Kettering University 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Aid

By | January 15, 2024

Kettering University Acceptance Rate – Kettering University is a private, not-for-profit institution based in Flint, Michigan. The university provides undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs for a student population of over 4,000.

Kettering University has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top colleges in the Midwest for 2016. Kettering University offers many different programs from arts to engineering that are all designed to help students succeed in their careers.

This blog will provide information on how to apply for admission to Kettering University and what you can expect after you say yes!


Kettering University : Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Aid

Choosing a college is an important decision. It’s a place where you can grow and become who you want to be. But it can also be overwhelming, given the number of universities available. How do you know which one is right for you?

One way to narrow down your search is by finding out how selective the school is. Kettering University has one of the most competitive acceptance rates in the country! With only 1% of applicants getting accepted, this shows that they are looking for students with high potential in academics and leadership.


If these are some qualities that you have, then read on to see how you can get accepted into this prestigious university!

About Kettering University

Kettering University is a private, nonprofit university that offers engineering and technology, global sustainability, and business programs on a residential campus with environmental sustainability at its core.

It was established in 1914 by inventor Charles Kettering to provide advanced education for engineers who would work at General Motors Corporation. Today, Kettering’s undergraduate engineering program is ranked number one among all Michigan colleges and universities.

Kettering’s graduates have won the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the National Medal of Science, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Physics, the National Medal of Arts, and many other awards. Along with these honors are more than 2,800 patents generated by Kettering graduates.

Kettering’s alumni include inventors Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone; Nobel Laureate Herbert Boyer; former United States Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker; former President of Mexico Vicente Fox; current Governor of Ohio John Kasich; Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-

Kettering University puts its students in line for extraordinary leadership and service by joining transformative experiential learning opportunities to conscientious academic programs in engineering, science, mathematics, and business.

This university remains a first choice for students and any partner seeking to make a better world through technological innovation, leadership, and service. And they continue to anchor serious advances in these fields.

This institution adopted the name of the inventor and former head of research for General Motors, Charles F. Kettering. This professional had a distinguished career that included his development of the automatic cash register and automobile self-starter.

His research on magnetism and solar energy became a key part of cooperative education today. This concept included professional experience to help quality instruction in their classrooms and labs. This institution’s belief in experiential education is rooted in Charles Kettering’s foundational belief in the power of combining theory with practice.

Kettering University Programs

Kettering is one of the strong STEM institutions in Michigan and the U.S as a whole. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs on different courses. You can do a large number of your programs online as you can be fully integrated into the campus life of the university.

Because of the quality of programs you can find in this school, recent statistics show that about 46% of the students in this school graduated as the top 10%. These students are in different faculties, pursuing different courses. Their programs fall under:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Sciences & Liberal Arts
  • School of Management
  • Kettering University Online
  • Graduate School

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering houses the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

All the programs offered in the engineering college are streamlined on a variety of subject areas including embedded computer systems, signal processes, control systems, robotics, manufacturing, and human processes, safety, bioengineering, automotive design, alternative energy, and a good number of other courses.

College of Sciences & Liberal Arts

The College of Sciences and Liberal Arts is the college that houses departments like Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, and Physics.

They offer traditional courses in math, science, communications, humanities, and the social sciences and a wide range of interdisciplinary and special topics courses that put together several disciplines together in a single course or cluster of courses.

School of Management

Today, our data-driven economy is defined by disruptive, emerging technologies, a re-imagination of business education is inevitable to properly prepare for the dynamics of managing our businesses.

With the recent launch of the B.S. in Management (BSM) degree program, it communicates a possibility that enables you to integrate management intelligence with technical astuteness. All programs offer you an opportunity to be a leader in these disciplines.

Today, our data-driven economy is defined by disruptive, emerging technologies, a re-imagination of business education is inevitable to prepare for the dynamics of managing our businesses.

Unlike the typical undergraduate business programs that other institutions offer, this BSM degree gives you distinctive, industry-specific concentrations in Innovations & Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Business Analytics, Sustainable Solutions for Enterprise, and Technology. The program prepares you for the position of an industry leader in the organization.

