30 High Paying Mathematics Jobs

By | February 11, 2024

High Paying Mathematics Jobs – In the midst of a booming economy, many people are looking for ways to make a living. One way would be to take a job in mathematics. Recently, the U.S. saw an increase in opportunities for high pay due to a shortage of mathematicians in the workforce and increased demand for mathematical skills domestically and internationally. Some of the top paying jobs in math are as follows: actuaries, financial analysts, statisticians, actuary consultants and data modelers.

30 High Paying Mathematics Jobs in 2022

Well, you’ve made it to this page, so I’m assuming you’re looking for a high paying job in mathematics. As the saying goes, “You can’t beat a bird in the hand.” So here are some of the top paying jobs that will require you to have a degree in mathematics.


The highest paying job is as an actuary. This job typically pays about $160,000 per year and requires math skills similar to that of an actuary.
Another high paying job is as a statistician. This lucrative median pay is $130,000 per year and their work includes analyzing data and applying statistical methods to solve problems in various fields like medical research and business management. For those who want more than just money, consider working with environmental factors or natural resources because these jobs are typically paid well too!

30 highest paying mathematics jobs

Many people are intimidated by mathematics in general let alone in their careers. This creates a career edge for those who excel in math. Below you will find 30 of the highest paying jobs in mathematics.

1. Purchasing specialist

National average salary: $42,106 per year


Primary duties: A purchasing specialist researches suppliers and manufacturers to buy various goods and materials for companies. These professionals evaluate products, prepare proposals, negotiate contract terms and conditions, analyze trends and maintain an accurate inventory. Purchasing specialists often work within larger companies and assist with research and comparing products from different suppliers to determine the best value for their company.

2. Mathematics teacher

National average salary: $48,363 per year

Primary duties: A mathematics teacher teaches math-related subjects to students at the primary, secondary or advanced school level. These educators develop curricula and lesson plans for school. Mathematics teachers are also responsible for managing students in a classroom and communicating with parents about the progress of their students. They may also work as math tutors to help prepare students for standardized testings.

3. Accountant

National average salary: $54,881 per year

Primary duties: An accountant works with businesses and individuals to prepare their taxes and balance sheets and reconcile financial discrepancies. Accountants review financial records and analyze reports, tax returns and additional accounting data to ensure a company or an individual has a healthy financial status. They also run reports that monitor a company’s spending and provide suggestions for improvements.

4. Market researcher

National average salary: $56,143 per year

Primary duties: A market researcher gathers and analyzes customer and competitor data. They develop market goals and plans to market their target audience better. Marker researchers also design surveys, build reports and follow market trends to maintain consumer demands.

5. Inventory manager

National average salary: $60,950 per year

Primary duties: The inventory manager optimizes inventory procedures, identifies shortages, records daily inventories and collaborates with other departments to report stock levels. Inventory managers use software to reconcile inventory, analyze trends and data, evaluate supplies and work with operation managers to ensure inventory control is efficient.

6. Tax consultant

National average salary: $64,229 per year

Primary duties: A tax consultant prepares tax documents and payments. Unlike accountants, tax consultants don’t require a degree. These professionals estimate and track tax returns, complete tax reports, forecast tax predictions and recommend tax strategies.

7. Meteorologist

National average salary: $64,702 per year

Primary duties: Meteorologists use and observe weather patterns and forecasting predictions from weather stations worldwide to predict future weather. They often work with TV and radio stations, but can also work with government agencies.

8. Cost estimator

National average salary: $73,252 per year

Primary duties: A cost estimator projects expenses for products or services a company wants to spend money on. These professionals identify cost factors, prepare estimates, resolve cost issues, calculate estimates and evaluate profitability before a company embarks on a new project. Cost estimators work with different vendors and clients to determine the exact pricing to estimate the project’s price and length.

9. Data analyst

National average salary: $75,210 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst uses statistical tools to gather and interpret data to help businesses better understand how well they are operating. They develop databases, create data collection systems and offer solutions to optimize procedures efficiency. Data analysts work closely with management and leadership teams to create reports of their research findings to identify and develop process improvement opportunities and guidelines.

10. Chemist

National average salary: $76,734 per year

Primary duties: A chemist researches the properties, uses and reactions of various chemicals. They monitor chemicals under different conditions to test and develop chemical solutions for a variety of uses. Chemists apply mathematical principles to mix chemical compounds to develop experiments safely and effectively. They often work in food production, medicine development, nuclear energy or other industries to test chemical reactions.

11. Treasurer

National average salary: $80,681 per year

Primary duties: A treasure works with organizations and corporations to establish and monitor short-term and long-term budgets for operations. They create financial reports, set goals, review forecasts and ensure the organization is in good financial standing. The treasurer supervises other financial teams, including accounting, and collaborates with these departments to improve spending, saving and identifying investment opportunities.

