Ogun State Teachers Recruitment Examination Result 2022/2023 | Checking Portal – teach.ogunstate.gov.ng

OGUN TEACh CBT Exams Result 2022 | See how to download Final List for Ogun State Teachers (OGUN TEACh) CBT Exams Result for Recruitment 2021. Get the steps to check the list of final successful candidates at OGUN TEACh portal.

OGUN TEACh CBT Exams Result

OGUN TEACh Exams Result Portal – teach.ogunstate.gov.ng

The Ogun State Teaching Experience Acquisition Channel (Ogun TEACh) recruitment body through the Public Primary/Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges in the State (teach.ogunstate.gov.ng) has directed all applicants who participate in the just concluded examination screening exercise to check their exams result/scores online below.

OGUN TEACh CBT Exams Result 2022 via the portal – teach.ogunstate.gov.ng

For those who did not check their OGUN TEACh Name, please click the link below:

See: How to Check OGUN TEACh Shortlisted Candidates for Oral Interview 

How to Check OGUN TEACh Exams Result

  • Login to teach.ogunstate.gov.ng
  • Scroll down to the selected Applicant result OGUN TEACh
  • Click on the view result now button
  • Using the search box provided
  • Enter your full name

If you have any questions concerning Ogun State Teachers Recruitment Exams Result, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you. teach.ogunstate.gov.ng

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      1. Have checked my dashboard, nothing like check applicant result there, how can I go about checking my result,

        1. I have someone who saw 0% as the screening score, can someone please tell me what went wrong and how possibly to correct that please

  1. Have checked my dashboard, nothing like check applicant result there, how can I go about checking my result, pls.

    1. Ogundele Olusola
      The Result is not yet out.. Currently the exams are still on.. just keep on visiting this page for more update.. Thank you

  2. Have checked my result,please what is cut off mark for the shortlisted candidate,i only saw the percentage i scored but have not received any official message

  3. I cannot see any score on my dashboard. Once I login, the only thing I see is my profile page .
    Please help

  4. How valid is the information about the cut off Mark? I heard someone say 45% even 35%. Pls present any reliable source for the cut off Mark.

  5. My sister narrated her unpleasant ordeal about the unresponsive system assigned to her during the examination, she made several attempts and complaints to the officials during the exercise but was asked to continue. The result came out and she had no score(0) which is absolutely impossible. Any remedy towards this as many first set candidates encountered this dicey situation until experts were called in later in the afternoon to rectify those faults which had made those that previously sat for theirs “Victims of negligence and inconsistence” on the part of the government / examining body because those systems ought to have been checked and certified “good” for the exercise before the examination day? Please, kindly use your good office to make sure competent or born-teachers are not shortchanged in this exercise/golden opportunity which is the beauty of our democracy.

    May life treat us all good, thanks sir/ma while I await your remedial response.

  6. What should we expect for the next stage? After we have seen our screening score.. Because I kept on checking the portal everyday if there is any update. But nothing… Please what will they do next?

  7. I’m having problem with my passport photo on my profile it did not display thepicture I uploaded while applying though I have seen my score and I’m satisfy, please any remedy regarding the passport photo.

  8. Please let us receive the next step information through SMS, because some candidates did not get any message for the mop up test. Thanks.

    1. Pls how did you access that message?I saw it too but I can’t click on it to know when and where the interview will be,pls kindly reply me.

      1. Toba Jephthah… Thank you. please you will be notify once the date for the Ogun State Teachers Recruitment interview date commence

  9. Pls, someone close to me scored 85 and graduated with 2:1 in political science education and she did not receive the interview invite.

    Pls we need help

  10. I scored 48 and am not shortlisted,but if I log into my portal it will bring the message like oral interview but after some minutes it will not be there again,pls what happen

  11. Pls sir Lenon, I want to ask if this oral interview is just once.. I mean.. For those that score average and a bit below average.. Like 40 something.. Which are yet to receive any mssg of an interview.. Pls will dey still see the oral interview message.. Or it is just once dey do send it.

  12. Pls Sir, when I check my portal now I saw you have been shortlisted for the oral interview, check below to know the center, but I didn’t see the date and the center there.

  13. The message for oral interview on my dashboard will appeared and disappeared. Am unable to view my date and center just only the queue is showing

  14. I can’t view the centre and date of my oral interview which is going to hold tomorrow and Friday…pls any solution

  15. You have been shortlisted for Oral interview but unable to print the slip, only the mark score page was available

  16. Still the same throughout the night and this early morning as well, sms will be best option to reach us. thanks

  17. I had an issue with my act I was shorlited and qualified for the oral interview but I was unable to view the date , time and the center. What can I do please?

  18. Pls sir i score 50 and was not shortlisted for the interview, is their still going to be another interview or that all

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