Important Tips To Pass MS 100 Certification Exam

By | February 14, 2024

With the rise in the importance of information technology, certifications are now becoming key. Even big names like Microsoft look for professionals with an MS 100 certification. An MS 100 certification provides a stepping stone to your IT career.

This is because this certification proves that you understand all the dynamics behind Microsoft software and technologies. It also provides a foundation to become a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert and learn more about new technologies. You will have access to new and potential information security technologies and software and will be looked at with respect. If you are looking to pass this exam and get the certification, then you should follow the steps below:



Take lots of practice tests

Practice tests are good to help you understand how to take a Microsoft exam. You will get a good idea of how to get Microsoft certifications and what will be the format of the exam of MS 100 certification. Practice tests drill key concepts into you and also help you hone your speed. You can time yourself according to the questions and keep improving. You should set a timer to see how many questions you can finish in each test without skipping any parts.


Course Materials that are Certified

One of the best ways to pass this certification is through Microsoft online courses. These courses have Microsoft’s original curriculum and programs and are a reliable source of information. These authentic courses teach you the actual material and information about Microsoft programming. There are also resources on Youtube and other sites, but using the certified Microsoft course material is the best option.



Reference materials you can use:

  • Microsoft Learn
  • Whitepapers
  • Online courses
  • Reference books
  • Instructor led training
  • Youtube


Formulate a schedule

If you want to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, you must create a schedule to study for the exam. You should make a rigid schedule for how much time you will study. Focus on the different subjects in the exam and devote equal time to each skill. The more prepared you are, the higher your chances of passing this exam.


Understand the topics

The best part about the MS 100 exam is that Microsoft publishes descriptions of the exam pages. This top software company lists all the topics and objectives of each exam. You should study and analyze these objectives to understand what to study for the exam. There are also sub-objectives that define the skills for each paper. It is good to note down the skills and study them to pass this exam and get the certification.


You Can Opt For Training

You can pass this exam if you take the Microsoft certification training that is done online and in a class. You can choose whether you want your lectures over the internet. You can practice and learn concepts at your own pace with online training. But with a classroom setting, you will get more personalized training with the professionals. As a result, you can dive deeper into information technology concepts and skills to learn and grasp them better.

Join A Focus Group

There are a number of information technology professionals who want to pass this exam like you. You can join a focus group with like-minded professionals and learn all about cloud computing. You will develop your skills and knowledge and learn more about Microsoft software programs. This will help you pass the MS 100 certification exam as you will understand the fundamental concepts of the information technology sector.


Take notes

While you go through concepts like Microsoft artificial intelligence, you should keep making notes. It is good to jot down important points while studying complex and new concepts. This might help you memorize them better and is also good for revision. Then, once you have gone over the study material and want to revise key concepts, you can refer to your notes.


Put new technological innovations to use

With the rise of digital concepts like cloud security, it is important to know all about these new technologies. If you understand recent technological advancements, you will have a better idea of Microsoft’s digital software. You can practice these new technological innovations in a certified lab and hone your skills for the MS100 exam.

Don’t stress too much

It is important to remember not to get anxious and stressed when taking the Microsoft exam. It can get overwhelming to learn all this information, but you can only give it your best shot. Try as many Microsoft certification courses as possible to practice for the exam, but don’t worry. Just concentrate on preparing and revising the concepts and take out time to rest as well. With practice and good study material, you will have a good understanding of the concepts and be able to take the exam.


The above tips will help you take the MS 100 certification exam to get certified. This certification will validate your skills, give you an added edge over non certified peers and open doors to new and exciting opportunities.


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