CFRN Exam: The Most Important Facts You Need to Know

By | February 13, 2024

The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing awards the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) certification to individuals who have demonstrated competence in the practice of emergency nursing. The Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) exam is the first step to becoming certified as a flight nurse. Click here to learn more about how you can prepare for this exam.

What is the CFRN exam?

The CFRN exam evaluates you on topics you will encounter in a flight nurse’s day-to-day duties. You will be assessed on:

Interpersonal Skills


Competencies of Mental Health, Neurology, and Metabolic/Cardiovascular

Initial Care of Minor Injuries

Responsibilities of Flight Nurses


To earn the Level 1 Certification as a Flight Registered Nurse you must score 140 or higher in the following:

Instructed Comprehension

Written Communication

Interpersonal Skills

Competencies of Psychology

Initial Care of Major Injuries


Capacity to Care for Specific Severe and Life-Threatening Conditions

Physician Integrity

The CFRN exam can be performed online in up to two days. You can expect to take between 80 and 90 minutes to complete.

What will you need to study for the CFRN exam?

To pass the exam, you will need to score well on both theoretical knowledge and clinical skill. Specific courses that help prepare candidates for the CFRN exam are presented below.

Flight nurse core knowledge. Before you can prepare for the CFRN exam, you must have a solid foundation in the key areas of Emergency Care.

How to prepare for the CFRN exam

To prepare for the CFRN exam, you should be studying with other professionals who have taken this exam. Practicing emergency nursing techniques and scenarios while interacting with others can help you get familiar with how to prepare yourself for an emergency situation. You also need to familiarize yourself with how to best conduct an examination on a patient, and be familiar with the appropriate hospital policies and procedure when treating patients in the hospital.

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CFRN preparation is also a must if you want to become an Airline Transport Pilot.

Practicing with individuals with similar training or skill sets is a great way to prepare for the CFRN exam and enhance your ability to communicate with and manage patients.

How can you make sure your studying is effective?

Have a clear plan. An individual’s success at learning any subject is often the result of planning. Drafting a plan outlining the goals you hope to achieve from your study efforts and setting specific benchmarks will help you make your efforts effective. Review your plans periodically to ensure you are progressing toward your objectives and keeping your studies relevant to your current or future career needs.

Arrange your studies into bite-size pieces. When we study, we have to engage in an active process to remember, apply and retain the information we learn. We must frequently switch between remembering and applying the information to ensure that our memory is active. The best study method for this is to divide your learning into smaller pieces, one at a time.


CFRN certification can help you start a nursing career in a profession where demand for emergency nursing is high and the need to care for seriously ill and injured patients is growing.

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