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By | August 3, 2023

Nigerian Police Recruitment Past Questions and Answers | A decision to pursue a career in law enforcement is an excellent and commendable one. If you are planning to join the Nigerian Police Force, know the passing the Nigerian Police Recruitment test is the first step. Our Nigerian Police Recruitment Past questions can make it very easier for you to pass in flying colors.

Download NPF Recruitment Past Questions

Nigerian Police Recruitment

The Nigerian Police force is an essential part of the country in the maintenance of law and order. Joining her is not a cakewalk at all. It requires the passing of a rigorous set of tests that many applicants end up failing.


From the records, due to a large number of applications reached each year, a big chunk of the gets rejected while a sizeable amount of persons fail the Nigerian Police Recruitment test. So do you really want to exempt yourself from this failure?

The key is preparation and knowing what the Nigerian Police Recruitment screening looks and feels like. The surest way to prepare well is to get the Nigerian Police Recruitment past questions, which will be your advantage point and thus exempt you from the woes of failure.

So think about it. Are you sure you really want to come out in flying colors during any Nigerian police aptitude test examination, then this Nigerian police past questions and answer is a must for you.


Nature of Nigerian police recruitment Past Questions

The Nigerian police screening and proficiency test repeats questions from previous years, but the real challenge is speed and accuracy.

The previous Nigerian police recruitment questions will cover thematic areas in English, mathematics, general knowledge, and current affairs and will consist of several sections: written exam, oral interview, physical agility test, medical and psychological review, and a background check.

The written part of the test process aims to determine if the applicant has the basic skills necessary to perform the work of a police officer.

Although the police academy provides training in search and seizure, probable cause and reasonable suspicion. However, the academy does not teach basic skills such as math, spelling, grammar and reading comprehension.

Therefore, applicants are expected to possess these skills already.

The exams are aimed at assessing skills in math, reading comprehension, language, writing and observation, and memory.

And the test areas would include; Reading comprehension, vocabulary, memory, situational judgment and reasoning, directional guidance, report writing and grammar, spelling, basic mathematics

Eligibility and recruitment requirements of the Nigerian police force.

  1. Nationality: Be a Nigerian citizen by birth and possess the National Identity Number (NIN).
  2. Age: must not be under 18 or over 25 years.
  3. Education: You must have a Level O certificate at least five credit level passes, including Mathematics and English in no more than two sessions in WASSCE / GCE / NECO / NABTEB.
  4. Character: must be of good character and must not have been convicted of any crime.
  5. Height: should not be less than 1.67 meters high for men and 1.64 meters for women.
  6. Chest measurement: You should not have an expanded chest measurement of less than 86 cm (34 inches) (for men only).
  7. Physical characteristics: you should not have any of the following abnormalities or deformities: speech impairment, knee bumps, bowed legs, bent knees, flat feet, deformed hands that cannot perform all hand functions. Tattoos, body scar, defective sight or narrowed eyes, amputation of any part of the body. Severe malformation of the teeth. The navel is outstanding.
  8. Pregnancy: you must not be pregnant at the time of recruitment.
  9. Financial statement: must be free from any financial shame.
  10. Guarantors form: you must download and complete the guarantors’ form, presenting verifiable references from two (2) of the following: traditional rulers, magistrate, president of the local government, heads of the educational institutions that attended. Career officer not inferior to the rank of grade 12, police officer not inferior to the rank of CSP or military officer not inferior to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Possession of a valid national driver’s license is an additional advantage.

Also, keep in mind that a bachelor’s or master’s degree in other relevant disciplines in the quantitative field or a higher national diploma in relevant discipline in the quantitative field.

Computer literacy and familiar with Microsoft Office, web applications and the use of relevant applications for efficient service provision.

Why Do I Need the Nigerian Police Past Questions and Answers?

Nigerian police recruitment test is a highly competitive exam. Only a little portion of the total number of applicants who apply gets selected. The secret to the selection of the successful student is the Past Questions.

We have discovered that over the years, Nigerian police repeats their past questions. If you get this past question, you will be better equipped to pass the exams.

We have gathered past questions and answers dating as far back as the year 2010 and have discovered that most of the questions are repeated.

So, we are assuring you that the questions you get when you purchase this Past Questions and Answers are real past questions which you will likely encounter on the exam day.

Sample Questions From NPF Past Questions and Answers.

These questions are drawn from past examinations and successful candidates, so, we advise you to take it very seriously.

1. The first Inspector General of the Police Force was

  • A. Teslim Balogun
  • B. Louis Edet
  • C. Ademola Adetokunbo
  • D. Mike Okiro.

2. In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria, the person must be _____ and above

  • A. 35 years
  • B. 20 years
  • C. 40 years
  • D. 55 years.

3. The name Nigeria coined out of _______

  • A. Niger Forest
  • B. Niger Area
  • C. Niger River
  • D. Niger Textures.

4. The last colonial Governor-General of Nigeria was

  • (a) Tulma Goldie
  • (b) James Robertson
  • (c) Huge Clifford
  • (d) Lord Lugard.

5. The First World War was between

  • (a) 1911-1914
  • (b) 1914-1916
  • (c) 1916-1918
  • (d) 1914-1918.

6. The first African country to introduce e-passport was

  • (a) South Africa
  • (b) Ghana
  • (c) Liberia
  • (d) Nigeria.

7. The first secretary General of commonwealth was

  • (a) George Washington
  • (b) Tulma Goldie
  • (c) Arnold smith
  • (d) Joseph Garba.

8. The first military president of Nigeria was

  • (a) Sanni Abacha
  • (b) Ibrahim Babangida
  • (c) Aguiyi Ironsi
  • (d) Yakubu Gowon.

9. Which of the following may be regarded as a regional organization

  • (a) ECOWAS
  • (b) OAU
  • (c) UN
  • (d) OPEC.

10. What is the full meaning of NPF?

  • ANSWER: Nigeria Police Force.

11. What is the Nigeria police force motto?

  • ANSWER: The police is your friend.

12. When was Nigeria Police Force(NPF) established?

  • ANSWER: 1930

13. What are the objective of Nigeria Police Force?

  • ANSWER: The Nigeria police force objective is to enhance the quality of life in our country by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment.

14. Who is the present Chief of Defence Staff?

  • ANSWER: Major Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin

15. What is the full Meaning of IGP?

  • ANSWER: Inspector General of Police

16. What is the name of Nigeria Police Force IGP?

  • ANSWER: IGP Abubakar Muhammad Adamu

17. When did Nigeria got her independence?

  • ANSWER: 1 October 1960

18. Who is the current Speaker of Nigeria House of Representatives?

  • ANSWER: Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila

19. Which year was the Nigerian flag designed and who designed it?

  • ANSWER: Nigeria flag was designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkumi in 1959.

20. Who is the first Executive president of Nigeria?

  • ANSWER: Alh. Shehu Shagari.

21. Name the government agencies that supervise the affairs of Nigeria police force?

  • ANSWER: i). The Police service Commission (PSC)
  • ii). Ministry of police affairs
  • iii). The Nigeria police council(NPC)

22. What is the staff strength of Nigeria police force?

  • ANSWER: 371,800 officers

23. Name the 7 area Commands of Nigeria police force?

  • ANSWER: (Adamawa, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun.)

24. When did Nigeria become a Republic?

  • ANSWER: 1 October 1963.

25. What year did the Nigerian Civil War start and end?

  • ANSWER: Started 1967 and ended 15th January 1970.

How to Download GTBank Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

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