ASN Degree: A Guide for Getting Your Nursing Degree

By | February 18, 2024

Get a free online nursing degree from ASN Degree. Earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) through the convenience of our accredited online program, and prepare for a rewarding career as a nurse today!

ASN Degree – Earn an online degree in the field of Addiction Studies and Counseling through a high quality, accredited program from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USAFHS). The mission is to help those suffering from addiction or co-occurring disorders live healthier lives. This website

Get a free online nursing degree from ASN Degree. Earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) through the convenience of our accredited online program, and prepare for a rewarding career as a nurse today!



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What Is ASN Degree?

As a Nursing Program, ASN Degree provides you a fast track to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). Our program combines video classes with online lectures and assignments that combine into an online 4 year degree.

Get Online Nursing Degree in Minutes

Section 2: Online Nursing Degree – The Basics

Below is a quick overview of our nursing program.

It consists of two major parts.

First, you take online courses and then complete hands on clinical hours at a local hospital, lab or other organization.

Second, you earn your BSN through the convenient online degree program offered by ASN Degree.

Why Complete Your Nursing Degree Online?

A top concern when deciding to become a nurse is the decision to remain in the comfort of your home or travel to a clinical setting. Being a full-time student is challenging, especially during the school year. Online programs can provide a comfortable way to manage your studies. Other benefits of an online nursing degree program include:

  • Best pricing and flexible class options.
  • No driving to and from the classroom.
  • Courses at your own pace.
  • Access to online learning materials 24/7.
  • Student Support on Social Media
  • Join a vibrant, supportive community of nursing students.
  • Attend a week-long “case study” retreat, and conduct comprehensive case studies together.

What Will You Study?

You will study:

Neurology (O.D.)

Nursing Science (N.S.)

Cardiology (M.S.)

Neurosurgery (M.S.)

Surgery (M.S.)

Anesthesiology (M.S.)

Comprehensive Health Sciences (M.S.)

Psychiatry (M.S.)

Biology (M.S.)

Mass Communication (M.S.)

Nursing Education (M.S.)

Communications Technology (M.S.)

Nursing Theories (M.S.)

Nursing Science (M.S.)

Physician Assistant (PA) (M.S.)

Degrees can be earned within 2 years, and include 1 year of Nursing Experience

How Can You Graduate in 1 Year?

Your studies begin right away! All you need is your high school diploma, Social Security card and credit card with a decent credit score to apply. A 100% online, 100% daytime, day & night program with a 100% success rate.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an ASN Degree?

With our fast paced and flexible program, you’ll be on the path to earning your bachelor’s degree in just over 4 months. If you’re not totally sure what to study, you’ll benefit from the full range of degree programs available to you to guide you.

With our program you’ll choose the major and program that’s right for you, and you’ll also benefit from the convenience of our fast paced online degree program, which requires minimal (but very thorough!) prerequisites.

What Will I Learn About Your Nursing Career as a Nurse after Earnng an ASN Degree?

The nursing education you’ll gain will prepare you for a career in nursing, where you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to your community.

Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Tuition Costs for ASN Degree Students

Most students will be able to earn their BSN online at ASN Degree for about the same cost as completing a traditional on-campus program.

Your annual tuition will be approximately $2,063, and annual living expenses will be around $5,000-6,000 per year. The program also offers a special tuition assistance program for eligible students, and there are other opportunities to earn scholarships.

Costs and Financial Aid for Online Nursing Degree Programs

Not all online nursing degree programs are created equal. Some programs have heavy emphasis on technical courses, while others are more flexible. There are some students who want the technical elements of an online nursing degree, but not necessarily to pursue a career as a nurse.

Getting a Nursing Job After Completing Your Degree

There is no right or wrong answer. The most important thing is to have your application letter, resume, and any other materials your prospective employer will be using to assess your skills and ability to perform.

Once you have completed your ASN Degree, you will have completed the last two steps to qualifying for job interviews. It is also important to understand that you will have to wait for responses to your application.

You can be assured that you have a greater chance of landing a nursing job when your application is complete, well-written, and well-vetted by a professional resume writing company. Be sure to apply to several jobs at a time. If you are turned down for a job, you have nothing to lose.

Student Services and Resources at ASN Degree

Heading into Nursing School? Join our support forums to improve your studying experience.

Looking for additional help and support? Join our Facebook group. You’ll get help with your homework, chat with current nursing students, and find resources to better understand how you can get the most out of your nursing studies.

If you’d like to stay in touch with your Nursing Degree Guides community, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get the latest updates.

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What Can I Do to Improve My Nursing School Proficiency?

Conveniently pre-made lesson plans to make sure you don’t miss out on what you need to know about the content of your class.

accessing professor office hours to help you ask questions or learn more about your course.


All you have to do is answer a few questions, and we’ll evaluate your skills and qualifications and match you with the program that is perfect for you.

As our site is open to anyone in the world, we believe this gives us an advantage over others in the marketplace.

To keep it simple and straight-forward, we don’t use any tricks or tricks for getting your first degree. If you do, we’ll ignore you.

Remember, we can help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please leave your contact info in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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