The Truth About Bottled Water: Is It Really Better Than Tap?

By | February 22, 2024

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What is Bottled Water?

Bottled water is water that has been bottled to keep it as fresh and pure as possible. This is to make sure that when you drink the water, it tastes good. Bottled water is also known as bottled water or purified water.

Who uses bottled water?

Bottled water is used in many different things.

At home, people use bottled water for drinking and cooking. People also use it to fill their swimming pools or for gardening.

The UK uses bottled water for:

  • Drinking in some restaurants
  • Drinking in hotels
  • Drinking on the tube
  • Drinking at sports events
  • Drinking at restaurants

The UK has laws that say restaurants and other drinking establishments cannot serve tap water if the tap water is not safe to drink.

The importance of hydration

Our most recent survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Nestlé Pure Life showed that three in ten (30%) adults said that in order to stay healthy, they drink six to eight glasses of water a day, while 18% said they drank less than that, meaning that many are missing out on crucial hydration.

What is the key to staying hydrated?

Drinking water before, during and after exercise is the key to ensuring you get the right amount of hydration. It is the water you drink that acts as your bodily transport mechanism – carrying all your nutrients, vitamins and minerals to your muscles and organs.

What is the difference between tap and bottled water?

Simply put, bottled water is water that has been pumped up to our taps and bottled. In comparison, tap water is piped in from underground sources, and when you turn on the tap it flows from the tap. There are a few extra steps involved in creating bottled water, which, if you stop and think about it, makes a huge difference. A lot of bottled water is filtered so the plastic lining doesn’t get spoilt, however, we haven’t had that level of concern with tap water. Bottled water companies use massive machines that compress the water to create a ‘bottle’ so that when it’s filled with carbon dioxide, the water becomes a sterile, fine plastic, and the top opens up into a ‘bottle.’ Only then does the water have a chance to reach your table top tap.

Filtered vs. Filtered Water

1. What is the difference between filtered and purified water?

Proper filtration is a crucial part of any water treatment system. It allows contaminants to be removed and maintains optimal water quality.

The filtered water usually comes in smaller packaging and is usually cheaper than the purified water.

What Does Nestlé Pure Life Filtered Water Really Cost?

2. Is it possible to get good quality bottled water for only $.25 per gallon?

The reality is that bottled water costs roughly $0.20 per gallon to make. $0.25 is the cheapest you can expect to pay for bottled water, but it’s a penny more expensive than tap water.

Once bottled, water goes through a complicated manufacturing process.

The Truth about Bottles and Recycling

There are many misconceptions about single-use bottles. Few people realise that recycling one single-use bottle saves enough plastic to make 15 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles, or “water bottles”, from ever being produced.

As such, almost half a million plastic bottles are saved each year in the UK alone through recycling alone!

However, this is not always the case with recycled plastic bottles. Some companies produce water bottles with a thin barrier which means that even when the bottle is recycled, the plastic can come back into use as “plastic”, or “glass” depending on which kind of plastic was used.

This is due to different manufacturing processes used to manufacture these types of water bottles.

What Is Nestlé Pure Life’s Commitment To Quality?

Each bottle of Nestlé Pure Life bottled water is processed to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and taste. From the spring to the glass, our bottled water is carefully packaged in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), the most environmentally friendly and lightweight packaging option available.

Visit your nearest Nestlé Pure Life shop or check out one of our online stores for more information.

Nestlé Pure Life currently only sells in the United States but international websites are expected to be developed soon. All bottles of Pure Life contain the same electrolyte content as filtered tap water, and are bottled at a 24/7-operation to meet your water needs.


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