How to Find a Roommate for College in 2024 – The Perfect Guide

By | February 17, 2024

Getting a college roommate is one important step to take for new college intakes. Except it is a decision you had with a friend you had with a friend who is either studying in the institution and is living alone or about to start the school with you, finding a college roomie can be a very hard task for you. How to Find a Roommate for College, See details below;


And here is what this article will do exactly for you, to give you expert tips on how you can find a college roommate easily. So let’s make the journey easier for you.


So in this article, we’re going to give you 10 solid expert tips on finding the perfect college roommate for you college days.

This tips can really help even during this covid-19 period, so it works perfectly well for every student at any given point in time.



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Discuss with friends and Friends of Friends

The first set of people that should come into your mind are friends providing they are set to start the same school with you or are already in the school. If you do not have a friend who is in the school, then you can ask friend for a friend who is currently studying in the school to be your roommate. That will really be a cool idea.

List out Qualities You want in a Roomie

Staying with someone from a totally different background from yours is like getting into a marriage. You have to list out the qualities that you will need from the person who will be staying as your roommate. Take out a diary and begin jotting out the list of qualities that you will want in your roommate before you begin the search for the perfect roommate.

Prepare an Interview for your new roommate to be

Based on the list of qualities that you have prepared for your new roomie, you should prepare a list of questions that you will be interrogating your new roommate on. This is what I call “the Roomie Interview List”. Just like a job interview, if the person you have chosen meets the criteria based on your interview list, then let the job begin.

Advertise online and on Social media

Take your search for a roommate a little bit higher by putting it online. You can pay for advert on Google or any social media platform like Facebook, or you could simply make a post about it on your timeline, all the people on your friends list will be notified and from there recommendations can be made.

You should consider signing an agreement with your roommate.

Just like there is a Landlord and Tenancy agreement, you should also have a written and legal agreement with whoever you choose to be your roommate as you will literally become the landlord to whoever you are picking as your roomie. This agreement is important to avoid future misunderstanding which might lead to a more serious legal case.

Consider sharing flyers in the campus environment

There might be other students like you who might be looking for roomies as well. Why not design and print a flyer to distribute among students within the campus. Make sure that your correct contact details are on the flyer. Any student who is interested will definitely call you and I bet you will get a lot of calls.

Look into themed dormitories in campus

Naturally, a lot of campuses require first year students to leave in the campus. What they will do is to match you with another student or a couple of other students. Most Freshers are only limited to freshmen dorms. So in most case, you don’t get to choose you stay with and that is the turn off.

Use Facebook Groups

This can be a very helpful option, but you should also beware of scammers you are on their toes to devour unsuspecting individuals. There are a lot of students groups for various colleges on blue app but a lot of them are also fake. So make a diligent research about the Facebook group that are related to your college and then drop a reasonable post seeking for a roommate. Am admin will approve the post and you can get contacted.

Ask your Parents/Guardian Friends or Relatives.

You could literally ask your Parents/Guardian Friends or Relatives if they have someone that they can recommended to you to stay with you as a roommate. There is no way this people who mean so well for you will recommend a crook to stay with you. This increases you chance of getting an honest roomie to stay with.

Finally, Check Your College Guideline

Some college include where to find accommodations within and off the campus in their student guidelines or handbook. This could really be a huge time saver and this guidelines also includes accommodations that are occupied with free spaces that can accommodate one or more students. This kind of guideline will save you the stress of going around looking for a roommate.


Getting a college roommate might seems to be a herculean task, but with guides like this. You get time saved and relieved of some stress. So what do you think? Did this article on How to Find a Roommate for College in 2024provide value for you? Please share and leave a comment behind, let’s know how to help you further.


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