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Can Humans Drink Dog Milk?

Can Humans Drink Dog Milk? There are over 480 million pet dogs in the world today. These pets spend most of their time indoors, which means they miss out on a lot of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. That’s where dog milk comes in! Just as there are different types of milk for… Read More »

How To Treat Skin Rashes On Dogs

Your pup may be the cutest thing ever, but he’s also a major source of stress for you as his owner. After all, he’s constantly exposing his skin to the elements and forcing you to come up with ways to keep it clean and dry. In addition to that, he’ll also inevitably rub against things… Read More »

What Does A Breeder Mean

Dog breeding is often confused with dog ownership. However, they are two very different things. Breeding is an important activity for dog breeders to carry out, but it’s not something that everyone should take part in. Dog breeding involves the creation of new dogs through the controlled breeding of two animals that have similar characteristics… Read More »

Foods to Increase Dog Milk Production

Foods to Increase Dog Milk Production: A lactating dog is a production machine, and milking her as often as possible is key to maintaining her high milk supply. If your dog isn’t producing much milk or she isn’t keeping up with your demand for boobies, it might be time to start asking some questions about… Read More »

Treating Dry Dog Paws: Home Remedies

                       Treating Dry Dog Paws: If you’ve had a pampered pooch for as long as we have, you are no doubt familiar with the feeling of walking into your home after a long day and having their fur greet you with its signature doggy welcoming… Read More »

Why is factory farming bad for animals?

Factory farming is the growing of meat animals in confined and unnatural conditions. These factory farms keep animals under tight control, usually in massive warehouses that never allow the animals to graze on pasture. They’re also fed a constant supply of feed so they never have to forage for anything or worry about what they… Read More »

How to Treat Cat Skin Rashes

You’ve just brought home your new kitty in the cutest little ball of fluff, and now he or she seems to be allergic to everything. You’re getting a rash every few days, and you’re not sure what’s causing them. It doesn’t help that your local pet store seems to have an endless supply of cute… Read More »

Can Dog Drink Oat Milk?

Can Dog Drink Oat Milk? (Introduction) When it comes to dog food, most of us are pretty much on the same page. We know that what our dogs eat impacts not just their health but also how they feel and how they look. That’s why most of us try to feed our dogs wholesome, natural… Read More »

How to Get Rid of Skin Rashes on a Dog’s Belly

Do your dog keep getting skin rashes on his belly? Skin rashes are common, especially in dogs. These rashes can be itchy and sometimes painful, but they’re usually not serious. The good news is that most skin rashes are easy to get rid of once you know how. Dog’s skin is a lot more sensitive… Read More »