD, Master and PhD courses prospective PG students can choose from during their application. See UNIABUJA Postgraduate Admission Form

The courses available for selection has its own requirements without which no provisional admission whatsoever would be offered to any candidate who fails to meet the requirements.

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Prospective candidates who seek admission into Postgraduate Programmes at University of Abuja, Gwagwalada (UNIABUJA), are expected to check the list of courses available. They are to confirm that the course they seek is available for admission for the session.

Candidates who want to apply for UNIABUJA Postgraduate Admission can only choose from these available courses. They are courses at Postgraduate, Masters and Doctorate (PhD) levels.

List of UNIABUJA Postgraduate Courses Available for Admission

Below you will see the list of all Postgraduate courses that are available at University of Abuja. If you need to check the admission requirements for the courses, check the UNIABUJA Postgraduate advert with admission requirements.

    1. Department of Crop Protection
      • PGD in Crop Protection
      • M.Sc. Crop Protection
      • Ph.D. Crop Protection
    2. Department of Crop Science
      • PGD in Agronomy
      • PGD Agro Forestry
      • M.Sc. Agronomy
      • M.Sc. Agro Forestry
      • Ph.D. Crop Protection
      • Ph.D. Agronomy
      • Ph.D. Agro Forestry
    3. Dept. of Agric. Econs. & Extension
      • PGD Agric. Econs. & Farm Managt.
      • PGD in Agric. Business Managt.
      • M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
      • M.Sc. Development Economics
      • M.Sc. Environmental Economics
      • M.Sc. Agric. Ext. & Rural Sociology
      • Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
      • Ph.D. Agric. Ext. & Rural Sociology
    4. Department of Soil Science
      • PGD Soil Science
      • M.Sc. Soil Science
      • Ph.D. Soil Science
    5. Department of Animal Science
      • PGD Animal Science
      • M.Sc. Animal Science
      • Ph.D. Animal Science
    1. Department of History & Diplomatic Studies
      • PGD in Diplomatic Studies
      • M.A. in Diplomatic Studies
      • M.A. in Nigerian and African History
      • M.Phil. in Nigerian and African History
      • M.Phil. in Diplomatic Studies
      • Ph.D. in Nigerian and African History
      • Ph.D. in Diplomatic Studies
      • Ph.D. in Nigerian and African History
      • Ph.D. in Diplomatic Studies
    2. Department of Theatre Arts
      • PGD in Media Arts
      • PGD in Theatre Arts
      • M.A. in Media Arts
      • M.A in Theatre Arts
      • Ph.D. in Media Arts
      • Ph.D. in Theatre Arts
    3. Department of English Language
      • M.A. English Language
      • M.A. Literature in English
      • Ph.D. English Language
      • Ph.D. Literature in English
      1. Department of Anatomical Sciences
        • MSc Anatomical Sciences
        • PhD Anatomical Sciences
        • Department of Human Physiology
        • MSc Human Physiology
        • PhD Human Physiology
      2. Department of Medical Biochemistry
        • MSc Medical Biochemistry
        • PhD Medical Biochemistry
      1. Department of Community Medicine
        • MPH Comm Medicine
        • MPH Sexual & Repro Health
    1. PGD IN Education
    2. Department of Educ. Management
      • M.Ed. Educ. Planning
      • Ph.D. Educ. Planning
    3. Dept. of Counse. & Edu. Psychology
      • M.Ed. Educational Psychology
      • Ph.D. Educational Psychology
    4. Dept. of Guidance & Counseling Edu.
      • M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling
      • Ph.D. Guidance and Counseling
    5. Dept. of Arts & Social Science Edu.
      • M.Ed. Counseling Education
      • M.Ed. Curriculum Studies
      • M.Ed. Language Education
      • M.Ed. Social Studies Education
      • Ph.D. Counseling Education
      • Ph.D Curriculum Studies
      • Ph.D. Language Education
      • Ph.D. Social Studies Education
    6. Dept. of Science & Env. Edu.
      • M.Ed. Science Education
      • M.Ed. Mathematics Education
      • Ph.D. Science Education
      • Ph.D. Mathematics Education
    1. Department of Civil Engineering
      • M. Eng. Civil Engineering
      • PhD. Eng. Civil Engineering
    2. Department of Chemical Engineering
      • M. Eng. Chemical Engineering
      • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
    3. Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering
      • PGD Electrical Engineering
      • M. Eng. Electrical Engineering
      • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
    4. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
      • M. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
      • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
    1. Masters of Laws (LL.M)
    2. Ph.D. in Laws (Ph.D. Law)
    1. Department of Accounting
      • PGD Accounting
      • MSc. in Accounting & Finance
    2. Department of Banking and Finance
      • PGD Banking and Finance
    3. Depart. of Business Administration
      • PGD in Business Administration
      • PGDBA Business Administration
      • M.Sc. Business Administration
      • Ph.D. Business Administration
    4. Depart. of Public Administration
      • PGDBPA in Public Administration
      • MPA Masters of Public Administration
      • M.Sc. Public Administration
