Top 25 Biotech Companies in Florida

By | February 10, 2024

Florida is a great place for biotechnology research and development. Florida’s government, universities, hospitals, and companies have made it possible for the biotech industry to thrive in this state. With low corporate tax rates and high-quality labor force, Florida is one of the top places you should consider if you are looking to venture into the biotechnology industry. In order to better understand why Florida is such a good place for these type of businesses, here are some reasons why biotech companies choose Florida.

Top 25 Biotech Companies in Florida
Florida is the perfect place for your biotech company. With a highly educated and qualified workforce, warm temperatures year-round and diverse topography, Florida has made it easy for companies to locate their labs and research facilities in this state. In addition to these factors, Florida also offers low taxes, minimal environmental regulations and low business costs. Now that you know where Florida is located, here are some additional reasons why it’s an excellent choice for your company.

What is the best biotech company?

Biotech companies are an important part of society in many ways. The biotechnology industry is responsible for the creation of many life-saving drugs, treatments, and medical advancements. Developing new drugs, treatments, and breakthroughs can be costly, making it difficult as a company to stay afloat and function properly. Here are some different aspects of biotech companies that make them unique from other industries.

15 biotech companies in Florida

Here’s a list of companies you can consider if you’re interested in finding a position within the biotech industry in Florida:

1. Dexcom

Size: 5,001-10,000 employees


Description: Dexcom is a pharmaceutical and biotech company that specializes in continuous glucose monitoring technology to help patients monitor their diabetes. This company creates products that insert small sensors beneath a patient’s skin, which can then measure their glucose levels and transfer this information directly to their mobile device. Dexcom’s philosophy includes four primary values, which are serving with integrity, listening, thinking big and being dependable. This organization may offer employees a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Health, vision and dental insurance

  • Extended parental leave

  • Fitness subsidies

  • Flexible spending account (FSA)

  • Employee stock purchase plan

  • 401(k)

  • Company equity

  • Performance bonus

2. Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1935, Beckman Coulter, Inc. designs and manufactures products to automate and simplify biomedical testing. While headquartered in California, it has an office in Florida where candidates may pursue a variety of positions. This company develops products for health care professionals and allows them to receive the diagnostic information required to adequately assist their patients. Beckman Coulter, Inc. serves two distinct industries, including life sciences and diagnostics. This organization’s employees may receive a benefits package that includes:

  • Child care benefits

  • Flexible work hours

  • Family medical leave

  • Remote work opportunities

  • Health, dental and vision insurance

  • Flexible spending accoun t

  • Mental health services

  • Disability insurance

  • Diversity program

  • Tuition reimbursement

3. Exscientia

Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Description: Headquartered in the United Kingdom with an office in Miami, Exscientia specializes in using AI technology to engineer and develop pharmaceutical drugs safely and efficiently. By using AI machine learning system, this company can expedite the preclinical drug discovery stage, which can accelerate the development process of new medications. In addition to its collaborative company culture and professional development opportunities, Exscientia employees may receive the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive health plan

  • Well-being and mindfulness support

  • Dental and vision insurance options

  • Competitive compensation

  • Office kitchen stocked with healthy food options

4. Veru Healthcare

Size: 11-50 employees

Description: Veru Healthcare, also known as Veru Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of urology specialty pharmaceuticals and novel medicines for patients with prostate cancer and breast cancer. Headquartered in Miami, this organization has international locations in England and Malaysia. This organization may seek candidates to fulfill roles in a variety of departments, including human resources, manufacturing, engineering and accounting.

5. Ultragenyx

Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Description: Ultragenyx is a biopharmaceutical company that researches and develops new treatments for patients with rare and ultra-rare genetic diseases. This organization prioritizes its patients and bettering their lives not only by creating novel medicines but also through educational initiatives, information access and patient advocacy. Ultragenyx employees may receive several benefits, including:

  • Paid employee injury or sick leave and family care leave

  • Medical insurance

  • Employee stock purchase plan

  • Paid volunteer time

  • Dental and vision insurance

  • 401(k)

  • Health savings account

  • Flexible spending account

  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Employee assistance program

6. Stryker

Size: More than 10,000

Description: Stryker is an American multinational corporation that specializes in the development and distribution of medical technologies. This company creates products and services for patients with a variety of health care requirements, including neurotechnology, orthopaedics and spinal conditions. Stryker’s company culture includes four primary values, which are integrity, accountability, people and performance. This company may seek professionals in various departments, including sales and marketing, manufacturing and engineering. Employees may receive benefit options that include:

  • Health care insurance

  • Retirement programs

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Family and parental leave

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Paid time off

  • On-site cafeterias and fitness centers

  • Commissions and bonuses

7. Hill-Rom

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Hill-Rom is a health care technology provider that specializes in the development of hospital furniture, including beds and surfaces, patient monitoring technology, vision screening and diagnostic products and physical examination tools. In addition to an office in Florida, Hill-Rom has a variety of other locations in several countries, including Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and Japan. This organization provides staff members with personalized benefits packages that can include:

