3 Best Apps to Increase Instagram Followers from 0 to 100k in 2024

By | May 13, 2024

With 0 followers on your account, it’s hardest to gain audience attention with the Insta-tricks alone.

Interestingly, every startup in 2022 look for best app to increase Instagram followers.

Rather 80% of Instagram influencers and businesses utilize Instagram followers increase app with coins to gain their first 500, 1000 or more followers.


The best part is latest Instagram free followers apps help you gain organic traffic-authentic and engaging.

3 Best Apps to Increase Instagram Followers from 0 to 100k in 2022

Without a penny of investment, you can get aged Instagram accounts with 5000 followers.


Are you a startup? You must know how to hack Instagram followers fast using Instagram followers coin apps:

3 Best App to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

After trying and testing several free followers hacks, here are best app to get Instagram followers for free:

  1. Ins Followers App-Gain Unlimited Followers App

Ins Followers App is rated the best for its amazing privacy policy and safety of the user account. Moreover, this Instagram followers app coin based allows you to earn coins with daily logins, daily tasks, challenges, bonuses, follows and more. You will be earning coins by following influencers and liking other’s posts. By creating a win-win situation, the application helps you and others gain authentic traffic and engagement at the start.

Earn coin and gain Instagram followers within weeks with Ins Followers or spend months to hit your first 1k, 5k, 10k mark. You can gain unlimited free followers without spending a dime on it.


It’s the top Instagram followers app iOS (GetInsta) and android (Instabox). That’s one reason for its wide active user base that engages daily to boost their businesses.

What Will You Get?

  • 100% Active & Real Followers
  • Free Instagram Followers-No Catch
  • Safe & Private
  • Fast Delivery
  • First Login With Tons of Surprises

3 Best Apps to Increase Instagram Followers from 0 to 100k in 2022

  1. Crowdfire-Best App to Increase Instagram Followers With Added Features

Crowdfire is another great Instagram followers app with reliable options to get free organic followers. It works on most of your social media channels to increase followers. A few great features are pre-scheduling posts via crowdfire.

What Will You Get?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Recommends posts of your interest (to spark content inspiration)
  • Schedule posts
  • Multiple ways to increase followers
  • Safe


  • Frequent Ad Pop Ups


  1. InstaBox-Best Coins Instagram Followers App for iPhone

Getinself is a professional platform to gain tons of real Instagram followers. You can also earn coins through bonuses, lucky draws to get 100 free Instagram followers and more and also shares to boost your new Instagram account with real followers and likes. And you can also track the likes and followers trends.

What Will You Get?

  • Free and real followers & likes
  • Auto likes on new posts
  • Daily followers up to 50, 100 or more
  • Multiple ways to earn coins


  • Only available on iOS devices.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have found your best app to increase Instagram followers that secure and safe, go ahead and try them out. We would love to know your experiences.


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