      • Ph.D. Public Administration
    1. Dept. of Biological Sciences
      • M.Sc. Biology (Environmental)
      • M.Sc. Botany (Biodiversity)
      • M.Sc. Zoology (Parasitology)
      • M.Sc. Zoology (Fisheries)
      • Ph.D. Biology (Environmental)
      • Ph.D. Botany (Biodiversity)
      • Ph.D. Zoology (Parasitology)
      • Ph.D. Zoology (Fisheries)
    2. Department of Microbiology
      • M.Sc. Food Microbiology
      • M.Sc. Industrial Microbiology
      • M.Sc. Environmental Microbiology
      • Ph.D. Food Microbiology
      • Ph.D. Industrial Microbiology
      • Ph.D. Environmental Microbiology
    3. Dept of Chemistry – Physical Chem.
      • M.Sc. Physical Chemistry
      • M.Sc. Organic Chemistry
      • M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
      • M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
      • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
      • Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
      • Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry
      • Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
    4. Department of Computer Science
      • M.Sc. Computer Science (Infor. Security)
      • M.Sc. Computer Science (Software Engineering)
      • Postgraduate Diploma in Information System (PGDIS)
      • M.Sc. Computer Science (Intelligence System)
      • M.Sc. Comp. Sci. (Distributed Computing Systems)
      • M.Sc. Comp. Sci. (Networking Communication)
      • M.Sc. Computer Sci. (Database Systems)
      • Ph.D. Computer Science
    5. Department of Physics
      • M.Sc. Solid State Physics
      • M.Sc. Solar Energy Physics
      • M.Sc. Applied Geophysics
      • Ph.D. Solid State Physics
      • Ph.D. Solar Energy Physics
      • Ph.D. Applied Geophysics
    6. Department of Mathematics
      • M.Sc. Pure Mathematics
      • M.Sc. Applied Mathematics
      • Ph.D. Pure Mathematics
      • Ph.D. Applied Mathematics
    7. Department of Statistics
      • PGD in Statistics (PGDS)
      • M.Sc. Statistics
      • Ph.D. Statistics
    1. Department of Economics
      • MFE Masters in Financial Economics
      • M.Sc. Economics
      • Ph.D. Economics
    2. Dept. of Political Sci. & Int. Relations
      • Postgraduate Dip in Political Science
      • Masters in int. Relations & Diplomacy
      • M.Sc. Political Science (Int. Relations)
      • M.Sc. Political Sci. (Polit. Economy & Dev Studies)
      • M.Sc. Political Science (Policy Analysis)
      • Ph.D. Political Science (Int. Relations)
      • Ph.D. Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies)
      • Ph.D. Political Science (Policy Analysis)
    3. Department of Sociology
      • PGD. in Intercul. Conflict & Comm.
      • M.Sc. Gender Studies
      • M.Sc. Development Sociology
      • M.Sc. Industrial Sociology
      • M.Sc. Criminology
      • M.Sc. Demography
      • M.Sc. Medical Sociology
      • Ph.D. Sociology
    4. Dept. of Geography & Env. Manag.
      • Postgraduate Dip. in Env. Plan & Protec.
      • Masters in Envi. Planning & Protection
      • M.Sc. Geo. (Popu & Manpower Plan.)
      • M.Sc. Geography (Geomorphology)
      • M.Sc. Geography (Biogeography)
      • M.Sc. Geography (Climatology)
      • Ph.D. in Envi. Resources Planning
      • Ph.D. Population & Manpower Plan.
      • Ph.D. Geomorphology
      • Ph.D. Biogeography
      • Ph.D. Climatology
    1. Dept. of Vet. Public Health & Preven. Medicine
      • PGD Food Hygiene
      • PGD Epidemiology
      • M.Sc. Epidemiology
      • MVPH Veterinary Public Health
      • MVPH Veterinary Preventive Medicine
      • Ph.D. Epidemiology
      • Ph.D. Veterinary Public Health
      • Ph.D. Veterinary Preventive Medicine
    2. Department of Veterinary Microbiology
      • M.Sc. Veterinary Microbiology
      • M.Sc. Bacteriology
      • M.Sc. Immunology
      • M.Sc. Virology
      • Ph.D. Veterinary Microbiology
      • Ph.D. Bacteriology
      • Ph.D. Immunology
      • Ph.D. Virology
    3. Department of Vet. Pharm & Toxicology
      • M.Sc. Pharmacology
      • M.Sc. Toxicology
      • Ph.D. Pharmacology
      • Ph.D. Toxicology
    4. Dept. of Parasitology & Entomology
      • PGD Veterinary Parasitology
      • M.Sc. Vet Hematology Protozoa & Entomology
      • Ph.D. Vet Helm Proto & Entomology
    1. PGD in Gender Studies (Part Time)
    2. M.A. Gender Studies (Part Time)
    1. PGD Peace and Security (Professional)
    2. PGD Leadership and Discipline (Professional)
    3. PGD Society and Development (Professional)
    4. Masters in Peace and Security (Professional)
    5. Masters in Leadership & Discipline (Professional)
    6. Masters in Society & Dev. (Professional)
    1. PGD in Education (Part Time)
    1. PGD in Anti-Corruption Studies
    2. PGD in Criminology & security Studies
    3. PGD in Leadership and Discipline Studies
    4. PGD in NGO and Management Studies
    5. PGD in Society and Development Studies
    6. PGD in Social Rehabilitation Studies
    7. PGD in Peace & Security Studies
    8. Masters in Anti-Corruption Studies
    9. Masters in Criminology & security Studies
    10. Masters in Leadership and Discipline Studies
    11. Masters in NGO and Management Studies
    12. Masters in Society & Development Studies
    13. Masters in Social Rehabilitation Studies
    14. Masters in Peace & Security Studies
    1. PGD in Legislative Studies (PGDLA)
    2. Masters in Legislative Studies (MLS)


