How To Get Into London Business School: 7 Secrets To Get In

London Business School is the leading two-year MBA program in Europe. With 90% percent of each class coming from outside the UK, the school offers a truly international environment that cannot be matched by even the most international two-year MBA programs in the US.

LBS takes full advantage of the London location through programs like the LondonCAP, in which students work with London-based companies on live projects. Frequent project sponsors include tech companies like Google, retail stalwarts like Mulberry, and even government agencies, such as the UK Cabinet Office.


British Business School

On the surface, London Business School (LBS) seems like the perfect MBA program for anyone. Located in the heart of London’s West End, LBS’ 20,000+ strong student body consists of business leaders, CEOs, founders, financiers, and media moguls from all over the world.

For those hoping to get into LBS, it’s no question that the process is relatively straightforward. The admission deadline for 2018 MBAs is March 1, 2018.

But what are the secrets to getting into LBS, and what are the pros and cons to applying?

The Pros of Getting into LBS

Located in the heart of the city, LBS is located in the heart of the best of London. After you get through the process of applying to the school, the most time consuming part is just waiting for acceptance.

What is LBS?

The school’s approach to MBA programs is unique, and different than the typical MBA programs in the US. Students begin the MBA program with three 1-month modules, which are used to explore different topics and help students gain the skills needed to begin working. Each module can be tackled independently, or in groups, with the aim of improving students’ communication skills.

Though students are encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills early on, LBS offers structured mentorship with senior executives in many industries. Students are placed in companies and departments that are relevant to the career they will choose after the program.

The school offers a robust curriculum that emphasizes small groups and a real focus on real-life projects.

Why should you apply to LBS?

Class size: LBS is typically the largest MBA program in Europe, with nearly 1400 students attending the MBA program per year. It is also the world’s third largest MBA program, so you know you’re in good company.

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LBS is typically the largest MBA program in Europe, with nearly 1400 students attending the MBA program per year. It is also the world’s third largest MBA program, so you know you’re in good company. International context: The school boasts an extremely diverse student body, which includes approximately 15% from outside the US and 30% from outside the UK. That diversity comes from a wide range of backgrounds and countries, from Kenya to Ghana.

The school boasts an extremely diverse student body, which includes approximately 15% from outside the US and 30% from outside the UK.

Who should apply to LBS?

If you’re looking to make an immediate career impact in the UK and have an interest in business analytics and innovation, consider applying to LBS. In fact, as of right now, the two-year MBA program is the most popular undergraduate program in London. But don’t limit yourself to just business: LBS is also a great choice if you’re looking for your first bachelor’s degree and are looking to spend four years developing your first professional skills.

How To Get Into London Business School: 6 Secrets To Get In

LBS offers a very competitive admissions process, so if you don’t get in on your first attempt, don’t give up hope. Here’s how you can improve your chances of gaining admission.

1. Get into an elite MBA program.

You have a UK degree

The BBA, also known as an MBA, is typically the first two-year business degree you complete, but many students who would like to complete an MBA actually start on their second MBA, which they attend at LBS. While this degree is generally considered a US or Canadian degree, a great majority of LBS’ MBA students come from outside the UK.

The top students are not usually the smartest in their class, but rather those who have studied hard and passed other admissions tests. They tend to come from high-achieving schools and have a track record of performing well. LBS also has a very large alumni base that has contributed to the success of the school, making it an attractive destination for potential MBA students.

You have a US degree or can go back to your country of origin for a year

LBS’s LondonCAP has always been one of the most popular courses for overseas students, who come from all over the world to study there. That makes it fairly easy to get into the program. Another plus: if you’re an international student from one of the 39 OECD nations, you can use your language skills to study one of the school’s eight business areas, which include Accounting, Finance, Information Systems & Technology, Operations Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Human Resources, and others.

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To apply to LBS, you have to first get in touch with the school to find out how you can be enrolled.

How do you get accepted into LBS?

1. Have A Solid Undergraduate Degree

While many of the world’s top MBA programs look at your GPA in a holistic manner (see how you ranked in the discipline), LBS is no different. Your GPAs don’t matter as much as they would at other schools, but you’ll still want to have a good undergraduate GPA to get your foot in the door. Specifically, LBS does not want a bunch of people who just completed the U.S. undergraduate system. A good GPA in your first year will set you up for a smoother transition.

Before applying to LBS, do some research to figure out how you’re doing in your undergraduate program. Remember, this is one of the best programs in the world, and the people at LBS are not going to get to their jobs without exceptional undergraduate performance.

Prepare your application well in advance

Entrance is based on a student’s academic record and their class ranking. Simply put, the earlier you can prepare for the application process, the better chance you have of getting into the program. Apply as early as possible to give yourself the best possible chance of getting admitted, but only if you have done your research thoroughly. The application process for LBS is quite competitive. The school puts a great deal of effort into evaluating each application. It’s also worth noting that the program opens for early application in September every year, so to get your application in early is extremely important.

Take the GRE

While the standard GRE is a measure of critical reasoning skills, the LBS GRE measures analytical reasoning skills.

Phd london business school

Additionally, the school’s students have access to the latest innovations in business and finance through financial investment in high-profile startups such as Freelands, Amiqus, and LuLu Mobile. London Business School students get all the advantages of an MBAs with the added bonus of attending one of the leading MBA programs in Europe.

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Here’s how to get into LBS:

1. Achieve a high level of academic achievement

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get into LBS without having attained a high level of academic achievement. Although the school doesn’t have a required GPA requirement for acceptance, students should aim to obtain an average GPA of 4.0. Many students find that reaching an average GPA of 3.5 to 3.8 is sufficient, as long as they can demonstrate a commitment to their academic work.


Admission london business school

London Business School is selective, so much so that, on average, only 28% of applicants are accepted for a place in one of the MBA programs. It’s not unusual to hear stories of successful entrepreneurs going through the application process and even being told they’ve been accepted, only to be told to resubmit the application after all the finalists are cut.

For entrepreneurs looking to attend business school to fulfill their dream of becoming an entrepreneur, LBS is a top choice, so it’s important to become familiar with its admission process.

1. Prior Work and Position Statements

The process of applying for an MBA begins before students even know where they’re going to apply.


What the schools aren’t telling you:

1. There are only 12,000 students at the top universities in Europe.

2. Only 3,000 of those actually go on to a competitive MBA program.

3. Only 20 schools have even 60% of their class go on to a competitive MBA program.

4. Only 40% of students go on to a competitive MBA program.

5. Only 25 schools have 100% of their class go on to a competitive MBA program.

6. Only five schools have 90% of their class go on to a competitive MBA program.

7. Only two schools have 95% of their class go on to a competitive MBA program.

Apparently, the Ivies really are that good.


When I decided to go to business school, I didn’t have a lot of choice. I had been through two years of college with no direction.

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