Study in Paraguay: Tuition Fees and Costs of Living for International Students

By | February 13, 2024

About Paraguay

Study in Paraguay | Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, maybe a landlocked country in South America, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. it’s had a rapid economic process since the turn of the 21st century. In 2010, the economy grew by 14.5%, the most important economic expansion in Latin America. Study in Paraguay.

Study opportunities exist throughout the planet. for college kids getting to travel overseas, a standard option is to go to Europe or to Asia. However, more students than ever are finding it better to visit a location like Paraguay. Interesting, diverse, and filled with possibilities, this area is one of the simplest choices for those people that want to experience an entirely different culture.

The Republic of Paraguay is found in South America. it’s a landlocked country with borders with Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. The Paraguay River travels through the country. it had been settled by the Spanish quite 1000 years ago. As a result, much of the country features a very strong religious background and cultural aspect thereto. The country’s population is about 6.5 million people. Most of them sleep in the southeastern portion of the country. Asuncion is the country’s largest city and also its capital. The people here speak mostly indigenous languages, though Portuguese and Spanish also are present.



The climate of Paraguay is that of a subtropical climate. However, the southern portions are much more temperate than the northern portions. There is ample rainfall especially in the eastern portion of the country. Temperatures range widely, but most years a moderately warm summer and a cold winter are common here.


As a constitutional republic, this country is working on establishing itself as a strong competitor in the region, but it remains a poor country overall. Poverty is a big concern here and it often dominates cultural aspects of this location. Up to 50 percent of the population is under the poverty limit. Nevertheless, this country has a strong religious background. Christianity is the main focus of religion here, though Bahai Faith and Mormonism are present as well. Arts and cultural festivals do take place here, especially in the capital city and other larger cities.

Cost of Living in Paraguay

Students traveling here will get to have the financial means to support themselves. the value of living is low, considering the very fact that the majority of individuals are in poverty. However, within the larger cities, where most goods are imported, costs are often significantly higher and therefore the cost of living is often far more .


Most students sleep in flats or on campus. Costs for monthly needs tend to range, but most will find that having €500 to €1000 monthly is sweet.

Students getting to enroll within the universities located in Paraguay will find some schools leave it. However, it is often an outsized struggle to seek out employment after graduation here. The country does need medically trained professionals and people willing and ready to still work towards improving the economy here. However, the experience of living here is an impressive one.

Study in Paraguay

Higher Education in Paraguay
It is important to note that higher education in Paraguay is not something that is readily available. It wasn’t until the 1990s that two institutions of higher education entered the country. At that time, National University and Catholic University opened their doors to the public. Since that time, numerous universities and other schools have moved into the country to serve the public. The following is a list of some of the public universities present in the country:

  • National University of Asuncion, with its main campus located in San Lorenzo
  • National University of Este located in Este
  • National University of Pilar, located in Pilar
  • National University of Itapua, located in Encarnacion
  • National University of Caaguazu, located in Coronel Oviedo.

There are also several private schools now available at the university level. Private schools here may be a higher quality of education for students, but since there is little government control over these organizations, this can range significantly. The following are some of the private universities in Paraguay.

  • Catholic University for Women in Asuncion, located in Asuncion
  • Columbia University of Paraguay, located in Asuncion
  • University del Norte, located in Asuncion

Again, with the limited amount of guidance from the government, many of these colleges and universities will dictate the entry qualifications for international students independently. Additionally, the schools themselves determine tuition rates and eligibility. There is no public health care available to international students who may need it. For this reason, most students will need to bring their own policies and financial means to cover the necessary medical care.

Travel Visa for Students

Students planning to study in Paraguay will need to have a student visa. This includes a letter from the school that shows the specific reason for the visit. Students may also be required to show proof of the ability to pay for their needs during their stay. Schools offering international student education will help students to find housing or other accommodations, but this is often not a part of tuition costs.


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