  • Candidate for Postgraduate studies into University of Abuja must have obtained at least (5) credits including English and Mathematics in not more than two sittings in WASC NECO GCE (Ordinary Level) or their equivalent.
  •  Candidate applying for the M.A., M.Ed., M. Eng., MVPH, MVPM and M.Sc. degrees in any field must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree with at least second class lower division in the relevant discipline.
  • A Candidate for Ph.D. in any Programme of the University of Abuja must have obtained a minimum weighted average score of 60% (4 points) letter grade “B” average performance in the Master’s Degree
  • A Candidate applying for the Ph.D. with a Master’s Degree from any other University, who in his/her Masters study had not previously taken the compulsory courses or their equivalent, similar to the courses in the University of Abuja shall, on admission be required to offer and pass such courses with a minimum of 60% (4 points) or a letter grade “B
  • Candidates seeking for admission into any of the postgraduate Diploma Programmes must possess a university degree with minimum grade of third class or HND with a minimum of Lower Credit.
  • MBBS, BDS is required for MPH Community Medicine while health related degree is required for MPH Sexual and Reproductive Health
  •  NOTE: PhD, candidates should attach a maximum of 500 words research proposal

We Appreciate your opinion and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about Postgraduate Degrees, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Check How To Gain Admission Into Nigerian Institution & The Roles of National Universities Commission (NUC)

Meanwhile, do not forget Hot School News will be there for you all through the journey. So ensure you visit regularly for updates regarding the Admission exercise. See: Universities To Study Postgraduate Degrees Programmes in Nigeria

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UNIOSUN/Departmental Cut-off Marks 2019/2020



UNIOSUN/Departmental Cut-off MarksOsun State University UNIOSUN UTME Departmental admission cut-off marks and Direct Entry  into the various courses for 2019/2020 academic session. is available online check here. Stay focus and go through;

Cut off mark is an agreed score set by a particular institution as a basic of admitting students into the department of study.  This score is usually accredited to candidates based on their performance in a particular examination. However, students who have scored above the required cut off mark will be given admission and preferentially treated in admission process above those who have met the exacts cut off mark.

There are certain criteria to be observed by students before being admitted to study in any of the courses in any Nigerian Institutions . One of these which include meeting the required cut of mark for each schools as well as the courses itself.  It is very easy to obtain admission if one has met the required cut off mark for the admission into a particular course.

Osun State University Jamb Fixed Cut-off Mark 2019

Following the scrapping out of post UTME by the federal government, the Joints Admission and Matriculation board (JAMB) had given a bench mark of 180 and above for candidates applying for Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education. Hitherto, the Osun State University has follow suit in the 180 general cut of mark of JAMB.

Sometimes You might ask questions like: I had 180 and above but was not still given the admission to study my desired course?

