105 High Paying Jobs in Denver Without a Degree

By | May 15, 2024

High Paying Jobs in Denver Without a Degree – If you’re looking for a high paying job in Denver without a degree, you’ll need to be prepared for a lot of competition. With so many companies looking for qualified employees, it can be hard to find the right job. But don’t worry! We’ve got the complete list of the best jobs in Denver that don’t require a degree. From customer service to data entry, we have you covered!

105 High Paying Jobs in Denver Without a Degree

Denver is one of the most expensive cities in the United States for a job. With a median household income of $86,838 and an unemployment rate of 4.9%, it’s no wonder that many people are looking for ways to make money without a degree.
Here’s a list of high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree in Denver:
1. Police officer
2. Firefighter
3. Lawyer
4. Banker
5. IT consultant
6. Data entry clerk
7. Personal chef
8. Social media manager.


If you’re looking for a high-paying job in Denver without a degree, you’re in for a treat. Here are the complete list of jobs that pay more than the average wage in the city. we discuss high-paying job titles and salaries, along with descriptions for 27 positions, to help you make an informed decision about your career.

27 high-paying jobs in Denver you can get with no degree

Here are 27 high-paying jobs in Denver that don’t require a degree. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Private chef

Average salary: $60,096 per year


Primary duties: A private chef meets and discusses meal plans and nutritional goals with clients. Private chefs may live on or off client properties to prepare and serve their daily meals and other snacks. These chefs manage pantry stock, grocery shopping and special event meal planning.

2. Property manager

Average salary: $60,223 per year

Primary duties: A property manager oversees the daily operations of residential or commercial rental properties. Property managers conduct routine inspections of their properties and enforce rental policies and local regulations. These managers collect monthly fees from renters, document renter information and handle complaints.

3. Videographer

Average salary: $60,319 per year

Primary duties: A videographer uses cameras, tripods, lighting and other equipment to record videos for their clients. Videographers may work for private special events or commercial projects to capture footage and produce content. These professionals edit their recorded footage to create an engaging video that suits their clients’ needs.

4. Sheriff

Average salary: $60,401 per year

Primary duties: A sheriff manages a team of county deputies to respond to emergency calls. Sheriffs conduct investigations and interrogations to identify potential suspects in a criminal case. These professionals can issue traffic citations, conduct warranted searches and arrest suspects.

5. Surveyor

Average salary: $60,522 per year

Primary duties: A surveyor measures property boundaries to create precise maps and measurements for land development projects. Surveyors visit property locations to record precise measurements of land contours. These professionals ensure that construction sites remain within boundaries to prevent land disputes.

6. HVAC technician

Average salary: $60,692 per year

Primary duties: An HVAC technician is a specialized professional that installs, assesses and repairs HVAC systems for residential or commercial buildings. HVAC technicians may perform routine services, such as HVAC cleaning and preventative maintenance. These technicians can replace HVAC components to increase system efficiency.

7. CNC mill operator

Average salary: $60,749 per year

Primary duties: A CNC mill operator monitors milling machinery with computer numeric controlled equipment. CNC mill operators set up and operate production equipment such as bores or saws. These operators conduct test runs and inspections to ensure product quality.

8. Director of creative services

Average salary: $60,973 per year

Primary duties: A director of creative services manages marketing campaigns and strategies. Directors of creative services design implement the branding or aesthetic style for promotional material and activities. These directors monitor projects to ensure that creative details suit their clients’ intended message while producing attractive content.

9. Lending officer

Average salary: $61,255 per year

Primary duties: A lending officer is a licensed financial service professional who oversees loan approval processes. Lending officers evaluate loan applications to determine a borrower’s eligibility for a loan and their loan limits. These officers may authorize loans or provide approval recommendations on behalf of their financial institution.

10. Project designer

Average salary: $61,383 per year

Primary duties: A project designer manages the artistic development of a project with sketches, simulations or prototypes. Project designers may specialize in architecture, interior design or technology solution projects. These designers create multiple design concepts that achieve a client’s desired look while accommodating necessary functionality.

11. Audiovisual engineer

Average salary: $61,544 per year

Primary duties: An audiovisual engineer manages recording equipment like cameras and microphones. Audiovisual engineers maintain and operate recording equipment for FILs or broadcast projects. These engineers monitor the recording process and adjust recording settings to capture high-quality footage and sound.

