Crack SAT: The Ultimate Guide for Your SAT Prep

By | January 16, 2024

CrackSAT’s Intensive Weekday SAT Classes at Nungambakkam, Chennai are scheduled in the evenings, Monday to Friday. Duration of the batch is 5 weeks. Crack SAT

The program includes class for SAT Math, SAT Verbal and a battery of topic wise and section wise tests. Students enrolled for our SAT classes in Madras will be administered full length comprehensive SAT practice tests.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Logic


Section 3: General Science

Section 4: Math

Section 5: Physics


Section 6: Chemistry

Section 7: Biology

Section 8: Accounts

Section 9: Maths

Section 10: Literature

Section 11: Information Technology (IT)

The center offers a dedicated SAT center for kids who are opting for classes on Saturday morning.


Of course, since we do have a vast pool of participants, we only accept 40 students on every booking, on an equal basis. The fee structure is as follows:

• Classes under 40: Rs. 3500/- / Rs. 5300/- per session

• Classes under 40: Rs. 5000/- / Rs. 7500/- per session

To register and get complete details about the program, please do fill up the form on the site and download the e-book.

The Program

Each student takes 100% SAT Math paper

103 questions asked. Each question is multiple choice.

These are in descending order.

1. Math 96

2. Math 83

3. Math 73

4. Math 69

5. Math 61

6. Math 54

7. Math 47

8. Math 45

9. Math 44

10. Math 42

11. Math 39

12. Math 35

13. Math 33

14. Math 31

15. Math 28

16. Math 27

17. Math 25

18. Math 23

19. Math 22

20. Math 19

21. Math 18

22. Math 17

23. Math 16

24. Math 14

25. Math 13

26. Math 12

27. Math 11

28. Math 10

29. Math 9

30. Math 8

31. Math 7

32. Math 6

33. Math 5

34. Math 4

35. Math 3

36. Math 2

37. Math 1

Anil Kumar Gupta,

Principal –

rackSAT’s MNC Co-Working Hub

31, Main Road,

Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600005

Phone: +91-9855200477


Website: www.rackSAT.

What to Expect?

Our College instructors have a combined 25 years of teaching experience. Our course director, Mr. Thomas Kurian, is a Career Development Professor at IGNOU. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Delhi. He has conducted hundreds of workshops in India and abroad. In fact, he is one of the best in his field. In addition to his academic qualifications, he has completed an 18 month, full-time, coursework training program in linguistics and multilingual learning.

Our college, Nungambakkam, Chennai, conducts state level competitive examinations (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test). So there is a rare opportunity for students to get admission in top colleges, as our instructors are qualified and qualified to set the expectation high on any student.

Why RackSAT?

After completion of our intensive full day class, students will be able to crack full length full length series of mock tests which will be conducted by a reputed SAT training institute based in Chennai.

Flexible Time Frame: Classes are scheduled Monday to Friday. Duration of the program is 5 weeks. No case work is involved.

Exposure to SAT style of test preparation methodology with test lectures and practice tests.

Fully Digital SAT Book (in English or Tamil)

Unique approach to test preparation: Students enroll for rackSAT with strict instruction to be using the digital test book (with printed version available in store). Students who crack the test, they will be given an opportunity to be part of the after school program.

The Test Day

The SAT TESTING DAY IN INDIA will be on Saturday, April 29, 2017 (Saturday).

Drop Box:

Please check the drops for our Test Day program in April, 2017 to fill any information that you may have. Click here for drop box

Check out:

RACKSAT’s 10-day SAT: Chennai, SAT Mod I and II for Second Year Students Test Day Program on SAT 17th April, 2017

RACKSAT’s Class XII Batch Two, all Advanced Level Students SAT Preparation Test Day Program, February 27, 2017.


This is not to say that the program we offer is the most comprehensive and the best of the lot. This is just a medium of getting your friends, colleagues and even themselves started on SAT preparation. It is up to you to put the effort into it.

Crack Sat Math

Preparing for the maths portion of the SAT is different from the verbal and reading sections. Each student has different strengths in the different areas of the Mathematics test. During the test preparation week, you will receive an extensive review of the math concepts and problems you should be working on in the exam.

There are 5 SAT sections, which are Math, Verbal, Reading, Writing and Reasoning. The topics covered for each of these sections are:

Verbal: Wawew, Lawew, Sunew, Sheew, Loww, Yenq, English, Poew, Loew, Gotu, Shsw, Saidar, Madhuwa, Soei, Sapk, Suri, Thu, Chhum, Phhum, etc.


Our experienced and passionate tutors will guide you through the SAT training procedure. This will include covering all aspects of the exam like,

  • • Concept wise analysis, theory based SAT exam preparation.
  • • Three comprehensive mock tests that helps you identify your weak points in solving the questions.
  • • A word based SAT Essay to help you tackle an average or difficult essay format.
  • • Essay Writing Sample to clarify your points.
  • • Sample and crosstalk SAT Multiple Choice questions.

SAT year has just started and it is time to update your knowledge and skill set. Preparing for this entrance exam and practice tests can be a cumbersome task for most students. All you require is a guide who will take care of the process and has the expertise of teaching you the right way.


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