30 Top Romantic Restaurants Near You in 2024

By | May 2, 2024

Are you looking for a romantic dinner, but don’t want to go out? Check out our list of the best romantic restaurants in town. We’ve got a variety of restaurants that are perfect for a date night, and we’ll even show you where to find them!

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll list some of the best restaurants near you that will make your date night a success. From intimate settings to delicious food, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get started!

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner in a city centre or a romantic dinner on the coast, here are some of the best restaurants near me that will make your date night extra special.


Obviously, it is absurd to expect to make reference to every one of the many top-notch and quality Istanbul eateries here.

As such, we assembled the best cafés in Istanbul for you. And this is as they are extremely famous and have a-list administration. Just as grant-winning on the assortment of the world’s best cafes records.

What to Expect

There are a few things that you should expect when you go to a romantic restaurant. First, the atmosphere will be intimate. Second, the food will be romantic and special. Third, the restaurant will offer a romantic setting for your date night. fourth, and finally, the date night will be amazing!


Menu Options and Prices

The best romantic restaurants near you vary in price, atmosphere, and menu options. However, all of our restaurants offer delicious food and an intimate setting for your date night. So whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a casual night out, we have a restaurant that’s perfect for you.

30 Best Romantic Restaurants Near Me.

What are you looking for in a romantic restaurant? Maybe you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere, maybe you want to eat something romantic, or maybe you just want to enjoy a good meal. Either way, we have the perfect restaurants near you that will make your date night all the better. From intimate settings like a bar or restaurant chapel to spacious and modern venues like a steakhouse or ocean view casino, we’ve got you covered.

Below are the top Romantic Restaurants Near You:

1. Ulus 29

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Opened in 1993, Ulus 29 is the ideal spot to see. Bosphorus and the extensions of Istanbul from the eatery’s porches in the late spring.

Also, Ulus 29 focuses on gastronomic ideas. With conventional cooking strategies, to offer provincial food with occasional newness.

Additionally, the eatery makes its own dry-matured meats just as frozen yogurt and pasta for a bona fide experience. This is while looking for where to eat in Istanbul. Decide on gastronomy-centered dishes, exemplary Turkish toll, or sushi.

A wine rundown of about 4,500 jugs incorporates names. Appreciate mixed drinks at the Teras Bar. Or pick a vivacious evening at the Ulus Club 29 to move along to worldwide DJs on the ends of the week.

2. Panoramic Restaurant

This eatery offers a perspective on the Selimiye Mosque and the Bosphorus across the roofs alongside a wide determination of dishes.

Here, you’ll discover different meat and vegetable dishes and staple sweets. All served on enriching plates while partaking in a Footstool-style supper.

Also, in the event that you like your furnishings and roof overlaid and shimmering, note. Do not have any desire to be diverted from looking at your accomplice without flinching.

Or then again assuming you need to partake in the lights of the city, the diminished lights inside offer the perfect degree of permeability. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

3. Sunset Grill and Bar

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Istanbul’s first eatery to add a sushi bar.

Nightfall Barbecue and Bar isn’t only any upscale café in the city. Leader culinary expert Huseyin Arslan and cook Hiroki Takemura structure. They are a power that makes the absolute best Turkish, Mediterranean, and Japanese dishes around.

However, in the event that you have to cause for festivity. Nightfall is the most ideal spot for it, with an incredible menu and surprising perspectives on the Bosphorus.

4. Mikla

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Arranged on the Marmara Pera, Mikla without a doubt offers the most fantastic scene of the city, clearing from the Brilliant Horn to the Bosphorus and the notable landmass.

Also, Mikla’s praised prix-fixe menus. And this includes natural and morally sourced fixings in the scope of socially assorted dishes.

Also, the inn’s roof bar makes incredible pre-supper drinks. And the perspectives from here are much more fantastic.

5. Râna Meyhane

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

At Râna, some time ago known as Topaz, the best of Mediterranean and Hassock food meet up. Ignoring the Bosphorus, the quiet climate of Râna reviews the stone they named it after in its mathematical plan that is supplemented by the current stylistic theme.

Also, the restaurant offers two tasting menus. Present-day and conventional. And the first involves creative dishes like goose liver terrine with cranberry preserves and pecan.

While the last incorporates works of art like Turkish ravioli with hamburger and stressed yogurt.

Râna’s wine list has procured public acknowledgment with an honor from nearby magazine Gusto and the staff is glad to give pairings on demand.

6. Banyan

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Situated in Ortaköy, the Banyan Café likely has the most dynamite perspective on the Bosphorus. With the fantastic Ortaköy Mosque, the extension, and a brief look at the Sultanahmet area.

We especially suggest that you sit at the bar and appreciate the nightfall. While partaking in the many mixed drinks served before the Bosphorus.

