What Is A Nyu Sat Score? How Do You Calculate One?

By | February 13, 2024

The New York University admissions process is most selective with an acceptance rate of 21%. Here you will find out the average SAT and ACT scores that are required for admission to NYU. Learn how to calculate your SAT score and view a list of average SAT scores for New York University.

A Brief History of NYU

What is NYU?

NYU is a private not-for-profit college located in Midtown, Manhattan. Founded by banker and prominent philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, it was modeled after the City College of New York, which Rockefeller attended.


Rockefeller originally used the College of Europe in Bruges as a model for the type of education that the College would provide. The following list of faculty members at the College of Europe may be a good place to start if you’d like to learn more about the philosophies of education which influenced NYU:

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“But the true goal is to produce men and women who are curious, who are courageous, who are tolerant.” — Stéphane Mallarmé


In 1941, the College of Europe opened its doors to students in Bruges, Belgium.


How New York University's SAT and ACT Scores Changes



What Kinds of Scores Do You Need to Go To NYU?

You can have a variety of SAT scores depending on what the school you plan on applying to has in their requirements.

Depending on what university you are applying to, you will need an SAT score score below 640 to gain admission and scores between 631 and 830 to have a shot at an offer. Students who go to Columbia University, the school most students want to go to, need a score between 660 and 730.

What Is an ACT Score?

A perfect ACT score is 36. Although most students do not get the perfect score they do need to pass to get into NYU. Keep in mind that this will not affect your acceptance rate because NYU is considered a flagship university and tests are often weighted so there is very little correlation between ACT and SAT scores. An ACT score of 24 or 26 is considered perfect.

How To Calculate Your SAT Score

Use the tab to view your total score or use the down arrow to choose a specific score.

a=38 (exact score, for qualifying SAT score range )

b=23 (half number, for qualifying SAT score range )

c=100 (half size, for qualifying SAT score range )

d=50 (half size, for qualifying SAT score range )

f=8 (half size, for qualifying SAT score range )

Write a =100, =50, =8, =100 and =50.

Save your SAT or ACT Scores To Your Account

Compose a keyword search for your SAT or ACT scores and then click “Save Scores To Your Account”.

SAT Scores From Popular Colleges

The colleges listed below provide the average SAT score requirements for their freshman class, while the colleges listed below provide the average ACT score requirements for their freshman class.

Average SAT Scores for New York University

Here are the average SAT scores for both the High School and the College-Level Mathematics courses for which the Admission Screening Test (ASAT) is taken. This includes the GRE as a component.


These facts are not meant to be comprehensive of all aspects of choosing to apply to college. In reality you can combine multiple facts that will help you determine if you are eligible for specific schools.

College admissions is a daunting decision that should not be made lightly. Take these facts and use them to narrow down your options so you can apply to the college that is right for you.

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