10 Technologies That Won’t Exist in 10 Years

By | January 31, 2024

The modern world is awash in technology. From cars to smartphones, we use our devices to connect with one another and with the outside world. In just a few short years, the rate of change has accelerated, with new tech technologies emerging at an unprecedented pace.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about five of the most disruptive technology trends that are already underway as well as five others on the horizon. You’ll also learn how to stay ahead of the curve and not get left behind when these changes take place.

As the old saying goes, time is money. There’s no denying that. However, as our world becomes more digital, the value of keeping tabs on what’s happening in real-time has become even more crucial. That’s why we’re seeing so many companies and startups focus their efforts towards developing technologies that will be commonplace within the next decade, not just today.

Keeping abreast of new and emerging technologies is crucial for company executives who want to remain productive in a world where artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality (VR), big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all becoming integral parts of our everyday lives. It also means that former computer scientists and techies will have to learn how to manage these advanced internet-based technology trends if they want to stay relevant in tomorrow’s workplace.

If you’re serious about staying ahead of your competition, you need to learn how to leverage new digital technologies effectively. We’ll take you through some of the most important technology trends that will affect business operations over the next decade.

Technology That Won’t Exist in 10 Years: How to Survive the Coming Age of Technology

1. Rearview Mirrors

Many people find this technology very useful while many people don’t find this technology useless. I have been in many means of transport and commercial vehicles and the drivers seem ignorant of the fact that they do not have a rearview mirror while driving. There will be technology for this in the nearest year to come. The ignorant of the drivers is one of the reasons the technology will not be in existence anymore.

2. Phone Towers

This technology is one of the things that are important to us this year. With phone towers, different telecommunication companies are able to communicate with their customers and give great services. But this great technology has its own disadvantage.

These Phone Towers are powered by machines or let me say Generators which is powered by fuel. Some of this Phone Towers are powered by a solar system. But this Phone Towers at times fail and there will be no connection for the users. This is one of the major reasons this technology will become obsolete in the years to come.

3. Remote Control

This is one of the fun things at home. Everybody wants to be the one controlling the TV. Although the remote control is good and all that, it lacks many things. Yes, it lacks many things but still comes with great features. One of the things the remote control lacks is the ability to stay without a battery. In the years to come, we will be using technology that does not need the use of a battery.

4. Credit Cards

Now many people may be asking while is the credit card among the list. Well, we will get to that, and I know that the Credit card is one of the things we all use today for our daily transactions. Although, not all countries use the credit, don’t ask me to mention the countries for now.

Now for the reason why the credit card will not be in use in the nearest future. Internet Scammers and criminals out there in the world use the credit card to do many illegal transactions and as a result, some people are scammed off their own money.

5. Metal Keys

Now, this is one of the technology I don’t want to see in the nearest future. The art of using these keys have made many people to be rubbed, locked out of their own house etc. Many old modern people will not buy the idea of any country saying they won’t be using metal keys as a lock for houses. For me, I will be really happy. But for now will are not sure of what technology that will replace the use of the metal keys.

6. Physical Media

The use of this technology has been changing from years coming. But we are sure that in 10 years’ time there will be no use for the physical Media again. Many people find this technology to be very useful, for me I know that the technology is useful, but it has its own backsides too. If there is a sign of scratch on the surface of this disc than I’m sorry to say that you are in lost, especially when you are using it to store files like some people I know still do.

7. Wired Phone Chargers

Well, we all know that without the use of a charger we can’t power our phones. Even now in this present age many people and companies are looking for all ways to change the ways people power up their phones. There are so many videos on YouTube right now teaching people how to make wireless chargers. I won’t lie I have tried it, well it didn’t work for me.

The reason why this technology won’t be around again is that of the fact that users always complain of the wire always having issues, which makes them go out to buy new wire for the phone charger and that may not be the one compatible with the phone.

8. ATMs and Wallets

Yes, this technology won’t be around anymore. Many of you may be asking why won’t it be around anymore, there are many reasons why the use of the ATM and wallets won’t be in use anymore. For the ATM, many have been laying complain that the ATM always take their cards and at times it does not return the card. And many people also complain that the ATM is not a safe place to withdraw money from. I have been a victim of this last year when I went to the ATM to withdraw money, I was rubbed.

9. Needles

Many people will be happy to hear that the era of needle injections will be coming to an end. I am happy that this art of evil will soon be no more and we can go to the hospital without any fear of the Nurse. Some of the Nurses in the Hospital are really mean. Research done by the MIT has reviewed that there is are two projects going on right now for the replacement of needle injection.

The first project is in a form of a jet-injection technology that can shoot a substance faster than the speed of sound through an opening in your skin that’s borderline microscopic. The second project is in the form a capsule which the patient will swallow and inside the capsule is a needle that will go to your stomach lining and this needle will be destroyed by the digestive system after doing its work.

10. Cinemas

This is one technology many people will not be so happy that will be leaving the world. Well, some other set of people will be happy that this technology will be no more available because not everybody can afford to pay to go to the Cinemas. And the Cinemas has been a technology that has stayed for long. I think it is time this technology leaves us and let’s see what will come out new for us.

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