The Average Automotive Technician Salary: What You Need to Know

By | February 23, 2024

Automotive Technicians are in high demand throughout the United States.  Automotive Technician is the only career that all states require students to obtain a degree for. Their Salary are in high demand in all types of industries, but are particularly in high demand in the auto industry. Automotive Technicians are responsible for troubleshooting and repairing problems that could affect your vehicle.

Automotive Technicians are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles to do diagnostic work on cars and other vehicles. If you have an automotive technician job, you may also be required to have a license for your clients.

What You Need To Know

In addition to being required to have a license, you will also need a certification or license to work in the industry. There are different types of licenses and certification levels depending on the department or job you are pursuing. Certifications and licenses are typically obtained after an extensive education and practice process.


One thing to note is that there is no mandatory education required to become a certified technician. This means that there is no particular education or training required. All you need to do to become a certified technician is become a certified technician. Many applicants who have failed the initial exam become certified technicians when they retake the exam. All you need is time, passion, and determination to become a qualified technician.

Average Income

Average automotive technician salaries range from $40,000 to $55,000 a year, depending on experience and your location. Because of their demand, automotive technicians tend to have higher than average salaries. If you are considering a career in the automotive industry, consider becoming a technician.

Places with Automotive Technician Programs


Only 12 states require automotive technician programs to earn a degree. These are Arkansas, California, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

In addition, only a few states require a high school diploma or GED. These states are Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and New Jersey. Many states do not require any formal training.

Additional Requirements

To become a qualified Automotive Technician, you will need a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. A two-year apprenticeship program is also required to become a qualified Automotive Technician. You will also need a skilled trade skill in order to do the job. You will also need an official Automotive Technician license to be employed by a car dealership, an insurance company, or any other business who wants you to service their vehicles.

The Automotive Technician Program

For the Automotive Technician program at A.C.T., you will complete three years of coursework and 40 hours of training for the program. The training is at an accredited school. You will complete coursework that focuses on the theories, methods and tools for diagnosing automotive issues.

Jobs for Automotive Technician

With a shortage of technicians across the nation, the job market is incredibly strong. The hiring opportunities are even better for women, who are less likely to be hired for jobs in the auto industry. Finding the right training can make your career in the automotive industry as a technician, or even a technician in another field, a safe choice.

As of 2013, 42 percent of automotive technicians are female. Auto technicians receive $55,490 per year on average and only require a high school diploma. Auto technicians are in high demand throughout the United States and Canada.

Your Skills

Students can receive a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology. The automotive technician degree is in the field of automotive technology and consists of 25 units. Your automotive technician degree will take 4 years to complete.

Most schools offer automotive technician certificates as well, but automotive technicians with these certificates don’t need a bachelor’s degree to work as an automotive technician. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree, you can use the 2016-2017 school year at these accredited schools to find out which automotive technician degree is right for you.

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Students can choose an automotive technician degree that focuses on the fundamentals of diagnosing problems and repairing vehicles.

Types of Cars Being Repaired

A comprehensive automotive repair bill depends on a number of factors. Sometimes the repair will be inexpensive, while other times, the repair may be very expensive. An expensive repair may be necessary, but a minor problem that is easy to fix will probably be cost effective.

The following are the main types of cars being repaired:

Small Cars

In 2018, there were approximately 66.5 million cars on U.S. roads. Small cars accounted for nearly 50% of those vehicles.

Medium Cars

Medium cars made up about 40% of the vehicles in 2018. Medium cars are one of the most popular cars in the United States. You may see a large number of medium cars on the road in your area.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars make up the remaining 30% of cars in the United States.

The Future of Repairing Cars

For over a century, men and women have repaired cars in garages. Now, with the rapid development of technology, repair parts can be replaced faster than ever before. This shift of mechanical and industrial work in the hands of robots and computers is predicted to leave the once-vital work of auto mechanics in the dust.

Although this is a negative shift for many auto mechanics, the change in the automotive industry will benefit the auto industry in the long run. The Auto Technicianiate is the only career that all states require students to obtain a degree for. This certification signifies that a person has the knowledge and skills required to repair cars and other vehicles.


Automotive Technicians are in high demand. The skilled trades require work experience and education to become qualified for a job in that field. A high school education is not enough.

As with any occupation, if you are not qualified, your chances of being hired are not great. As with anything in life, an education and a willingness to work hard will be necessary to succeed in a career in the skilled trades.

the automotive technician’s salary salary makes it a lucrative position to pursue. An automotive technician can expect a high level of experience, a high wage rate, and a great lifestyle.

For more information about the automotive technician’s salary, read the infographic below.


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