50 Coolest Top Tech Companies in the World

By | February 1, 2024

You might be surprised to learn that there are many top technology companies operating outside of the United States. In fact, out of the top 50 global tech companies, nearly one-third are based outside of the U.S.

When you think about it, this makes sense. After all, these firms have access to a wider pool of talent and expertise than smaller American tech companies can hope to find within their own borders.

What’s more, these companies can take advantage of cheaper labor costs and operations in other countries with potentially more liberal regulations than may be available at home.


So which top tech company is the coolest? We took a look at its workforce, investment strategy, customer base and culture to give you an idea of what you can expect if you work for that particular organization.

When it comes to technology, the world is becoming a smaller place. The rise of the internet has made access to information and devices commonplace. This means that the best and most innovative companies in the field are able to reach even the most remote areas.

There are many top tech companies in the world, and they all have something unique to offer. Their diverse fields of study, research, and development make them some of the most influential players in their fields. Here is a list of 50 Coolest Top Tech Companies in The World Today


1. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is the flagship company of South Korea’s Samsung Group and Asia’s largest electronics manufacturer. Digital Media, Semiconductors, Information & Communications, and Home Appliances are the four main divisions of Samsung Electronics.

Televisions, video, and audio equipment; computers and related products; phones, cellular phones, and fax machines; home appliances; semiconductors; network-related products; factory automation products; fiberoptics products; closed circuit security products; motors and compressors; and solar energy systems are among the products sold by the company.

Samsung Electronics was the market leader in the code division multiple access (CDMA) Handset, DRAM, SRAM, and color monitor markets in 2000.

2. Midea Group Co Ltd

Midea Group Co Ltd

Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer with headquarters in Beijiao town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong and a stock exchange listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

As of 2021, the company employs approximately 150,000 people in China and abroad, with 200 subsidiaries and more than 60 overseas branches.

3. Huawei Investment and Holding Co Ltd

Huawei Investment and Holding Co Ltd

Huawei, founded in 1987, is a global leader in information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

They employ approximately 195,000 people and operate in over 170 countries and regions, serving over three billion people worldwide.

4. Gree Electric Appliances Inc of Zhuhai

Gree Electric Appliances Inc of Zhuhai

Gree Electric Appliances Inc., headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, is a Chinese major appliance manufacturer.

It is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential air conditioners. There are two types of air conditioners available from the company: household air conditioners and commercial air conditioners.

​5. International Business Machines Corp(IBM)

International Business Machines Corp(IBM)

IBM is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 171 countries.

The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) was founded in 1911 in Endicott, New York, by trust businessman Charles Ranlett Flint, and was renamed “International Business Machines” in 1924. IBM is headquartered in New York.

IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software, as well as hosting and consulting services ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

IBM is also a major research organization, having held the record for the most annual U.S. patents generated by a business for 29 consecutive years (as of 2021).

6. Canon Inc

Canon Inc

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan, that specializes in optical, imaging, and industrial products such as lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

​7. Panasonic Corp

Panasonic Corp

Panasonic Holdings Corporation, formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. from 1935 to 2008 and Panasonic Corporation from 2008 to 2022, is a major Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka.

Matsushita Konosuke founded the company in 1918 to manufacture and market the electric lamp sockets and plugs he designed. It was founded in 1935 and quickly expanded into a variety of electrical product lines.

8. Robert Bosch GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH, stylized as BOSCH, is a German multinational engineering and technology c


ompany headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany.

Robert Bosch established the company in Stuttgart in 1886. Robert Bosch Stiftung, a charitable organization, owns 92% of Bosch.

​9. Hitachi Ltd

Hitachi Ltd

Hitachi, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational conglomerate based in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

It is the parent company of the Hitachi Group and was previously a member of the Nissan zaibatsu, DKB Group, and Fuyo Group of companies before DKB and Fuji Bank merged to form the Mizuho Financial Group.

10. Siemens AG

This is a technology firm that specializes in industry, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare.

They create technology with a purpose, adding real value for customers, from more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids to cleaner and more comfortable transportation and advanced healthcare.

By fusing the real and digital worlds, they enable our customers to transform their industries and markets, thereby transforming the everyday lives of billions of people.

11. Microsoft Corp

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.

12. BBK Electronics Co Ltd

BBK Electronics Corporation is a multinational conglomerate based in China. Consumer electronics products such as smartphones, tablet computers, smartwatches, smart TVs, Hi-Fi equipment, Blu-ray players, and digital cameras are developed by the company. It is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

13. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd

Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co. Ltd, also known as Foxconn, is a Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic devices.

It is the world’s leading electronics manufacturer and provider of IT technological solutions, having been founded in 1974.

​14. BOE Technology Group Co Ltd

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., also known as Jingdongfang, is a Chinese electronic component manufacturer that was founded in April 1993.

Interface devices, smart IoT systems, smart medicine, and engineering integration are its core businesses. BOE is a leading manufacturer of LCDs, OLEDs, and flexible displays in the world.

15. General Electric Co

The General Electric Company (GE) is a multinational corporation based in the United States. GE has been inventing the future of industry for over 125 years.

GE is best known today for its work in the power, renewable energy, aviation, and healthcare sectors.

​16. LG Electronics Inc

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

LG Electronics is a part of LG Corporation, the fourth largest chaebol in South Korea, and often considered as the pinnacle of LG Corp with the group’s chemical and battery division LG Chem.