12. Junior electrician

Average salary: $61,554 per year

Primary duties: A junior electrician is an entry-level professional who may be supervised by a certified electrician. Junior electricians can install and maintain electrical systems to meet safety regulations. These electricians use various testing devices to identify electrical problems and perform repairs.

13. Interior designer

Average salary: $61,776 per year

Primary duties: An interior designer develops visual concepts with their client to produce an appealing indoor environment. Interior designers may work with residential or commercial clients to plan and organize a design project within their clients’ budgets and timelines. These designers may work with architects to determine space requirements and necessary functional features.

14. Bellman

Average salary: $62,089 per year

Primary duties: A bellman monitors the main entrance of a hotel lobby to receive guests. Bellmen open doors and carry luggage for incoming or outgoing guests. These hospitality professionals assist guests in preparing travel arrangements or finding other hotel personnel for specialized services.

15. Service technician

Average salary: $62,680 per year

Primary duties: A service technician is a maintenance and repair professional who can work in various industries. Service technicians may specialize in IT, automotive, manufacturing or HVAC component repairs. These technicians diagnose equipment problems and perform maintenance or upgrades.

16. Scheduler

Average salary: $63,022 per year

Primary duties: A scheduler manages company personnel schedules to optimize work processes. Schedulers might arrange transportation, production or shift schedules changes for optimal workflow. These professionals monitor personnel activity to gauge workloads and develop distribution strategies to support performance.

17. Police officer

Average salary: $63,365 per year

Primary duties: A police officer patrols assigned areas and enforces the law. Police officers respond to disturbances, document crime reports and traffic violations. These officers can provide first aid in traffic accidents and facilitate paramedic transfers.

18. CNC programmer

Average salary: $63,373 per year

Primary duties: A CNC programmer sets up computer numerically controlled machinery by performing tests and troubleshooting issues. CNC programmers clean machines and sharpen certain components to maintain equipment quality. These programmers measure CNC programming performance to identify and resolve malfunctions.

19. 3D artist

Average salary: $63,526 per year

Primary duties: A 3D artist designs and develops 3D models with computer software. They may create models, animations or graphics for advertisements, film or video games. These artists work with their clients to establish a visual concept and produce interactive media art.

20. Adjuster

Average salary: $63,636 per year

Primary duties: An adjuster is an insurance claims professional who evaluates client claims and determines their eligibility to receive compensation. Adjusters gather relevant documents from insurance policies, hospital records, police statements and property inspections to assess the insurance company’s liability. These insurance professionals process and negotiate claim reports and payments.

21. Marketing specialist

Average salary: $63,700 per year

Primary duties: A marketing specialist researches market data and trends to identify popular products and successful advertising strategies. Marketing specialists use market insights to develop new product designs or improvements, along with methods for marketing campaigns. These specialists develop marketing material from slogans, messages, videos, press releases or social media posts.

22. Electrician

Average salary: $63,810 per year

Primary duties: An electrician specializes in diagnosing and repairing wiring, circuit or transformer issues. Electricians inspect buildings and electrical components to test, maintain and update electrical systems. These professionals may offer installation or routine maintenance services.

23. Real estate manager

Average salary: $64,053 per year

Primary duties: A real estate manager manages commercial property operations from lease administration to rent collection. Real estate managers document financial paperwork and create cost analysis reports to prepare financial budgets. These managers negotiate contracts with vendors to remain within budget.

24. Entertainment manager

Average salary: $64,143 per year

Primary duties: An entertainment manager organizes entertainment events for their business. Entertainment managers may work in hotels or venues to schedule performances. These managers negotiate contracts and performance schedules with artists to promote an event.

25. Advertising specialist

Average salary: $64,433 per year

Primary duties: An advertising specialist develops media and communication strategies to attract audiences and potential clients. Advertising specialists may manage social media profiles, email campaigns and other external communications to engage target audiences. These specialists monitor advertising performance to understand audience interests.