A vital encounter expects you! The menu of the café offers Asian and combination food.

With Istanbul wedged among Eastern and Western effects. Banyan’s aphorism of “nourishment for the spirit” portrays the Asian combination toll it serves.

Also, they enjoyed solid cooking with Asian roots on the highest level of a verifiable structure. Thus, offering striking perspectives on the city underneath.

Dishes like Sichuan pepper steak, duck satay, and faint aggregate are only a couple of the alternatives on request to be appreciated with tea, a new squeeze, or a mixed drink.

Regardless of whether eating inside or outside, the lights of encompassing Istanbul make certain to astonish from this nearby top choice.

7. St. Regis Brasserie

For master French cooking in Istanbul, look no farther than St. Regis Brasserie. Housed in the extravagance St. Regis Istanbul inn, the cozy café contains both indoor and outside eating regions.

With exquisite accents like oak, metal, and onyx.

The passage is occasional, including contemporary, French-roused dishes with a Turkish touch. Also, a broad menu incorporates an assortment of plates of mixed greens.

Handmade pasta, and sandwiches among hors d’oeuvres and principle courses.

Attempt the St. Regis Brasserie meatballs or sautéed dark bream. With a mark Tomato juice and vodka from the mixed drink menu.

Also, make certain to leave space for dessert–the eatery offers raspberry cake, rice pudding, tiramisu, and mascarpone cheesecake. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

8. Vogue Restaurant

With its all-encompassing perspective on the Bosphorus and flawless Istanbul city-sees. Vogue Eatery has been among Istanbul’s generally select and esteemed scenes since the day of its opening.

Vogue Café presents a select menu of tastes from world food, including the kinds of the Mediterranean. Over 70 assortments of sushi, and an extensive wine list.

At the highest point of Beşiktaş Square, the patio offers a view that goes from the Bosphorus Scaffold to the Old Town. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

However, with a Mediterranean menu and sushi bar barbecue. The café likewise has an exceptionally nice determination of wines and stogies.

You can likewise go there to drink mixed drinks which are magnificent.

9. Turk Art Terrace Restaurant

This eatery is useful for a delayed breakfast–on non-weekend days also, and an all-encompassing perspective on Bosphorus. In a fine climate, you can find a seat at a table outside on the patio.

On chilly days, when you’re situated inside, your eyes can zero in on a full perspective on Hagia Sophia. While partaking in your meat, vegetables, or pastry with a glass of tea.

There are no lifts to take you up, however, when you’re there, you’ll be generally satisfied with the help.

10. 16Roof

Situated on the roofs of Swissotel The Bosphorus in Beşiktaş. The 16Roof patio is the ideal spot to invest lovely energy throughout the mid-year season during DJ parties.

Also, the porch bar offers an assortment of wines and mixed drinks to appreciate. With extraordinary perspectives on the Bosphorus. Additionally, the patio invites you from 17:00 to 02:00 each evening throughout the late spring.

The kitchen is open from 19:00 to 23:00 each evening of the week in summer. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

11. Spago Restaurant & Bar–in Nisantasi

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

In the Nisantasi area, near Taksim, Spago is notorious. Where ace gourmet expert Wolfgang Puck keeps a state-of-the-art job as a culinary power and pioneer in high-end food.

This roof eatery and parlor merge the brilliant perspectives over Macka Park. And the Bosphorus with its remarkable contemporary plan and parlor climate. Spago offers an open patio throughout the entire year.

You can appreciate surrounding music, signature mixed drinks. Very good quality spirits, and fine champagne. This spot is additionally a superb setting for big-name spotting in Istanbul.

12. Nar Lokanta

Turkish culture and food are at the core of this Istanbul eatery. Both the menu and the setting are innately Turkish–style includes generally Turkish articulations while dishes review Hassock plans going back millennia.

Nar incorporates an indoor lounge area just as three porches and a housetop for the hotter months and private gatherings.

Also, you’ll never discover of-season produce at this Istanbul foundation–it made all dishes to be occasional and new.

Likewise, with conventional Turkish cooking, a considerable lot of the principal courses include sheep (shoulder of sheep, braised leg of lamb, stew with sheep).

However, fish dishes like filet of ocean bass and prawn meal are additionally accessible to arrange. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

13. Armada Terrace Restaurant

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Here, you’ll see perhaps the best view on the open-air porch as you appreciate Turkish and worldwide food. It’s arranged close to the ocean, which extends far into the skyline.

Also, this is lodging and café and the inn administration is exemplary. And this makes it the ideal spot for the individuals who would prefer to eat their suppers where they are remaining.

This is so that they’ll have more opportunity to investigate the miracles of the old city close by, like the Sultanahmet Mosque and Topkapı Castle Exhibition hall.

