Retracing Bolide: The Cosmic Event That Changed Earth

The Retracing Bolide Set is ideal for characters who can maintain their shields or for team compositions where shields are always active. This set boosts the Shield Strength of the character, and increases their DMG when a shield active.


This overview will go over what makes the Shield Surge Set unique and what makes the set so popular. Once you have reached this point, please feel free to look into our in-depth Shield Surge Guide, as it will provide you with a more detailed understanding of the set.

What’s in a Shield Surge Set?

1. Protective Shield: Increases the chance of 1-3x shields replenishing upon attack. This allows Shield Surge Sets to use Shield Surge Link abilities much more effectively.

2. Powered Shield: Increases the DMG and critical hit rate of all allies within a certain radius. The range of this radius depends on the attack range of the Shield Surge set. This in turn makes the shield set a great way to deal more damage, and increase the speed of your team.

Retracing Bolide Set

This set boosts the ATK of the character. When the character’s ATK is boosted, their DMG is increased. The increased DMG will not apply to healing skills.

Skill (1): Use your magic power to increase the ATK of the character.

Skill (2): Spend Magic Power to increase the ATK of the character.

Skill (3): Use your magic power to increase the DMG of the character.

Skill (4): Use your magic power to increase the Damage Multiplier of the character.

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Skill (5): Use your magic power to increase the Crit Rate of the character.

Skill (6): When an attack hits, it will deal more damage.

Clothing Set

The Clothes Set makes it easier to keep your system set up. In addition to the main features of the Fashion Set, the Clothes Set also has a maintenance mechanic.

Shield Strength

150% / 225% / 350%

Reduced DMG

200% / 300% / 500%


Melee Attack Speed

2% / 2% / 2.5% / 3.5%

Shield Counter – Armor

Fixed an issue that could cause this skill to fire many times


Skill Time


DMG Increase

10% / 10% / 15%

Also included in the set are the Avatar and Reflection Resets.


100% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100%

Reduced cast time

Fixed an issue that caused Avatar to cause enemies to become immune to effects for a short period of time

Reflection Reset

90% / 30% / 20% / 10%

Fixed an issue that caused the Avatar Resets to not reset after the use of Avatar skills


On the night of the new moon, a strange glowing comet was seen crashing into Earth. At the cost of his own life, it awakened a sacred shield that protects the planet.

Retracing Bolide Genshin

used to clear the screen of a pesky blue boss’s projectiles

level 20

useful skills

tonfai x1

boshu x1

raka x1

boss x20

Chasing the red dragon is an adventure most never forget. If we ever thought we were close to success, something always came back to turn our fortunes around. Luckily, a group of powerful adventurers have spent the past three months tracking down what they believe is the last known Dragon Empire ship. Once they learn the ship’s destination, it will be more than they can bear to turn away. Enter you.

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Limited-Time Starter Set – Retracing Bolide

is a limited-time set available from March 6 to April 1.

DMG Upon Shield Activation

Magnified DMG upon normal attack

+250 DMG

Custom set benefits:

Shield strength x2

+250 DMG

-30% damage reduction upon autoattack

Reduced autoattack cooldowns (2000 → 1500)

When the shield is up

12. Ephosphorus


Cost: 13000

Range: 20m

Triggers: Giga Impact, Geyser, Projectile Attack, Overload, Magneto’s Synchro Summon

Duration: 10s

[I] Discharge an orb of ephosphorus that flies at a medium speed towards the targeted location. If an enemy is hit by the ephosphorus, the ephosphorus is revealed as a blue arc and the target is hit for 1067% damage 3 times. While the ephosphorus is revealed, Geyser, Projectile Attack, Overload, Magneto’s Synchro Summon are negated.

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