How To Choose the Right Sober Living House in Denver

By | May 14, 2024

In Denver, as in many cities across the nation, addiction recovery services have kicked into high gear. Of course, that might make it seem even more difficult for those who need help to find the right resources. The good news is that you’re not alone. Whether it’s you or someone you love that’s looking for recovery solutions like a sober living house in Denver, you will quickly find a wide-reaching network of support to help you along the way.


 What is a Sober Living House?

A sober living house is a transitional space designed for those who are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. These houses are usually larger single-family homes that have been converted to provide a functional space where adults can live together as they get their lives back on track and continue to work on recovery. These houses come in all shapes and styles, and they’re associated with a number of different recovery facilities and rehab clinics.



There are also independent sober living houses, but those are the ones you’ll want to vet a little more carefully if you consider them. They don’t have the backing of a major recovery facility or treatment center so they may not operate in the same ways or have as much to offer to some people. However, there’s something out there for just about everyone.



 What to Consider When Choosing Sober Living

There may be some things that are already on your list for the sober living house you choose. Aside from your personal wants and needs, you should also consider the following elements to find the right sober living house in Denver:


  • What kind of experience and reputation does the facility have? The best sober living homes have experienced, reputable staff that provide a safe, welcoming environment for all.
  • Where do you want to live? Some people don’t have cars or other transportation, so they may want to choose a house that’s close to their work, for example. If you want to get away from your former neighborhood and habits, visiting another city or state could be idea. People come to Denver from all over the country for recovery and sober living solutions.
  • What are the house rules and requirements? All sober living houses will have their own guidelines and rules in place. These can include things like curfews, socialization rules, rules about going out, and even household chore assignments.
  • Make sure that they offer regular testing and recordkeeping. That way, you know everyone is held accountable and the home will give you the space that you need to recover in your own way while keeping things organized and safe for everyone.


These are just a few of the factors that should go into your decision of where to stay when you need a sober living house in Denver. Many people who choose this instead of returning home for recovery see better outcomes and feel more confident in their own journeys.


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