12. Budget analyst

National average salary: $80,945 per year

Primary duties: A budget analyst reviews budget proposals to help a company decide how much they can spend on various projects, products and services. They approve funding requests, build budgets and create cost-benefit analyses to get an in-depth look at a company’s overall spending. Budget analysts also help reduce expenditures, allocate funds and financially reorganize departments to reduce costs and streamline a company’s expenses.

13. Research analyst

National average salary: $86,757 per year

Primary duties: A research analyst reviews internal processes to identify patterns, interpret data and provide management recommendations to ensure efficient procedures. They help develop data models, analyze competitors and give management a better understanding of how internal processes affect production, efficiency and quality.

14. Civil engineer

National average salary: $87,511 per year

Primary duties: A civil engineer works either as a consultant or a contractor. Consultants focus more on design work, while contractors focus more on evaluating physical construction and on-site progress. Civil engineers supervise and design public construction projects. They help assess feasibility by managing budget demands and design practicality, and by ensuring the project meets all health and safety regulations.

15. Financial planning analyst

National average salary: $88,517 per year

Primary duties: A financial planning analyst works with individuals and companies to help them better manage their money and create financial strategies. These professionals analyze financial data, budgets and income statements to suggest recommendations and improve their financial processes.

16. Investment analyst

National average salary: $90,854 per year

Primary duties: An investment analyst reviews financial trends and data to help companies understand where to invest their money. These analysts research investment opportunities and develop economic models to recommend different opportunities to clients, organizations and corporations. Investment analysts monitor stock and bond performances and review companies’ accounts for financial information to help executives make investment decisions.

17. Mathematician

National average salary: $93,836 per year

Primary duties: A mathematician uses mathematical theory and computer technology to solve economic, scientific, engineering and business problems. They have an ample range of industries to operate in, including climate studies, robotics, animatic films and medicine.

18. Electrical engineer

National average salary: $94,898 per year

Primary duties: An electrical engineer designs and tests electrical systems and equipment. They specialize in different products, including motors, navigation systems, car systems or airplane systems. Electrical engineers create and test designs for most electrical products and systems to develop prototypes for new products or improve existing products.

19. Mechanical engineer

National average salary: $96,043 per year

Primary duties: A mechanical engineer designs, build and test thermal and mechanical devices. Mechanical engineers also study multiple issues and determine how mechanical or thermal devices can help solve those issues. They supervise manufacturing processes and analyze equipment malfunctions to offer viable solutions.

20. Software test engineer

National average salary: $97,584 per year

Primary duties: Software test engineers can also help design, build and implement testing strategies and perform various techniques to ensure the software works as expected. These professionals are often part of the quality assurance team for software companies.

21. System integration engineer

National average salary: $97,615 per year

Primary duties: A system integration engineer develops and tests control systems for engines that use digital electronics and communications. A system integration engineer evaluates and tests engine calibrations with various computer software and model-based software development tools to ensure all components of an engine’s subsystems are working well together.

22. Statistician

National average salary: $98,840 per year

Primary duties: A statistician works with mathematical formulas and statistical models to analyze and interpret data. They can also help mathematical design models and use statistical software for data analysis to help companies or governments make decisions. Statisticians create and administer tests and polls to elaborate new data sets to better understand an issue, audience or problem.

23. Financial modeler

National average salary: $104,742 per year

Primary duties: A financial modeler works for organizations and governments building economic models using historical data. These professionals conduct scenario-based analysis using macro and micro factors that help businesses and governments properly assess risk.

24. Computer scientist

National average salary: $105,911 per year

Primary duties: A computer scientist designs computer systems and writes software to run on websites, computers and phones. Computer scientists develop new technologies or new approaches to solving everyday problems using existing technology.

25. Economist

National average salary: $110,131 per year

Primary duties: An economist studies and analyzes a society’s production of services, goods and resources. They may work for a company, a city, a country or on a global scale. Economists spend most of their team researching economic influences using surveys and different data collection methods.

26. Research scientist

National average salary: $111,419 per year

Primary duties: A research scientist conducts experiments for a variety of areas, including medical research or computer science. These scientists also write grant proposals and complete applications for funding opportunities to ensure their team has funds to carry out research projects.

27. Actuary

National average salary: $116,171 per year

Primary duties: An actuary works with organizations, both large and small, to manage risk. These professionals use mathematics, business management skills and statistics to determine financial risk for businesses and create strategies to control it.

28. Risk manager

National average salary: $118,239 per year

Primary duties: A risk manager performs risk evaluations to help companies identify and evaluate risks before making decisions. Risk managers also manage insurance policies and claims and ensure the company is up-to-date with relevant regulations and laws.

29. Algorithm engineer

National average salary: $126,491 per year

Primary duties: An algorithm engineer works on creating the design, analysis, implementation and optimization of computer algorithms.

30. Insurance underwriter

National average salary: $127,726 per year

Primary duties: Insurance underwriters use computer software that helps them determine if they should approve an applicant and what their coverage amounts and premiums should be.


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