9 Ways to Ace in Your Nursing Career both in school and hospital

By | December 22, 2023

9 Ways to Ace in Your Nursing Career both in school and hospital

Are you a nurse? Or are you studying to be a nurse? Are you nodding yes to both? Then this article is for you. A career in nursing is quite rewarding in both monetary and non-monetary terms. It is a chance to help people live a healthy life and help people become better. Also, you earn handsomely; in some regions, nurses earn more than residents. Shocking but true!

The job of a nurse is not easy. All the intricate procedures like ‘putting in an IV line’ happen by the hands of nurses only. Thus, it’s a high-pressure job with no scope for making mistakes. If you want to ace both, look at the following tips.



Tips to ace your nursing career


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions



Nursing is a challenging job, and everyday innovations and techniques come. You don’t want to get any injection, method, medicine, or treatment wrong. Therefore, it is better to ask questions if you are in doubt. Asking for clarifications is better than making mistakes.


  • Branch out


Sure, you aced the nursing career in one field, but you can always learn new skills to expand your horizons. For instance, cosmetic courses for nurses that teach injectables and fillers are in high demand. In this age, when anti-aging is in demand, learning the skills of injectables and pursuing a nursing career in cosmetics can help you develop new skills and earn better. Look at the range of courses available for nurses at, and you will be in for a surprise.


  • Have patience while working through your duties


Nursing is a fast-paced career, no doubt. Yet, you need to take your time with each duty or role. Otherwise, you can end up making a mistake costing somebody their life. For example, when you work with a patient, providing holistic care is necessary, and you can do this by taking your time to understand their issue, monitoring them, and writing them out in detail.


  • Look after your meals.


Your job is to look after the patient and help them recover. You cannot accomplish them without looking after yourself. Thus, eat complete meals and avoid bingeing on sugar or caffeine if you miss meal time due to your overwhelming roles and responsibilities.

It is best to keep trail mix or protein bars or a nutritious homemade snack with you.


  • Have a mentor


You should identify a mentor who can guide you, especially when you are new. Shadowing them and learning from them can help you achieve a better work balance and achieve more.


Tips to ace your nursing school


  • Study every day


In school, we used to cram up on the eve of the exam and pass. Right? But it’s not true for nursing school. If you want to pass the nursing exam, you have to study a bit every day. It will help you understand what you are learning instead of cramming, helping you become a better nurse someday.


  • Learning facts is okay, but you have to think in the form of action.


When in nursing school, you will learn about the facts as to why disease happens and more. However, when in hospital, the facts will help, but what will help more is how you take action to make the patient understand them while making them feel better. It’s because the patient only wants to feel better, and how you can make that happen will help. It starts in school only.


  • Take help from outside sources.

You don’t only have to rely on the school books or texts. You can take help from outside sources like the Mayo clinic website or articles by doctors and researchers to better understand something.

  • Take breaks in between

You don’t have to study 24 hours to ace the best nursing schools. Taking breaks in between is healthy and necessary.


Nurses are the backbone of any hospital, and a hospital won’t run smoothly if nurses ever go on strike, they work harder and longer, and these tips can ensure you have the best career in nursing. Also, nailing the school to get your dream job is necessary, so work on that too.


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