How to Become a Bolt Driver in Ghana – Step by Step Guide

By | February 15, 2024

How to Become a Bolt Driver in Ghana | Bolt is one of the fastest growing taxi companies in Europe and Africa with over 3M customers in more than 20 countries. The company was formerly known as Taxify, it develops and operates the Bolt mobile application, which allows people to request a taxi or private driver from their smartphone, as well as electric scooters. Taxify was founded in Estonia in 2013 as a platform to connect riders to private drivers or licensed taxis.

As of February 2019, Bolt operates in 30 countries and 50 cities in Europe, Africa, West Asia, North America, and Australia. The company has 25 million customers globally and more than 500,000 drivers use the platform to offer rides. ghana bolt

To register as a driver on the Bolt Ghana platform, you must meet the following driving requirements:

  • Are at least 25 years old
  • Own a valid Ghana driver’s license
  • Own a vehicle that meets the accepted criteria
  • Have an Android or iPhone Smartphone with GPS

If you have these requirements, you may continue to complete the following steps to sign up as a driver.


Register through the sign-up portal and follow the application process:

  • Step 1: Enter your email address, phone number and city
  • Step 2: Fill in your personal details
  • Step 3: Fill in your National ID (Driver’s License Number) and License Number (Reference number of the License)
  • Step 4: Upload all the required documents and their expiry dates
  • Step 5: Fill in your payment details i.e. mobile money wallet where you want to receive payments:
    • Select Person as your Billing Type
    • Your name as the Mobile Money Wallet Name
    • Your MoMo number starting with 233 as your Mobile Wallet Number
    • Your network provider is Mobile Money Network.

Wait until we process and approve your application. If the application is missing any documents/details, our team will contact you.


Approved Driver Activation Centres in Accra

If you want to drive in Accra, you may also register and complete training in one of the Approved Driver Activation Centres:

  • FameSafe Consult
    • Apenebea House, Adjacent Everpure Factory, Tema Light Industrial Area
    • Open from Monday to Saturday: 8am to 5pm
  • PureRelations
    • Ashalebotwe School Junction
    • Open every day for 24 hours
  • Legacy Internet Cafe – Madina
    • Madina Rawlings Circle
    • Open every day for 24 hours
  • Legacy Internet Cafe – Circle
    • Adabraka 1st Triffic Light, Adjacent Mr. Biggs
    • Open every day for 24 hours
  • Ardor Consult
    • Dome Vulcinizer
    • Open from Monday to Saturday: 8am to 5pm

Note: Registration fee at these centres is GHS10.

Complete Training

Once you have completed your registration, we will send you an SMS invitation to attend a training session at the Bolt office closest to you in AccraKumasiTakoradi, or Cape Coast.

If you initially signed up to drive in the wrong city, please let us know ASAP so we can make the necessary corrections.


After you have completed the training session, we will create a  profile for you. Use the login credentials provided to log into your account.

You have a period of 48 hours thereafter to complete your first trip to activate your profile.

Vehicle Requirements

In order for your car to be eligible on our platform, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Be manufactured in 2005 or later
  • Have air conditioning
  • Be a private vehicle (government, taxi or rebuilt vehicles are not eligible)
  • Have a valid Third Party/Comprehensive Insurance
  • Have a valid Roadworthiness Certificate.

Note: Vehicles that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

Document Requirements

When signing up to drive with Bolt in Ghana, you would need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid Ghanaian driver’s license (if it is a temporary license which has been extended, make sure to provide proof)
  • Third Party or Comprehensive insurance policy or sticker
  • Roadworthiness Certificate sticker
  • Clear and front-facing profile picture (please do not wear sunglasses when taking the picture).

Note: It is not required but is highly recommended to provide a Clearance Certificate too.

DVLA Private Hire Vehicle License

To operate on the Bolt platform, you need to obtain a Private Hire Vehicle License from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

Follow the guidelines below to apply for the Private Hire Vehicle License:

The Vehicle

  • The vehicle owner must present the vehicle and the Vehicle Registration Certificate at the Digital Transport Center (DTC) located at the DVLA Head Office for verification and authentication
  • If the owner of the vehicle is unable to be physically present, they can send a representative on their behalf. The representative must present the DTC with a signed Power of Attorney document – a sample of the document is available at the DTC and on the DVLA website.
  • The representative must present a valid ID document (National ID, Passport or Driver’s Licence) in order to complete the process
  • A fee of 60 GHC is payable for the vehicle verification and authentication. This fee is payable upon annual document renewal.

The Driver

  • The driver must present their valid Licence at the DTC for verification and authentication
  • The driver must be physically present for this activity, the DTC will not accept a representative to complete the process
  • A fee of 40 GHC is payable for the driver verification and authentication. This fee and process are once-off.

Driver Payouts and Commission


A payment cycle runs from Monday 00:00 to the following Sunday at 23:59. The funds are sent out during the first half of the week. Please note that the bonuses are received together with payouts.

It is advised to use mobile money account for faster processing of payouts.

Paying Commission

To pay your commission, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Bolt Driver App and tap Earnings
  • Select the Balance tab and then choose the Current Week
  • Click on the Pay to Bolt button
  • Select your payment option
  • Confirm your details and proceed to Pay Now
  • Enter your mobile wallet Pin to confirm the transaction.

Please wait to receive your payment confirmation before closing or navigating away from the payment portal. Once the payment has been confirmed, it can take between 3 minutes and 24 hours for the sum to be visible in your balance.

Additional information:

  • You will only see this option if you have a negative balance at the end of the payment cycle
  • The portal does not allow for you to pay less than the stipulated amount, please ensure that your mobile wallet has sufficient funds to process the transaction
  • The portal does not support amounts with decimals, the payment will be rounded off to the nearest whole number
  • If you wish to settle your balance from a wallet that is not registered to your account, please update your information before confirming the payment
  • The minimum payment accepted by the portal is GHS 1.00
  • The payment portal supports MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, and Tigo mobile wallet payments
  • This payment option is available 24/7.


  • You do not need to insert a reference number to make a payment through the portal
  • In Ghana, Bolt charges a 20% commission from the final price per order.

Using the SOS Button

The SOS button has been added to the driver application as an additional safety feature to be used in medical and security emergencies.

Medical emergencies may include injuries from road accidents where someone is unconscious, having trouble breathing, or is severely bleeding.

Security emergencies include being stranded in an unsafe location with a broken vehicle, attempted vehicle hijack or any form of violence or attack.

To report an emergency, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds
  • Select the Yes button to confirm your emergency.

Once you activate the button, you will be connected to the Ghana Police Service who will dispatch assistance to your location.

Depending on the nature of the report, an Armed Response Unit will arrive at your location. Bolt will also be notified of the incident and will handle the case as a matter of high urgency.

Note: Please only use the button when there is an immediate danger, and you require emergency response. Misuse of this button is strongly discouraged.

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