  • Adoption assistance

  • Paid parental leaver

  • Employee stock purchase plan

  • Personalized wellness program

  • Telemedicine

  • Health advocacy

  • Leadership development program

8. KemPharm

Size: 11-50 employees

Description: Headquartered in Florida, KemPharm is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. It specializes in the identification and development of clinical-stage pharmaceutical products. KemPharm uses its distinct technologies to create products for patients with a variety of conditions, including ADHD, Stimulant Use Disorder and Idiopathic Hypersomnia.

9. NuGenerex

Size: 11-50 employees

Description: Headquartered in Florida, NuGenerex is a platform biotech company that focuses on developing products to use patients’ immune system capabilities to treat and combat cancers and infectious diseases. This organization creates immuno-therapeutic vaccines using an AI platform to assist with biomarker discovery. Founded in 1993 as Antigen Express, NuGenerex focuses on modulating patients’ immune systems to treat and prevent diseases

10. TissueTech

Size: 201-500 employees

Description: TissueTech is a biotech company headquartered in Florida that specializes in using components of individuals’ amniotic membrane and umbilical cords to develop regenerative treatments and medicines. This company develops innovative services for patients dealing with a variety of medical conditions. TissueTech highlights the importance of work-life balance, and it offers employees a benefits package that may include:

  • Paid time off and paid holidays

  • Flexible spending programs

  • Retirement savings program

  • Health insurance

11. Medtronic

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Medtronic and an Irish-American biotech company with several locations around the United States, including Florida. It specializes in the creation of medical solutions, services and technology to address a variety of health care challenges. The company culture prioritizes community involvement and individuals’ perspectives and experiences, striving to foster an environment where employees work to improve patients’ lives and access to health care services. Medtronic may actively recruit for a variety of candidates with engineering and technical expertise, including:

  • Software engineers

  • Electrical and firmware engineers

  • Hardware engineers

  • Quality engineers

  • Robotics professionals

  • Data scientists

12. NovaBone

Size: 11-50 employees

Description: Headquartered in Florida, NovaBone is a biotech organization that develops products to accelerate patients’ natural healing processes to stimulate cellular activity and create new bone. This company designs and manufactures products that help individuals with bone formation and tissue remodeling and repair. This includes products that assist individuals with the development of periodontal, facial and jawbones, offering innovative solutions to several health care challenges.

13. Genesis Biotechnology Group

Size: 501-1,000 employees

Description: Genesus Biotechnology Group (GBG) is an organization that includes a variety of vertically integrated corporate entities that collaborate to focus on the delivery of various pharmaceutical and biotechnical products, such as diagnostic assays and novel drug discoveries. The companies included in GBG specialize in several scientific fields, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, nano and biophysics, computer science and genome research. This organization offers employees several benefits, including:

  • Life insurance

  • Medical and dental health insurance coverage

  • 401(k)

  • Long-term disability

  • Paid time off

  • Paid sick leave


Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: IQVIA is a biotech and pharmaceutical company that focuses on combining data science, technology and domain expertise to develop innovative health care solutions. IQVIA prioritizes employee community involvement and volunteering and has a company culture focused on collaboration and professional development. With offices in a variety of countries and states across the U.S., including Florida, this company may seek candidates for roles in various departments, including data science, clinical research, consulting, sales and IT. Some positions candidates can apply for may include:

  • Contract analyst

  • Project manager

  • Market research analyst

  • Health information technology specialist

  • Talent acquisition specialist

  • Clinical data manager

  • Pharmaceutical sales representative

15. Zimmer Biomet

Size: More than 10,000 employees

Description: Founded in 1927 and based in Warsaw, Poland, with locations across the U.S. including Florida, Zimmer Biomet is a biotech company that develops healthcare solutions for orthopedic practitioners to improve the lives of their patients. This company focuses on delivering innovative technologies to ensure that its products are safe and cost-effective. Zimmer Biomet may provide staff members with benefits packages that include:

  • Health and wellness incentives

  • Health care insurance options

  • Paid time off

  • Flexible work arrangements

  • Savings and investment options

  • Holiday time off

  • Well-being initiatives and programs

10 other biotech companies in Florida

Here’s a list of 10 other companies you can consider in Florida if you’re interested in working in the biotech industry:

  1. NextSource Biotechnology

  2. Entopsis

  3. Kappa Laboratories

  4. Biotissue

  5. Applied Genetics

  6. Truecare Biomedix

  7. Progressive Care

  8. Exactech

  9. AavantiBio

  10. Goodwin Biotech

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