Dogfish Freshwater Fish: What You Need To Know

By | February 23, 2024

Dogfish Freshwater is the UK’s leading supplier of quality fish feed. We stock a wide range of feeds, including trout feed, carp feed, koi food and many more. Dogfish is all about fishing gear. Whether you’re looking for a baitcasting rod, fly fishing reel, or the best fishing tackle box to take with you on your next deep sea adventure, we’ve got you covered.

Dogfish Freshwater: what we do

We source fresh fish that you can cook at home, a wide range of organic ingredients and stock several manufacturers’ own-brand pet foods. We also offer you easy-to-open, fast-freeze and fully recyclable packaging. All of our pet food products are approved and labelled to the same high quality standard as you’ll find on our food products.

Dogfish operates as a wholesaler for the manufacturers we work with. This means you can shop for your fish online at your leisure and then take the delivery to your local shop. Alternatively, you can choose to come into our shop, either for your own convenience or to learn more about the products we sell. We’ve got quite a few restaurants and cafes on our books, too, which means you can stock up before you take your dog on a camping or boating trip.


Dogfish Freshwater: the brands we stock

Check out our online shop to see everything we have on offer. All of our products are very much made in the UK with our range starting from just £1.50. To view our ranges click here.

We’re often asked where we source our supplies from. Our fish feed is sourced from a dedicated fish farm near Aberdeen in Scotland and our carp feed comes from a large supplier in Lincolnshire. Our top picks from our online shop include:

Dogfish Freshwater: How did you get into fishing?


We’re not just into fishing, we’re passionate about it. I started fishing aged 9 and I’ve never looked back. To me fishing is a life skill that teaches patience, discipline and determination, all qualities that are greatly valued in any job. It’s also great fun to see people come back for more.

Dogfish Freshwater: our offers and specials

Fish on sale at Dogfish Freshwater today include:

Freshwater fish are sold fresh, where possible, whenever possible, and with the highest quality available. No dead fish or over-cooked fish will be accepted, and it must be eaten the day of purchase.

No dead fish or over-cooked fish will be accepted, and it must be eaten the day of purchase. Fresh fish is sold fresh, where possible, whenever possible, and with the highest quality available. No dead fish or over-cooked fish will be accepted, and it must be eaten the day of purchase.

Most ReadLife Cycle of the Freshwater Puffer Fish: From Egg to Death

Usual Freshfish price for fished up

Day of sale is indicated on the pack; sell-by date is printed on the back of the pack and must not be exceeded.

What to feed your fish with?

Carp feed

One of the most popular fish for pet fish is carp. Carp fish tend to eat a lot of aquatic plants and can develop gill issues if they do not eat enough. If you’re feeding a tank of carp, it is a good idea to feed a variety of feed for better health. There are a wide range of commercial carp feeds on the market. If you want to feed your own fish, we would recommend using a high quality wet food mix for superior health and growth rates. If you are feeding aquarium fish in the garden, you will probably need to mix the feed yourself to get the correct consistency.

Trout feed

Trout have great appetite for fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Fresh trout eat only what they need and do not suffer from the same gill infections that carp do.

Trout Feed

We make all of our own trout and pike feed from high quality, traceable ingredients and we stock the top brands of all of the UK’s premium premium brands. Our pike and trout feeds are made from fish meal with some forage to top up the flavour. Dogfish Freshwater fishmeal is a high quality, clean feed made from 100% sustainable fish. There’s no ‘dogfish’ in the name and our fish meal is high quality and ethically sourced.

Koi Feeds

We offer a wide range of koi and ornamental fish food. Our feed is made in the UK to a strict specification and your koi will get the best of flavour and nutrition. The koi food will be high quality fish and vegetable based and contains no additives or preservatives.

Carp Feed

Tail hooks are another option you may want to consider. While they are excellent for keeping fish in place during the fight, and are ideal for catch-and-release fishing, they are also good for breeding fish in fish farms. They are harder to set up than tie downs and they often become soggy with the blood during a battle.

We have tail hooks on all our koi carp food ranges. Carp feed is highly recommended for all fish keeping enthusiasts, especially those with large sized koi.

Fish Tank Propthane: What You Need To Know

While Fish Tank Propthane can be used in a very large number of fish tanks, it is an essential fish food additive in the creation of most goldfish foods.

We stock and supply the same food we use for our own fish.

Koi Food

Don’t let the colour and small size fool you. A fine koi feed is suitable for fish of all sizes. Our premium range has a special ingredient to combat nutrient deficiency and help your koi grow, build strong immune systems, and exhibit an incredible appearance.

Dry Shampoo And Shower Rods

We have a range of excellent products to help you build the ultimate kit for the perfect dry shampoo and shower rod! Our only factory free products leave no residue on the body, hair or bath walls, and come in a selection of colours for your personal touch!

New Measuring Spoons

It’s very easy to become distracted while you’re fishing or reading, so we’re introducing a new range of measuring spoons with a unique fish motif.


There is one thing for certain when it comes to hunting down the best fishing tackle out there. If you’re looking for gear that not only works but is going to last you years to come, your search is over. If you’re willing to invest in high-quality fishing gear that will serve you well for years to come, and would prefer something that isn’t mass produced and will stand the test of time, you should look no further than Dogfish Fishing.

From the most high quality rods, reels, and tackle boxes, to the highest quality of trout food and nonglazed salt water lures, everything you’ll need to reel in some enormous gamefish is right here.

If you’re looking for the best fishing tackle, then look no further than Dogfish Fishing. We stock the most diverse range of quality fishing gear out there.


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