14. Suada

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

The Suada gives a one-of-a-kind encounter of exciting Istanbul. Set in the Bosporus with a 360 degree all-encompassing perspective on Istanbul.

Also, Suada offers 6 high-end cafés where you can taste a-list mixed drinks and snack on the best sushi at Itsumi, taste nearby delights at Suda Kebap and Aslan Eatery, fine Italian at Mezzaluna, fish luxuries of G Balık, or worldwide cooking at 360istanbul Suada.

15. Maiden’s Tower

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

The mark of Istanbul, Lady’s Pinnacle stands gladly in the convergence of the Bosphorus where the two mainlands of Asia and Europe meet.

Also, the pinnacle’s set of experiences extends back 2,500 years, with an abundance of legends encompassing its place in this unprecedented city.

Presently the pinnacle fills in as a bistro and café, drawing in visitors from all over for a heartfelt supper, business commitment, or even a wedding.

With scrumptious morning meals and global lunch and supper menus, Lady’s Pinnacle can be appreciated whenever of day.

Also, unrecorded music and a cordial mindset will go with your feast, and with the Bosphorus on all sides, the perspectives are otherworldly.

Inside in the colder time of year or outside in the late spring, for a really bespoke encounter, request the selective booking choices and partake in Lady’s Pinnacle in extraordinary style.

16. Nicole Restaurant–in Beyoglu

The Nicole Eatery is situated in the Beyoglu area of Istanbul. And it enlivens the name Nicole by mother Agnes Marthe Nicole, who recuperated various patients in this memorable structure.

The structure is the one that was used as a Franciscan religious community until the mid-twentieth century. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Also, the eatery offers contemporary Mediterranean cooking served at a stylish porch that has a heavenly perspective on the Istanbul chronicled promontory, the Ruler Islands, and then some.

Additionally, the wine basement of Nicole is very amazing that incorporates house-style neighborhood winemakers from the Aegean, Thrace, and Anatolia areas just as imported assortments.

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17. Asitane

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Eating here is a live history class. Disregarding the Brilliant Horn, Asitane Eatery is roosted in the lower regions of Edirnekapı, considered by many individuals to be one of the prime spaces of chronicled Istanbul.

The café lies in the shadow of the powerful Chora Church. And it is popular for its mosaics and is one of the most worshipped and all-around safeguarded structures of Byzantine time.

Asitane opened its entryways in 1991, serving dishes mirroring the varied idea of the Turco-Footstool area. Also, it was one of the many names given to Istanbul throughout the period of the Footrest Domain.

However, today Asitane Café rejuvenates the inclinations of a sublime pastime. Following 20 years in cordiality, Asitane presently flaunts a great file containing over 450 failed-to-remember sweet and flavorful plans, ready as per 500-year-old cooking techniques.

18. Emporio Ristorante & Emporio Pizza Pasta

The Emporio Ristorante and Emporio Pizza Pasta are some of the most well-known Italian eateries and pizza shops in Istanbul.

They serve genuine Italian rarities with unique plans, quality fixings, and focal areas, which they have been gathering from everywhere in Italy for quite a long time.

Also, they have 3 branches remembering Emporio Ristorant for Akaretler, Emporio Pizza, and Pasta in Akaretler and Levent.

Again, they invite their visitors to the most elevated help guidelines and fastidiously offer the most heavenly instances of conventional and present-day Italian food.

20. Marbella Terrace Cafe and Restaurant

This is a comfortable bistro and eatery wherein a little gathering makes certain to feel at ease. The help is cordial and supportive. Also, the dishes are straightforward and delightful, and the patio ignores the extending ocean.

Additionally, it ideally suited this spot for putting a hold on from the everyday long-distance race visiting vacation destinations while tasting a glass of wine as the ocean breeze revives your faculties. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

21. Feriye Palace

This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

When a Footstool police headquarters, Feriye’s structure is an uncommon illustration of nineteenth-century traditional Footrest engineering.

A promoter for Turkish gastronomy, Feriye holds ordinary courses and extraordinary food introductions. Also, the café draws on Hassock cooking procedures. And this is from the twelfth to the nineteenth century.

Additionally, it incorporates such delights as zesty relieved meat and manti (filled batter pockets).

Feriye can have a wide scope of occasions: the individual café caters for mixed drink parties and plunk down meals, and in summer the tremendous patio can oblige up to 2,000 visitors.

22. Anjelique

The Anjelique Istanbul is a spot for entertainment only, relax and full delight with an entrancing perspective on Bosphorus and enrichment.

Both a world café and dance club, Anjelique is arranged in a three-story coastline chateau in Ortaköy. With a general perspective on the Bosphorus, its ocean level floor serves Asian food while the center and highest levels include scrumptious Mediterranean dishes.

