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By | August 4, 2023

KWCON Oke-Ode Past Questions and Answers | This is to notify all candidate in search for Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions of Nursing Entrance and answers online and has been stranded.

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All because of the inability to get what you desired, but the GOOD NEWS is website has an updated Entrance Examination past question paper for all Kwara State College of Nursing candidates who are in line to write the Institution examination. As wise men say Proper Preparation leads to Success. Therefore, follow the guidelines below to get yours as soon as possible.


Download KWCON Oke-Ode Past Questions and Answers

As we always emphasize of the importance of the Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions and also the answers, this is what makes you different from other students, there some student who always depends on their limited knowledge forgetting to apply extra one to enable them to overcome any question the might come across, and when they go to sit for an exam and faced what they do not expect, what happens, they might fail because they are not fully prepared for the entrance examination.

NOTE: these past questions you are about to purchase on this page is a PDF soft copy material that has been compiled from the past year’s entrance examination. It consists of four subject combinations and they include:


If you are one of those who keep wondering why you need a past question in order to succeed, I am here to give you the reasons with KWCON past questions and answers.

See, I am not trying to cajole you into getting the KWCON past questions and answers, but to make you see reasons why this is the best and most sensible thing to do if you wish to secure the admission with ease.

Reasons Why You Need the KWCON Past Questions and Answers

Now, here are a number of reasons why getting the KWCON past questions and answers is the best investment you can make:

  • It enlightens you on the scope of exam
  • You won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination.
  • It guides you and helps you to be confident in yourself
  • You won’t develop examination fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will be coming from.
  • Equips you beforehand.
  • Guides you on how to answer exam technical questions
  • The past questions serve as a guide, giving you an insight into how the exams are set, and the accompanying answers help you to be adequately prepared for the screening.

Over the years, studies have shown that these questions keep repeating themselves. So, equipping yourself with the knowledge of how these questions are set helps you to be prepared beforehand and stay ahead of competition.

How to Download the Past Questions and Answers

If you are really interested in purchasing KWCON Past Questions and Answers, then l’m going to have to help you but will also require sincerity and honesty on your part too. This will go a long way to improving your exam preparatory skill. You will understand the pattern of the aptitude test exams and how it is conducted in the University.

For instance, if you are taking exams for Engineering, you will be required to purchase at least four subjects which are;

  • Use of English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

The cost of the newly updated KWCON Past Questions and Answers is 2000.00 naira only for the four subject’s combination.

Samples Of  KWCON School of Nursing Past Questions

1. The nucleus is considered the control organelle of a cell because it…………….

A. Contains the genetic material

B. Contains the nuclear sap

C. is bounded by the nuclear membrane

D. is located at the centre of the cell.

2. Regulation of blood sugar level takes place in the

A. pancreas

B. Ileum
C. Liver

D. Kidney

3. The heart of the adult frog consists of

A. two auricles and two ventricles

B. one auricle and one ventricle

C. two ventricle and two auricles

D. one ventricle and two auricles

4. A group of organisms of different species living in a particular area is described as a 

A. colony

B. community

C. population

D. niche

5. A freshwater plant such as water lily can solve the problem of buoyancy by the possession of

A. arenchymarous tissue

B. dissected leaves

C. thin cell walls of the epidermis

D. water repelling epidermis

Method of Payment

In other to get the material delivered to your mail box in PDF format, you are to make a bank deposit of 2000 naira to the following bank details:

  • Account Number: 0256484873
  • Account Name: Godwin Akpan Ibanga
  • Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank plc (GTBank)


  • Account Number: 6557768609
  • Account Name: Godwin Akpan Ibanga
  • Bank Name: Fidelity Bank

After payment, please send in the name of the school, course of study, and your email address through text to our agent on 07034920650, or 07085595761, and we will forward the preferred past questions and answers to you in PDF format.

Additionally, you can call/chat us on WhatsApp on 07034920650 before and after payment to avoid confusion.

You can meet us through Facebook @

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