Blount County Schools Calendar 2022 – 2023

The Blount County Schools Calendar is the most comprehensive calendar of the school system’s events for the year. Check out this post to see all of our schools, their hours, and their activities!Blount County Schools, home of the Tigers! Auburn City Schools is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment for all students. To accomplish this goal, we have adopted a high level of student engagement and collaboration with our parent community. Our district offers a wide variety of classes and programs to meet the needs of all learners in grades K-12. This blog post will serve as your guide to our 2022 – 2023 school year calendar. We hope you find it helpful!Blount County School Board strives to provide a quality education for all students in Blount County. The school board works hard to ensure that every child has the opportunity to make the most of their time in school. One way they do this is by making sure schools are open on time and equipped with modern technology, materials, and equipment. The board also offers partnerships with businesses, faith organizations, service clubs, civic groups, and other community members who can help provide more enriching opportunities for students. Through this blog post you will get a better idea of how Blount County Schools are doing in these areas. You will also learn about upcoming events and need-to-know dates on the school calendar.It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is already coming to an end. With so many memories made, it’s time to buckle down and get back into the swing of things. Now that school has started, many parents are wondering how their kids are doing in school this year. How are teachers interacting with students? What are the classrooms like? What does a typical day look like? Here, are some ways to find out what your children are up to this year.

Blount County School Calendar 2022-2023

It’s a new school year, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the Blount County School Calendar. It shows all of our schools in action. From the classrooms where students are learning, to the gyms where they’re playing after school, and the kitchens where they’re eating lunch. On this calendar, you can find schedules for each school and contact information for their administration office. We hope you enjoy exploring the calendar this year!

School Calendar 2022-2023

Blount County Schools Calendar

22-23 Parent Calendar

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