​17. Sony Group Corp

Sony Group Corporation, genarally known as SONY, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

This Corporation manufactures, distributes, and provides related solutions for electronic products.

​18. Intel Corp

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

It is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue, and is one of the developers of the x86 series of instruction sets, the instruction sets found in most personal computers.

19. TCL Corp

​TCL Corp. is engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling of multimedia electronic products, computers, mobile phones, household appliances, telephones, electrical engineering products and IT products. The company was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Guangdong, China.

20. Fujifilm Holdings Corp

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, trading as Fujifilm, or simply Fuji, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, operating in the realms of photography, optics, office and medical electronics, biotechnology, and chemicals.

21. Qualcomm Inc

Qualcomm is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, and incorporated in Delaware.

It creates semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. It owns patents critical to the 5G, 4G, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA and WCDMA mobile communications standards

22. Raytheon Technologies Corp

Raytheon Technologies Corporation is an American multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

It is one of the largest aerospace and defense manufacturers in the world by revenue and market capitalization.

23.Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mountain View, California.

It was created through a restructuring of Google on October 2, 2015, and became the parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries.

24. Nokia Oyj

Nokia Oyj

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics corporation, established in 1865.

Nokia’s main headquarters are in Espoo, Finland, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area, but the company’s actual roots are in the Tampere region of Pirkanmaa.

25. Mitsubishi Electric Corp

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, established on 15 January 1921, is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the core companies of Mitsubishi.

26. Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company specializing in consumer electronics, software and online services headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States.

​27. Toshiba Corp

Toshiba Corporation, commonly known as Toshiba and stylized as TOSHIBA, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

28. Tencent Holdings Ltd

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate and holding company headquartered in Shenzhen. It is one of the highest grossing multimedia companies in the world based on revenue.

​29. Koninklijke Philips NV

Koninklijke Philips N.V., commonly shortened to Philips, is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation that was founded in Eindhoven in 1891.

Since 1997, it has been mostly headquartered in Amsterdam, though the Benelux headquarters is still in Eindhoven.

​30. Lenovo Group Ltd

Lenovo Group Ltd (Lenovo) is a provider of consumer, commercial, and enterprise technology. The company develops, manufactures, and markets IT-related products including devices and peripherals, personal computers, handheld devices, and servers and mainframes.

​31. ZTE Corp

ZTE Corporation is a Chinese partially state-owned technology company that specializes in telecommunication. Founded in 1985, ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.

32. Fujitsu Ltd

Fujitsu Limited is a Japanese multinational information and communications technology equipment and services corporation, established in 1935 and headquartered in Tokyo.

Fujitsu is the world’s sixth-largest IT services provider by annual revenue, and the largest in Japan, in 2021.

33. Seiko Epson Corp

Seiko Epson Corporation, or simply known as Epson, is a Japanese multinational electronics company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and information- and imaging-related equipment.

34. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co TSMC Ltd

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited is a Taiwanese multinational semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company.

35. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson AB

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, commonly known as Ericsson, is a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm

​36. HP Inc

HP Inc

The Hewlett-Packard Company, commonly shortened to Hewlett-Packard or HP, was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

37. Haier Smart Home Co Ltd

Haier Smart Home Co Ltd is a Chinese multinational manufacturer of home appliances and consumer electronics headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong.

Haier has made a remarkable comeback over the last three decades. Its current growth rate is such that it is adding 100+ customers every minute! This is one of the few Chinese brands that has earned global consumers’ respect and good brand value.

38. Honeywell International Inc

Honeywell International Inc. is an American publicly traded, multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It primarily operates in four areas of business: aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions

​39. Ricoh Co Ltd

The Ricoh Company, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company. It was founded by the now-defunct commercial division of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research known as the Riken Concern, on 6 February 1936 as Riken Sensitized Paper. Ricoh’s headquarters are located in Ota, Tokyo.

​40. Dell Technologies Inc

Dell Technologies Inc

Dell is an American technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services and is owned by its parent company, Dell Technologies.

41. Medtronic PLC

Medtronic plc is an American medical device company based in Ireland for tax purposes. The company primarily operates in the United States. Medtronic has an operational and executive headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US.

42. Broadcom Inc

Broadcom Inc. is an American designer, developer, manufacturer and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products.

Broadcom’s product offerings serve the data center, networking, software, broadband, wireless, and storage and industrial markets.

43. NEC Corp

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics corporation, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The company was known as the Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before rebranding in 1983 as NEC.

44. Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2020, Oracle was the third-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization.

​45. Texas Instruments Inc

Texas Instruments Incorporated is an American technology company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it sells to electronics designers and manufacturers globally.

​46. Amazon com Inc, Inc. is an American multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

​47. Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies AG is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999, when the semiconductor operations of the former parent company Siemens AG were spun off. Infineon has about 50,280 employees and is one of the ten largest semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.

48. Cisco Systems Inc

Cisco Systems, Inc., commonly known as Cisco, is an American-based multinational digital communications technology conglomerate corporation headquartered in San Jose, California.

​49. Brother Industries Ltd

Brother Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.

​50. NEC Corp

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics corporation, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The company was known as the Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before rebranding in 1983 as NEC.


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