Sensitive Skin Mistakes to Avoid

If you have sensitive skin, then you know how challenging everyday life with it can be. Sensitive skin requires a different approach when it comes to skincare routine and product selection. It is prone to adverse reactions and redness, which means you need to be even more careful about the products you use.

Since there are numerous skincare brands that focus on products for sensitive skin, picking the right one can be tricky. After all, not all of them are created equal. There are some mistakes that sensitive skin users frequently make when managing their complexion that aren’t as obvious as they seem. Read on to find out what they are and how you can avoid them in order to take better care of your sensitive skin!

What is Sensitive Skin?

The humid and hot weather during the monsoon season is both refreshing and challenging for our skin. While it makes you look fresh and glowing, it also wreaks havoc on your sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, the monsoon can be a real nightmare for you.
To keep your sensitive skin happy and healthy this monsoon, keep these tips in mind:

Sensitive skin is not some disease that your doctor will be diagnosing you with, but it is just a state in which your skin is not able to handle certain products like skincare, makeup, or certain cleaning agents.

The use of these products then causes the skin to become red, itchy or burn and sting with the use of certain products.

There are different reasons for why you might have a sensitive skin. For some people, it is because of problems like eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis etc. that their skin turns sensitive. For the management of these problems, one must then consult the Best Skin Specialist in Islamabad.

Similarly, dry skin can also increase the sensitivity of the skin, causing it to react then. At times, genetics can also play a role in your skin being more delicate.

Often, people are unaware of their skin being sensitive. It is not until it reacts with the use of certain products does one draw the conclusion that perhaps their skin can tolerate only so much.

Sensitive skin mistakes to avoid

Whereas you might need to visit the doctor to ascertain the cause of sensitive skin, the management of the issue is not very difficult. Even then, people can unknowingly make mistakes that then lead to unwanted side-effects.

Common mistakes that you should be avoiding with sensitive skin include:

Harsh products

It is pertinent that you use mild products for when dealing with sensitive skin. Cleansers especially need to be mild if you have sensitive skin. The products that you should avoid include alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic acids or beta hydroxy acids.

Similarly, steer clear of products that contain alcohol, as it can also be too much for your skin to take. Moreover, alcohol is also drying, which can cause the skin to worsen.

Furthermore, fragrance can also irritate the skin; actually, one should always avoid using products with fragrance on your skin always, even if their skin is not sensitive.

Cleansing twice a day

It is important that you clean your face twice a day with a mild and hypoallergenic cleanser. If you sleep with a face full of makeup, without cleaning your face first, it will get irritated then. So, don’t skip the cleansing routine.

Hot showers

Hot water can leech off the moisture from your skin. As the oils from the skin are stripped off, it then becomes dry. As dryness is a precursor for the skin acting sensitive, hence skin starts to react then.

Therefore, avoid hot showers with your sensitive skin. Stick to the use of lukewarm water.

Too many products

Another mistake to avoid, as it can trigger your sensitive skin, is the use of too many products. Not only is layering the products bad for your skin, but there is then a greater chance for the skincare to then have an irritant.

Hence, try to cut back on your skincare ritual. Stick to the basics that can keep your skin healthy; a good moisturizer and a light serum should do most of the time. Also, always patch test when starting out with a new product.

Abrasive action and exfoliation

People with sensitive skin need to be extra careful about the exfoliation process. Whether it be using physical exfoliators like scrubs or chemicals ones like AHA and BHA, both might be too harsh for them. Similarly, rubbing the exfoliator using abrasive action, or even wiping your face with towel in harsh manner can also irritate the skin.

Hence, be very gentle with your treatment of your skin. Lightly run a washcloth over your face for some mild physical exfoliation. Consult good Skin Specialists for the choice of chemical exfoliators that might be right for your face.

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