45 Highest Paying Jobs in Columbia, South Carolina

By | February 10, 2024

Columbia is a city with a rich history. From the slaves who worked on the plantations to the students who studied here, Columbia has had a long and significant presence in America. This city has also helped lead the way in many other fields, such as business and technology. So when it comes to earning a good wage, Columbia is definitely one of the places to go. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Columbia, based on recent data from The National Salary Survey.

45 Highest Paying Jobs in Columbia, South Carolina

45 Highest Paying Jobs in Columbia

When it comes to earning a good wage, Columbia’s workforce is diverse. From technology employees to professors and scientists, the city has a variety of jobs that pay well. In order to find out which jobs are the highest paying in Columbia, we analyzed the data of over 1,000 occupations and companies. The results? Here are the 45 highest paying jobs in Columbia!

18 highest-paying jobs in Columbia, SC

Here’s a list of the 18 highest-paying jobs in Columbia, South Carolina. These jobs could pay more or less, depending on your level of experience and which company you work with. For the most up-to-date salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Computer systems analyst

Average salary: $92,413 per year

Primary duties: Computer systems analysts are computer specialists who work with IT systems and networks for businesses. They evaluate a company’s current systems and provide suggestions to repair or improve the systems. Their goal is to design or alter computer systems so that they work as efficiently as possible. They do research on solutions, design and implement them and test them afterward for effectiveness. They may also provide training on how to use computer systems.


2. Obstetrics and gynecology physician

Average salary: $93,373 per year

Primary duties: Obstetrics and gynecology physicians, also known as OBGYNs, are medical doctors who specialize in women’s health. They examine women and diagnose and treat various health issues, prescribe medication and perform procedures. Obstetrics and gynecology physicians help pregnant women stay healthy during their pregnancy and with any pregnancy issues and also deliver babies.

3. Real estate broker

Average salary: $97,869 per year

Primary duties: Real estate brokers are real estate agents who have additional training in their field and can work independently and start their own companies. Real estate brokers help people to buy, sell or rent property, such as houses or commercial buildings. They search for properties that best meet their clients’ needs and also help them sell a property they already own. Real estate brokers search listings, arrange for viewings of properties, and help with the logistics involved in buying or selling property, such as making offers, arranging closings and understanding the terms of a sale.

4. Web developer

Average salary: $101,486 per year

Primary duties: Web developers create websites and web applications using computer programs. They design the websites based on what their clients need and what is helpful to website users. They also make sure that the website works correctly and that all links and applications function properly.

5. Speech-language pathologist

Average salary: $121,393 per year

Primary duties: Speech-language pathologists work with people to improve their speech patterns. They might help people who stutter, who aren’t native speakers of a language or who get nervous when speaking in front of others. They also work with people who are recovering from illnesses or diseases that have affected their speech. Speech-language pathologists sometimes help people who have trouble swallowing to eat normally.

6. Veterinarian

Average salary: $122,769 per year

Primary duties: Veterinarians are doctors who work with animals. They examine animals and diagnose and treat any health issues or injuries they might have. They also work with the animals’ owners to answer questions, explain the issues and advise them on how they can help their animals. Veterinarians perform procedures or surgeries on animals and administer vaccinations. Many vets work with small animals such as cats and dogs, but some work with zoo animals or farm animals.

7. Actuary

Average salary: $123,116 per year

Primary duties: Actuaries act as risk managers. Their job is to evaluate and manage financial risks for businesses by using math, business management and statistics to calculate the financial status of the business. Actuaries try to help businesses to make good business and financial decisions so that they can remain profitable and avoid losing money. Actuaries work for banks, insurance companies, marketing firms and investment companies.

8. Podiatrist

Average salary: $123,507 per year

Primary duties: Podiatrists are doctors who work with the feet and lower legs. They diagnose, treat and help prevent any diseases, injuries or other issues people have with their feet. Podiatrists may perform procedures on people’s feet when necessary, and they offer advice on how patients can keep their feet healthier and avoid discomfort.

9. Pharmacist

Average salary: $124,618 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists provide medication for patients who have prescriptions from their doctors. Pharmacists fill and dispense medication, deliver it to patients and answer questions that the patients might have about treatments for injuries and illnesses or about the medication itself. Pharmacists also deal with insurance companies and medical providers and perform a variety of administrative tasks.