26. Dental assistant

Average salary: $64,558per year

Primary duties: A dental assistant provides support for dentists before, during and after the patient treatment process. Dental assistants may take a patient’s X-rays, pulse and blood pressure, along with disinfecting dental tools before treatment. These assistants record treatment information and provide patients with products after a treatment.

27. Metal worker

Average salary: $64,620 per year

Primary duties: A metal worker creates metal components for structural support, cars or other vehicles. Metal workers work in industrial mills, operating machinery to cast, cut and mold metals. They create custom metal fabrications and may provide installation services for their clients.

78 more jobs in Denver that don’t require a degree

Consider these additional high-paying career paths in Denver:

  • Digital marketer: $64,822 per year

  • Insurance agent: $64,918 per year

  • Quality control inspector: $65,465 per year

  • Designer: $65,809 per year

  • Sales representative: $66,541 per year

  • Front desk manager: $67,156 per year

  • Marketing manager: $67,367 per year

  • Operating engineer: $67,425 per year

  • Refrigeration technician: $67,738 per year

  • Machine operator: $67,775 per year

  • Field operator: $67,782 per year

  • 3D modeler: $67,785 per year

  • Territory manager: $68,079 per year

  • Air conditioning technician: $68,609 per year

  • Automotive mechanic: $68,865 per year

  • Survey technician: $69,198 per year

  • HVAC supervisor: $70,009 per year

  • Loan assistant: $70,343 per year

  • Deputy sheriff: $70,721 per year

  • Distribution manager: $70,793 per year

  • Machinist: $70,938 per year

  • Outside sales representative: $71,384 per year

  • Freelance designer: $71,646 per year

  • HVAC installer: $71,769 per year

  • CNC lathe operator: $71,864 per year

  • Maintenance engineer: $71,922 per year

  • Mechanic: $72,629 per year

  • Truck driver: $72,917 per year

  • Art director: $72,944 per year

  • Sales consultant: $73,074 per year

  • Court reporter: $73,779 per year

  • CCTV technician: $73,828 per year

  • Entry-level insurance agent: $74,419 per year

  • CNC machinist: $74,445 per year

  • Content marketer: $74,557 per year

  • Security supervisor: $74,650 per year

  • Automotive technician: $74,803 per year

  • Journeyman electrician: $75,048 per year

  • Video engineer: $75,284 per year

  • Claims examiner: $75,487 per year

  • Stocking associate: $76,086 per year

  • Delivery driver: $76,755 per year

  • Apprentice electrician: $76,895 per year

  • Digital designer: $78,598 per year

  • Fire marshall: $80,033 per year

  • Van driver: $80,368 per year

  • Realtor: $80,378 per year

  • Police sergeant: $80,502 per year

  • Maintenance person: $80,606 per year

  • Territory sales: $80,646 per year

  • Visual designer: $80,852 per year

  • Sheet metal technician: $81,018 per year

  • Fire investigator: $81,698 per year

  • Fire sprinkler technician: $81,855 per year

  • Advertising sales representative: $82,451 per year

  • Alarm technician: $83,004 per year

  • Party chief: $84,093 per year

  • Gaming manager: $87,135 per year

  • Real estate agent: $89,180 per year

  • Detective: $89,750 per year

  • Investigator: $89,882 per year

  • 3D animator: $90,122 per year

  • Animator: $92,095 per year

  • Creative director: $92,887 per year

  • Senior electrician: $93,382 per year

  • Fire chief: $93,888 per year

  • Real estate associate: $96,334 per year

  • Claims manager: $96,782 per year

  • Security specialist: $96,825 per year

  • Safety manager: $99,039 per year

  • Fire engineer: $101,193 per year

  • Senior manager: $101,589 per year

  • Commercial real estate agent: $104,457 per year

  • Quantity supervisor: $105,395 per year

  • Over the road truck driver: $110,159 per year

  • Design director: $115,467 per year

  • Professional athlete: $123,849 per year

  • Loan officer: $127,085 per year


No one wants to work in a difficult job that won’t give them the money they need to live. That’s why some people might consider a career in law enforcement. But what about those who don’t have a degree? Don’t worry, there are high paying jobs in Denver that don’t require a degree. From information technology jobs to customer service, we’ve got you covered. So if you want to make some extra cash while you learn how to do business, check out our complete list of high paying jobs in Denver without a degree.


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