Also, ifter supper, it transforms into one of Istanbul’s most popular nightspots; the fun goes on until daybreak with various music on each floor.

23. Queb Lounge 360 Sultanahmet Restaurant

The Queb Parlor 360 Sultanahmet Café invites its visitors with its delightful flavors joined by the all-encompassing perspectives on Istanbul.

Also, Queb Parlor fills in like a porch eatery and bistro (The Byzantium Lodging). And it offers glorious all-encompassing perspectives on the city and the Bosphorus, with its area near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

With its stylish and current design and exceptional area, you can partake in your dinners by watching the Bosphorus extensively.

24. Safran

The Safran Eatery on the highest level of the Intercontinental Lodging offers amazing housetop perspectives on the royal residences and mosques sparkling on the Bosphorus. Live traditional Fasıl music adds the last detail to a true climate.

Academie Internationale de la Gastronomie granted Safran Eatery, offers the best in Turkish and Hassock cooking with dynamite perspectives on the Bosphorus in this exquisite, and modern setting.

25. Tuğra Restaurant & Lounge

The Tuğra Restaurant and Lounge is “One of the 50 Most Romantic Places in the World”, located on the first floor of the original Çırağan Palace. Rich Ottoman décor, live classical Turkish music, and the ever-stirring backdrop of the Bosphorus.

For the full effect, ask for a table on Tuğra’s summer terrace, lit by the moon, a candle, and the Bosphorus Bridge. The ultimate Ottoman dining experience.

26. Kinaliada Teos Beach Restaurant

The Teos Beach is an exceptionally famous seashore club arranged at the Kinali Islands. Perhaps the prettiest island of the Rulers’ Islands.

Also, Teos Beach Café offers quality beach administrations and a brilliant feasting experience in its Greek-style eatery. With its unique menus, organization of excellent ocean perspectives, and clean ocean.

Additionally, Teos Beach normally fills in like a beach and eatery during the day and offers amusement programs at the night.

Also, the eateries are renowned for their fish menus and Turkish mezes, just as the superb feasting scene with Greek evenings, unrecorded music, and amusement shows.

27. Fine Dine Istanbul

This fine housetop eatery serves conventional Turkish meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. With an advanced bend, close by worldwide food.

It is in the core of Sultanahmet, inside strolling distance of many lodgings dissipated across the locale. Just as many must-see landmarks, like Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque and Square, the Blue Mosque, and the Terrific Market.

Also, it’s open the entire day, so it’s a decent decision for breakfast, lunch, or even a delayed supper. In the wake of getting back from your shopping binge in Beşiktaş and Taksim.

28. Taylan Chef Steakhouse

The Taylan Cook Steakhouse is a well-known meat café arranged in Kadikoy, on the Asisn side of Istanbul.

Also, the café is a comfortable spot where you’ll feel yourself entirely agreeable and taste one of the most mind-blowing meat dishes in the city.

Furthermore, the cook Taylan has the honor of “the best steakhouse brand of 2019”. Taylan Culinary expert Steakhouse invites its visitors in its shop idea, warm climate, and present extraordinary help.

29. Mürver Restaurant

The Mürver Eatery patio gives you the joy of partaking in the wide vista. Under and among the vegetation of arranged plants and trees. This is one of the top Romantic Restaurants Near You.

Also, it easily outfitted the inside with an accentuation on wood in its stylistic layout. And there’s an open kitchen. Additionally, its menu considers the two veggie lovers and meat darlings.

Also, from inside the wood-consuming stove comes succulent vegetable dishes or slow-cooked, customary, fiery Turkish meats.

Furthermore, there are a wide assortment of mezes and many meat dishes cooked with an assortment of techniques.

30. Tapasuma

The Tapasuma, on the Çengelköy shore of the charming city of Istanbul where East meets West. And it is in a reestablished nineteenth-century Footrest refinery.

Leader Gourmet specialist Gökay Çakıroğlu expands upon the best of occasional fish dishes. With an exceptional turn on present-day Turkish and Mediterranean foods.

Also, it is ideal for close feasting or a move away to watch the Istanbul dusk. And it offers an extraordinary involvement with a comfortable air with its remarkable area neglecting a view that has no equivalent.

What’s superior to eating outside? Eating outside with shocking perspectives on the Bosphorus, and Istanbul horizons.

Find the best Istanbul eateries with a view. Which makes the ideal setting for a heartfelt date. Or a spot to unwind with a glass of wine to praise this astonishing city.

At these eateries, you won’t just partake in the food. Yet in addition, the view, be it of a city horizon around evening time or a breathtaking perspective on the Bosphorus.

Kindly leave a remark, similar to this article on Find Romantic Restaurants Near You, and inform your loved ones regarding it!


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