Best Paid Online Teaching Jobs 

By | February 20, 2024

As the benefits of online learning continue to be embraced, opting to teach English online has become a more viable career path than ever. 

Alongside there being a variety of companies to choose from in the industry, there are also many sought-after, well-paid positions. 

Knowing which ones to apply for, therefore, will also mean knowing what you want as a teacher, beyond a decent paycheck. 


With teachers paid around $14- $18 per hour on average, VIPKid is one of the best online teaching gigs you could land in terms of money. Once past the application phase, teachers are offered 6-month contracts, usually renewed on a rolling basis.

Students, as implied by the company’s name, are children based in China from the ages 4 to 12. Teachers, meanwhile, are provided with all of the lesson material so that they can focus solely on teaching, without having to worry about the additional workload of marking or planning. 

This online teaching job does require some teaching experience, as well as a bachelor’s degree, so is ideal for those who enjoy teaching kids and are willing to follow the method and use the content provided by the company. 


For new teachers looking to break into the industry, many may have the same question: do you need experience to teach English online? What sets Preply apart from other online teaching jobs is that you can teach English online with no experience necessary, as well as set your own hourly rate. Moreover, no other requirements are needed to apply.

Students ultimately choose their own tutors, so as long as you create a strong profile to sell yourself and your teaching skills, you’re good to go. Bear in mind that whilst you can choose how much you’d like students to pay per hour, Preply will take a cut. This will eventually decrease, depending on how many hours you teach on the platform. 

If you’re willing to put the work in to build your own client base, Preply is a good fit for you. In return, you’ll have complete control over how you teach, who you teach, and what material you choose to use. 


There are a few more hoops to jump through to work for Lingoda, though it comes with the advantage of being provided with a very structured curriculum and an extensive range of materials that you can use to prepare for lessons. 

To get a chance to work for this platform, you’ll need at least 2 years of teaching experience and to be legally able to work as a freelancer in the country where you reside. Teachers that successfully pass the application and interview phases will be paid a competitive salary that is related to where they are based in the world. 

Classes are typically small groups of adults which are all taught on Zoom. Like all online teaching jobs, it also comes with the expectation of teachers having a high-speed internet connection and an excellent headset and camera, so be sure to have your workspace set up and ready to go before applying. 


In a continually expanding market, DaDa stands out for its average pay of $14 to $25 per hour, flipped learning approach, and potential for growth with ongoing teaching training offered. It also promises continuity, as you’ll teach the same students, which will be children between the ages of 4 and 16 years old.

Both experienced and inexperienced teachers can apply to teach for DaDa. Some experience is generally preferred but it is not a requirement, though you will need a bachelor’s degree. Expect to be available for a minimum of 4 hours a week, so whilst it is flexible, there is a little less wiggle room compared to other online platforms. 

Lessons are also a little different, and you’ll teach 25-minute 1-1 online classes according to DaDa’s methodology. As you will be teaching children, the company expects teachers to bring lots of energy, as well as to add a splash of color to their teaching background to engage their young learners. 


Similar to Preply, teachers can set their own hourly rates when teaching on Italki. Whilst this is an advantage, prospective teachers should bear in mind that they will be competing with other teachers who may offer lower prices, so endeavor to set a reasonable hourly rate at the start. This can be increased later on once you’ve established your reputation as a teacher. 


Unlike other platforms, you will need to check whether applications for your language are open before applying, so if you’re in a rush to start teaching online it may not be the right platform for you. 


For those with a little patience and concerned about their lack of teaching experience, it’s a great pick as there are two levels of teaching available. Native speakers with no formal teaching qualification or experience can apply to be Community Tutors, whilst qualified teachers can apply to be Professional Teachers. 

iTutor Group

As yet another competitively paid online teaching position, iTutor Group differs a little in terms of the breakdown of its teachers’ pay. Teachers receive a Base Pay which is then topped up by a Completion Bonus and Contribution Bonus, with pay increasing over time. Like other online teaching companies, teachers will be responsible for managing their taxes, with the aid of iTutor Group providing any documentation needed.

A typical working week as an online teacher for iTutor Group is quite flexible, though teachers will need to commit to working a minimum of 6 peak time hours a week. Despite the stricter scheduling, the position comes with the bonus of all teaching material being provided, and IT and scheduling support being readily available to assist with any technical difficulties. 

This is another company that does require its teachers to have a bachelor’s degree, teaching qualification, and some experience, so not necessarily an option for those just starting out.  

As a whole, there is a vast range of well-paid online teaching jobs out there, with opportunities available for both experienced and inexperienced teachers. All that’s left to do is narrow down which choices are the best fit for you, get yourself set up with the right equipment and routine, as recommended for all online English teachers by, and start applying. 


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