Candidates with higher scores are first considered; in admission basics, candidates with lower scores though might meet the cut off mark of 160 may likely not be admitted. In fact, it is the higher your scores, the higher the chance of being admitted.

Osun State University Departmental Cut-off Mark

The Osun State University does not really have a specific cut off mark for courses. However, candidates who have scored a minimum of one 180 in UTME examination is eligible to apply for admission into any of their choice courses.

Realted JAMB UTME Cut off Marks | for All Nigerian Institutions

Due to the high number of students wishing to study in the Delta State University, the admission processes is competitive and an admission is given based on JAMB score and O level grades.

This is to inform candidates that the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) screening exercise will hold for candidates who chose Osun State University as their first choice, with a minimum score of 160 and above.

Pleas NOT: However, candidates that scored less than 200 would not be considered for admission into any of the following programmes:

Business Administration
Political Science

Meanwhile candidates who chose any of these courses but scored less than 200 can change to any other relevant programme of their choice.

Candidates are to register on-line by accessing the University website: or to complete and submit applications. They are expected to print two (2) copies of the application form after submission.

Direct Entry candidates should complete the form on-line, following the same process as above and ensure that they read the admission requirements of the university before applying to any of its programmes. They are also expected to forward their Academic Transcripts to the Registrar of Osun State University. ALL Direct Entry candidates including those of UNIOSUN (IJMB) Programme, who wish to be considered for admission into Osun State University for the 2018/2019 academic session, must have obtained Direct Entry Forms from JAMB. Such candidates must apply for the screening exercise.

UNIOSUN will admit only candidates who made at least five (5) credit passes in SSCE/NECO/NABTEB in the relevant subjects at not more than two sittings except for Nursing and Law which require ONE sitting. The University also accepts a minimum of Lower credit for Direct Entry candidates. Candidates should meticulously provide their O’ Level results on the portal. Any candidate that provides false information would be prosecuted by law enforcement agencies and the admission of such candidates withdrawn once discovered. Candidates awaiting results should supply it within one week of release. Any candidate who fails to participate in the screening exercise will not be considered for admission.

The 2018/2019 admission exercise will be based on Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), a system designed by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to automate the admissions process to tertiary institutions

Visit the Uniosun Post UTME Portal via or This will take you to the online Application Platform. Ensure you read all registration guidelines and instructions before proceeding to register.

Payments of N2,000.00 for the Post UTME Screening and N5,500 portal access and administrative fees are through the Interswitch Web PAY platform, using your ATM cards (Master Card, Verve card and Interswitch enabled Cards.)

For further information, please contact the Admissions Office, Osun State University, Osogbo on Tel: 080-35769845, 08107976419

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FUWUKARI Registration Deadline 2018/2019



This is to inform the fresh student of The Federal University Wukari (FUWUKARI) that the school management Reopens Registration Portal and sets Sets New Deadline for 2018/2019 academic session.

FUWukari Post UTME Admission Form

This is to inform all the students of the Federal University Wukari (FUWUKARI), that the Vice Chancellor, Prof. A.M Kundiri, has directed to re-opening of the school portal to enable students who were unable to complete their course registrations before the portal was closed  to do so.

FUWUKARI portal ( will be opened for registration between 19th and 25th March, 2019.


Affected students are advised to comply and take this opportunity of grace serious.

Recommended Links:


Read this step-by-step guide on how to change your Course/Institution here

Check List of Schools Whose Post UTME Form Are Out  We Appreciate your opinion and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about Supplementary List, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below.

See: JAMB Post-UTME Cut off Marks. Meanwhile, do not forget Best School News will be there for you all through the journey. So ensure you visit regularly for updates regarding the Admission exercise.

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UNIOSUN New Intake Matriculation Numbers 2018/2019



The Osun State University (UNIOSUN) Currently released New Intake Matriculation Numbers for printing

UNIOSUN Acceptance Fee Process

This is to inform all the 2018/2019 freshers and transfer students of the Osun State University  (UNIOSUN) that the authorities of the institution have announced that those who have completed their online registration can now check and print their matriculation numbers online.

How to Check and Print UNIOSUN Matriculation Numbers.

  1. Go to
  2. Supply your UTME/DE registration number in the required column.
  3. Finally, click on ‘Check‘ button to access and print your UNIOSUN matriculation number.


1) Only Fresh students that have completed their online Acceptance Clearance and have made full payment of their tuition fees are allocated Matriculation Numbers.

2) If you run into any hitch accessing your Matriculation Number or you notice any spelling mistake in the biodata details , please send an email to:

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