How to Beat Busy: How to Make Time for What Matters Most

By | January 10, 2024

Busier Than A | How do you balance a busy life? To help you find time to make what matters most happen, we have some simple tips for getting things done. This includes: picking the right projects and prioritizing your day, organizing your life with apps and tools, eliminating distractions, making a schedule and sticking to it, and practicing mindfulness.

There are so many things to do in your day, from work and personal responsibilities to errands and hobbies. How do you make time for the things that matter most? One way is to start mapping out your week ahead of time.

Doing this will give you a sense of accomplishment when it’s done, as well as help you spend more time on what really matters. You’ll also see how much time you can save by streamlining your day-to-day tasks and building in a bit of self care. Read on to learn how to make time for what matters most.


Busy is a word that many people use when they want to describe themselves. They might say things like, “I’m so busy.” or “I’m so busy all the time.” Most people feel that this busyness is inevitable, and in some cases it’s even necessary. However, being too busy can lead to a lot of stress, which can cause a lot of other problems in life. Here are 6 ways to beat your busy by making time for what matters most.

There is too much to do and not enough time to do it. So how can we make time for what matters most? I’ll tell you how: focus on your priorities. You can’t take a day for granted, so schedule your days in advance and set boundaries with yourself. Here are some tips on how you can still have a life while maintaining your sanity.

It’s no secret that we all lead busy lives these days. We work long hours, attend school, raise children, and try to maintain relationships while everything happens rapidly around us. Managing our busy schedules is no easy feat, but there are methods in place to help us manage time better than before.


One method is prioritizing our daily routines- deciding what is most important and what gets the least attention so that we can focus on the things that truly matter most in our lives. This article will teach you how to prioritize your daily routine so you can get more done in less time!


Busier Than A


Why prioritize your day?

If you’re like me, you have a seemingly endless to-do list. I always seem to be running back and forth between my classes, work, and home life. And while it’s important to prioritize your day, it can also be difficult. Not only are we busy but there is also the temptation of always wanting to do more. However, prioritizing your day will help you get more done in less time- and that is exactly what we need!

So how do we prioritize our day? There are two ways this can be done that I recommend using:

1) Start your morning with the most important tasks so that they don’t slip through the cracks at the end of the day

2) Use a planner or schedule to set out your daily routine so that you know what needs to get done when

But just because this isn’t an easy task doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. With these tips, you’ll find yourself getting more done in less time while also enjoying every moment of your life!

Set boundaries for yourself.

Making time for what matters more is a lot easier said than done. To begin, it’s important to set boundaries for yourself and establish priorities so that you can manage your day better.

You’ll need to take a step back and prioritize what’s important in your life. For example, when planning out your day, don’t choose not to exercise because it doesn’t fit into the “doing” category- this will make you feel guilty throughout the day and cause you to waste valuable time. Instead, make sure you exercise at a time where it fits into the “doing” category- say between 3-4pm where there is plenty of free time because of nap times.

Next, set your own personal schedule by creating a calendar with realistic deadlines for yourself that are realistic for you. When setting these deadlines for yourself, be as detailed as possible so that you’re not constantly frustrated about having too much on your plate.

Last but not least, set goals for yourself and break them down into smaller tasks so that you know exactly what needs to be completed during each day. It isn’t enough to just have one goal; instead create a balanced schedule with many different goals that are all worthwhile in their own way.

Develop a routine that works for you.

We all have our own unique routines, and they’re important to maintain. So while your routine may be different than mine, it’s important that you create one that works for you.

In order to develop a routine that works for you, ask yourself these questions:

– What are the major tasks I must perform each day?

– What are the major events happening in my life right now?

– What do I want to do in my spare time?

After answering those questions, think of how you can fit those things into your daily routine while still maintaining some sort of balance. You’ll need to establish boundaries with yourself and decide what is most important so that you can focus on prioritizing your day.

Establish your priorities.

Many people struggle with prioritizing their daily routines because they feel like they’re not doing anything productive. That’s because we’ve been conditioned to think that life is one big long to-do list and there will always be more things to do, so it’s impossible to find time for what really matters.

But prioritizing your daily routine is the best way you can get things done in less time. When you have a clear idea of what is most important to you, it’ll motivate you and help you manage your time better. You’ll be able to identify what needs your immediate attention and move on from activities that don’t matter as much.

Once you prioritize your daily routine, set boundaries for yourself- set realistic deadlines for when each activity should be completed by. This will allow you to finish more tasks in less time!

Every day should revolve around something meaningful and important- not just another task or assignment that has no meaning behind it.

Determine how you want to spend your time.

The first step in prioritizing your day is to determine what you want to spend your time on. For example, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, your priorities may be completely different than someone who works for a living. If you work from home or run a business, you may want to focus on work-related tasks and save other tasks for the weekend when you are less busy.

You might also want to focus on tasks that help you build relationships with people. For example, if you are an assistant school counselor or coach, it may be beneficial for you to spend time with students outside of school hours.

It may also be beneficial for athletes to practice during off hours so they can make sure their performance is at its best when it counts.

Once you know what you want to accomplish during your day, the next step is scheduling those activities accordingly. Schedule out your daily routine by making each activity a priority, giving yourself enough time in between them all and staying within a daily schedule that works well for your lifestyle and personality type.

Schedule your tasks and break down your schedule.

The first step in prioritizing your daily routine is to schedule yourself the tasks that you need to do. This helps reduce the chance of getting overwhelmed and forgetting what needs to get done.

The other benefit of scheduling your tasks is that it creates a rhythm for your day. If you have no idea what you’ll be doing tomorrow, it’s hard to know how much time you should allot for each task. But if you know that you’ll have a specific amount of time dedicated to each task, this will allow you to work more efficiently and plan accordingly.

Another important thing to do when scheduling your tasks is break down your schedule into hours or even minutes! Doing this will help create boundaries between different parts of the day so that you know exactly how long certain activities should take and when they are supposed to end. It also helps ensure that there are no surprises at the end of the day!

In order to effectively schedule yourself, make sure that you’re taking into account all aspects of your life- both physical and mental health, personal relationships, schoolwork, etc.- as well as all the things that require your attention in a given day. This can seem like an impossible task at first, but it really does become easier after some

Take care of yourself throughout the day.

It’s important to remember that you are not superhuman. You deserve a break every now and then. Schedule time for yourself in your schedule so you can take care of your mental, physical and emotional health.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or fatigued, go on a walk or exercise at home. Take care of yourself so you can be at your best when it matters most!


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