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10. Chief executive officer

Average salary: $125,577 per year

Primary duties: The chief executive officer, or CEO, is the leader of a company. They handle all the primary business decisions, such as implementing business practices, overseeing company agendas, working with important managerial staff or board members and trying to keep the business functioning and profitable. The chief executive officer regularly performs financial, business and leadership tasks.

11. Network engineer

Average salary: $129,746 per year

Primary duties: A network engineer handles the maintenance and upkeep of a company’s computer networks. They monitor the network systems, checking them regularly to see if there are any problems and to make sure that they are functioning efficiently and correctly. Network engineers troubleshoot any difficulties and work to resolve the issues when they occur.

12. Physician

Average salary: $138,454 per year

Primary duties: A physician is another name for a medical doctor. Doctors handle the care, health and well-being of their patients. They diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that patients need help with, such as disease, illness and injury, both acute and emergencies. Many physicians have a focused specialty, such as surgery or dermatology, but many physicians also focus on more generalized medicine and overall health. Their goal is to help their patients to feel better and to stay healthy.

13. Registered nurse – emergency room

Average salary: $142,741 per year

Primary duties: Emergency room registered nurses work in a surgical setting. They provide patient care before, during and after surgery. They also assist doctors in the emergency room during a surgical procedure, performing tasks such as monitoring patients or handing surgical instruments to the surgeons. Emergency room nurses help prepare patients to go into surgery, and they try to keep patients comfortable while they’re recovering after surgery.

14. Loan officer

Average salary: $151,415 per year

Primary duties: Loan officers work for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, helping people who want to borrow money for such things as buying or renovating a home or opening a business. They go over different loan options with clients and explain the details of the loan, such as interest payments or any fees involved. Loan officers help people to find and qualify for loans that work best for them. They often help their customers through the various steps of the lending process.

15. Professor

Average salary: $151,467 per year

Primary duties: Professors are teachers who work in higher education. They teach students at colleges and universities. Professors plan and organize the material to teach, lecture during classes, assign work to students and grade the assignments and give feedback. They also answer their students’ questions and give them guidance to help them learn. Professors regularly perform research in their field of study and write papers that they then publish.

16. Neurologist

Average salary: $210,940 per year

Primary duties: Neurologists are doctors who focus on the brain and nervous system. They treat illnesses and diseases of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. They sometimes do research to learn about different nervous system diseases or to diagnose a patient, and they often work with neurosurgeons to help treat patients who have nervous system diseases.

17. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $249,394 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in mental health and wellness. They focus on diagnosing and treating psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. They also try to help their patients with their emotional health. Some psychiatrists provide therapy and counseling sessions and meet with their patients to discuss their problems and offer guidance, and some psychiatrists also perform procedures. Most psychiatrists prescribe medication, including antidepressants.

18. Optometrist

Average salary: $412,858 per year

Primary duties: Optometrists focus on their patient’s vision and the overall health of their patient’s eyes. They diagnose and treat any discomfort or diseases of the eyes, perform eye exams and test their patients’ vision. They may also recommend and write prescriptions for their patients to get eyeglasses or contact lenses when necessary. South Carolina licenses optometrists so they can practice within the state.

27 additional high-paying jobs in Columbia, SC

Here’s a list of 27 more jobs in Columbia that also pay well. These jobs all have an average annual salary of at least $60,000:

  1. IT manager: $61,517 per year

  2. Social worker: $61,559 per year

  3. Insurance agent: $62,602 per year

  4. Financial manager: $64,574 per year

  5. Mechanical engineer: $65,498 per year

  6. Executive director: $67,676 per year

  7. Transportation specialist: $68,440 per year

  8. Computer programmer: $68,848 per year

  9. Historian: $68,975 per year

  10. Tax accountant: $69,296 per year

  11. Architectural project manager: $71,703 per year

  12. Construction manager: $72,639 per year

  13. Business analyst: $72,860 per year

  14. Truck driver: $73,490 per year

  15. Air traffic controller: $73,562 per year

  16. Project manager: $74,369 per year

  17. Marketing manager: $75,828 per year

  18. Nurse practitioner: $76,503 per year

  19. Nuclear engineer: $78,957 per year

  20. Labor relations specialist: $80,090 per year

  21. Quality engineer: $80,180 per year

  22. Dentist: $80,750 per year

  23. Industrial engineer: $81,172 per year

  24. Occupational therapist: $84,324 per year

  25. Physical therapist: $84,766 per year

  26. Architect: $87,256 per year

  27. Electrical engineer: $87,711 per year


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