Kettering University Online

Kettering University Online gives you graduate-level educational opportunities that combine an intense academic curriculum with applied professional experience.

With this solid approach, students that take any of the university’s online programs realize their potential and advance their ideas by combining theory and practice better than any institution in the world.

Graduate School

Pursuing an advanced program at Kettering University just got easier. Now, there are a lot of programs under this institution that you can go for at the highest level. Individuals who passed through these programs have described them as transformational and illuminating.

Tuition Fees

Kettering University offers a fixed-tuition guarantee for all its undergraduate students. Hence, this makes them the first Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) university in Michigan to put out this cost-saving guarantee.

Now, it’s easier for sponsors to know how much money it will require to complete payment for a student in this school. Kettering has also removed any form of academically related fees in its all-inclusive tuition package.

With this move, Kettering joins a tiny and prestigious group of forward-thinking colleges and universities that are intentionally aiding families to better plan and prepare for college expenses. And reviews regarding this move describe it as a successful move.

Conclusively, Kettering’s tuition fee is $44,380 per term.

Kettering University Admission Process

For each level of study you want to enter, there’s a peculiar admission process and there’s also an application for it. However, you won’t have access to the application unless you’ve gone through the admissions office of the university.

For any type of program you want to pursue at this school, you must present certain documents that are not limited to:

  • Official transcripts
  • High School Certificate
  • Proof of Residency
  • IELTS or TOELF (English Proficiency Test)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Reference Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae

Kettering University Scholarships

As a student in Kettering University, you have access to many scholarships in case you’re financially stricken. These scholarships have their different requirements and eligibility conditions, and their award amount as well. The scholarships include:

  • Kettering University Merit Scholarship
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
  • Kettering University Affinity Scholarship
  • Coding and Programming Scholarship
  • Collegiate DECA, BPA, and FBLA Scholarship
  • Mobility and Vehicle Competition Scholarship
  • Pre-Med Scholarship
  • Kettering Recognizes Excellence (KRE) Scholarship
  • Robotics Scholarships


Kettering University has garnered a lot of reviews, and we will list some of them.

“The reputation of Kettering University precedes it. Whenever my college comes up in conversation, people are impressed with my dedication to an accelerated engineering college.

In all honesty, they should be, it is difficult, but worth it. With the high level of academics in the STEM field and the hands-on work experience half of the year, it is a top-of-the-line educational experience!” – Junior

“Kettering University is an amazing university for any kind of STEM field it combines the learning of a university with the experience of a job.

The resources are there academically to keep your grades up. The professors are mostly good with a few exceptions, like at any school. I’m so happy that I’ve gone to Kettering i wouldn’t change this experience for any other school.” – Sophomore

“What’s really great about Kettering is that when you’re kind of burnt out from school, you get to go back to work, and vise visa. The co-op experience is non-comparable to other schools, being able to work in your field of study while going to school is an incredible advantage to your education.” – Junior

“Very unique program with Co-op education. Getting on the job work experience is something I feel any university should have students pursue and Kettering has that engrained in their legacy. However, while the campus itself is pretty safe and modern, it is located in the middle of Flint, which isn’t the best area to be around.” – Freshman

Kettering University Ranking

In ranking, Kettering University sits in the 13th position nationally among non-Ph.D.-granting engineering universities and seventh nationally among mechanical engineering programs in the 2017 U.S. News and World Report. They also received tons of recognition for their extraordinary service.

Kettering ranked 12th nationally and first in the Midwest and Michigan in Return on Investment in PayScale. coms’ 2015 Return on Investment Rankings. also ranked Kettering 15th nationally and first in Michigan in its 2014 Salary Potential rankings.

More so, a 2015 article examining the top private colleges in the country in return on investment ranked Kettering 10th, noting that Kettering is moving its graduates “out into the world with the skills employers are looking for”.


Kettering University remains an ambitious institution, fostering dreams of ranking at the same level with other top universities in the world. And with the effort, dedication and commitment they possess, they keep going higher each time.


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