All About The Kohls Kids Who Care Scholarship

By | February 14, 2024

Kohl’s scholarship was initially called the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program, and previously was known as KWC or Kohls Kids Who Care Scholarship Program. It was one of the most popular private scholarships for college. Recently over 37,000 applications were received and here is all you need to know about the scheme.

Kohls Kids Who Care Scholarship

What is the Kohls Kids Who Care Scholarship?

After being selected as a member of Kohl’s Kids Who Care, the KWC member applies for the scholarships and is accepted into the program. It takes about 12 weeks for a new scholarship to be designated for the applicant. Then the money can be transferred to the new scholarship account for the college or vocational school they choose. This is also known as “signing up” for the scholarship.


Who can Apply for this?

Most students are involved in the community and in 4H clubs, community theater groups, and other extracurricular activities. But this scholarship is only for grades 10-12. Students can be single, married, or they have a couple or even kids. There are no other applicants. They also cannot be seeking scholarships from other organizations. Only students are eligible for this scholarship.

Can students apply as a “bonus” to other scholarships? Yes! This scholarship is designed to provide financial aid for deserving students. It is used to help students in need. It also is meant to provide a larger scholarship for more students. What is the deadline? The deadline for filing the application for the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program is November 30th.

How to Apply for KWC

You can submit an application online on this link. You can also print this application form out and mail it to your local Kohl’s store along with the original copy of your child’s school transcripts and the two letters of recommendation from teachers, principals, and counselors, according to Kohl’s website.


Fill out the application and attach your forms. Wait for a response from the school. The program is designed to grant over $500,000 in scholarships since 2003. If you don’t qualify for a Kohl’s scholarship you can apply to the Kohl’s Kids Who Care In-Store program.

If your child meets the criteria you can request a nomination form by calling your nearest Kohl’s store. You will also need a paper copy of the transcripts for two years.

What are the Requirements?

There are only a few requirements to get the Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship Program: Students have to be currently enrolled at a qualifying high school in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, or Texas Students are required to have a 3.0 grade point average. Students must volunteer one hour of their time per week to a non-profit organization.

How Does The Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship Program Work?

Kohl’s runs a few different programs that benefit the community. One is called Kohl’s Cares and helps fund local schools. Each year, for one week in May, Kohl’s hosts a “Kohl’s Cares Week,” where kids and teens volunteer in the community. Students spend the week volunteering in the community, making a difference in kids lives.

What Does it Include?

The Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program application requires one to complete a 15 question essay that asks about a cause the applicant would like to work with or donate to, and an entry form. A video and resume must also be included. The application must be submitted to an approved writing service.

Who Is Eligible?

The scholarship is open to anyone over the age of 18. There is no age cap. College-bound high school seniors are preferred but there is an exception for students graduating from elementary, middle school or other early high school.

Who Is Not Eligible?

There are some specific rules. While the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program is intended to be a merit scholarship, there are many different kinds of scholarships.


The federal loans offer more interest but can be claimed by anyone regardless of family income. However, private loans are more flexible. Of course, either option can be obtained at interest rates of 9.1 percent to 11.9 percent. Kohl’s Cares scholarships only require 15.8 percent to be paid back. Are there still private scholarship money left? As a family financial expert, I know that people are still applying for scholarships.


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