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Tips for Buying Your First Home

Purchasing your first home is a huge life milestone. It also comes with its own set of unique challenges and considerations. There are different types of home ownership to consider, from renting to buying an apartment, condo or single-family house, as well as renting vs. buying pros and cons for each option. Because there are… Read More »

Allegheny County Real Estate: A Safe Haven for Home Buyers

With home values rising faster than incomes in most markets, the housing market has become increasingly unaffordable for many would-be homebuyers. Even markets that are generally affordable, such as those in the Midwest and the South, have pockets of unbridled demand driving up prices. As a result, first-time buyers who aren’t already sitting on a… Read More »

What Are Operating Expenses in Real Estate?

What Are Operating Expenses in Real Estate? Operating expenses are unavoidable costs in real estate that must be budgeted and planned for before they can be managed. Operating expenses vary widely by type and location, as well as by the specifics of your property. Real estate operating expenses include all direct and indirect costs related… Read More »

How to Start a Real Estate Business

A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners on How to Start a Real Estate Business. If you are an investor or an aspiring entrepreneur with a real estate background and you are looking towards starting a business in the united states, you should know that there is hardly any industry that you will pitch your business tent… Read More »

The Dos and Don’ts of Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is a tangible asset that can provide you with a stream of passive income, ongoing appreciation, and potential capital gains. However, for most people the primary concern is: “Is real estate investment a good idea for me?” The answer isn’t as black and white as you might think. Whether you’re just beginning your… Read More »

8 Promising Careers in Real Estate (Besides Realtors)

8 Promising Careers in Real Estate – Although a residential realtor is the most common type of career that is associated with the real estate industry, it is not the only career that presents rewarding challenges and compensation that ranks above average for real estate professionals. According to the property management experts at Utopia, eight… Read More »