How to Change Admission Price on Roller Coaster Tycoon

By | February 27, 2024

This blog post will teach you how to change the admission price on your roller coaster tycoon game. Rollercoaster Tycoon is a simulation video game in which players create amusement parks with various rides and attractions. If you have been playing this game for some time, it may be time to get out of the starting cash crunch – by raising prices!

Basic Guidelines Before Changing Admission Price

Adjust your admission price only if there are enough visitors in your amusement park. Try not to increase prices too early – it will take some time for the park to reach a new level of revenue.

Usually, the sweet spot for price adjustment is around 100 visitors per hour. The more visitors, the higher the revenue! But, if your park only attracts 40 visitors per hour, increasing the price may hurt you a bit.


Use an online calculator to check the impact of changing admission price on your park’s revenue. Get more visitors by making more rides.

Raise prices when your costs increase. However, remember to remain cautious when adjusting admission prices – over-extending price increase might create your park as a ghost town. Renting attractions can also provide a quick way to increase revenue.



RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch - Hello Tycoons! A quick note on our new update. We're so happy to see people enjoying their parks since the performance and memory management improvements. We still have

What you will need to Change the Admission price

You will need the following elements in order to adjust the admission price: $100,000 (Note: This amount can be increased by buying stocks or stock options) $100,000 dollars Roller coaster of your choosing Parental permission Assets to make your park more spectacular Step 1. Choose a Roller Coaster Pick a roller coaster which will give you the highest score.

Choose your roller coaster carefully because the higher the score of your roller coaster, the higher the ticket price you are required to pay. Choose the one which is most thrilling and will satisfy your need for entertainment. Before choosing a roller coaster, make sure that you have made a good design of your park. Make sure that your park has clear demarcation of zones.

How to Change the Admission Price

Rollercoaster Tycoon is an online simulation game, and you can select the countries where you want to place your theme park. It is good idea to decide before creating the theme park about how much you can charge the visitors to the theme park. There are several methods to change the price of the tickets. You can change the admission price in several ways.

You can get additional income by the way: Discounts Basic Admission Season Pass By increasing the interest in different offers For this, you will have to register with the website, so that you can get all the online updates about your theme park. You will have to pay an additional fee, so you have to register first. This is the first step to understand how to change the admission price.


Skimming through the site’s website, I realized that it is quite complex. If you’re an expert, it’s probably time to convert the prices. However, if you’re a learner of the basics, you may want to skip this tutorial.


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