5 Ways to Make Money Writing Articles Online For Money

By | February 14, 2024

Writing articles for money is a common way to make some extra cash. You can write about any topic and generate income from it. You will receive your web address and advertisements from Google, Amazon, and one of the new pay-per-click programs. You can even link your website to your articles. You can even earn up to $100 per article. It’s really easy, and you can earn it from home! It is a great way to earn extra cash!


If you are an essay writer, you might have heard of the website Essaykeeper Online For Money. However, before applying to this writing site, you should know that their application process is slightly different. Instead of just allowing you to submit your articles, they will require you to pass grammar and writing niche tests. The tests are simple but will test your overall knowledge of the subject matter. You can also join the writer’s waiting list if you want to be sure of a position.

If you are an expert on personal finance, you could write articles for a website like Penny Hoarder. Their readers are extremely passionate about personal finance, and if you have the experience and knowledge to write about this topic, you can make a good income by writing articles online. You would be paid per article you write, which can be as much as $75 per article. You can also sign up for a free report from Jeff Bullas. It lists 50 websites that pay writers for articles.


If you enjoy reading health and wellness articles, you can submit them to a popular magazine like You will receive payment for your articles once a third-party client accepts them. has several categories, including home, health, and environment. You can also write about self-development, relationships, gardening, and fashion. The magazine will take up to six months to publish your article, so be patient! is an online magazine that promotes health and wellness. Its articles should address topics relating to physical and mental health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance. also publishes interviews with prominent personalities in the health and wellness world. It also features seasonal health-related material, and they welcome articles about the benefits of exercise and nutrition. pays between $100 and $300 for articles.


You can get paid to write articles for various websites for Essaywriter. This company offers various SEO services to help your website rank higher on the search engine results pages. Essaywriter provides quality SEO services at affordable prices. They cover all aspects of website optimization and article submission. They will even write the articles for you, so you can easily get your money without much effort! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Essaywriter today!


Essaywriter pays up to $30 for accepted features, offering a byline to enhance their writers’ portfolios. They accept writers’ topics, including health, style, goods, home, food, and drink. You can earn from one-off writing opportunities or write about a niche you are passionate about. Another place you can make money by writing articles is on Google. Search Influence is another company that hires writers to create SEO content. Essaywriter pays 70 percent of the Adsense revenue you earn.


Xomba is an online writing community that allows members to post articles and earn money. Like HubPages, this website lets writers create new web content that is popular and earns ad revenue. To earn money with Xomba, you must have a Google Adsense account and create capsules that contain your content. If you write about a topic you are interested in, you will receive a percentage of the ad revenue.

Xomba allows writers to promote affiliate links from Amazon and eBay to earn money. When writing articles for Xomba, be sure to read the Make Money Guide in the help section. This will help you learn more about promoting your articles and writing quality articles that make money. As with other writing sites, Xomba is monitored by Google AdSense to ensure that it is earning you money.



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