Treating Dry Dog Paws: Home Remedies

By | May 6, 2024

                       Treating Dry Dog Paws:

If you’ve had a pampered pooch for as long as we have, you are no doubt familiar with the feeling of walking into your home after a long day and having their fur greet you with its signature doggy welcoming scent.

However, if your dog happens to be an outdoorsy type that prefers spending most of his time outside instead of lounging in your cozy foyer or living room, then he might not be as excited about that welcome-home-from-the-day kind of smell.

In other words, dry dog paws. Dryness can result when your dog spends the majority of his time in the great outdoors without getting sufficient moisture from the air or land around him. Or maybe he has developed sensitive paws due to something like chronic dermatitis secondary to a skin disease (dry skin), which is what usually leads us back indoors.


Either way, indoor dogs who don’t get enough exposure to humidity tend to develop dry, cracked skin on their pads and paws; which can cause discomfort and inflammation — not just for them but for any others who live with them as well.

Dry dog paws are a common problem for dogs and their owners. They are caused by dry skin and can cause itchiness and discomfort. In some cases, they may even lead to other conditions such as infections or cellulitis.

Fortunately, there are plenty of home remedies that can provide relief from the symptoms of dry dog paws. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the various causes of dry dog paws and how you can treat them at home.


We’ll also cover some effective home remedies that you can try to soothe your pooch’s discomfort and help prevent the development of further problems in the future.

Causes of Dry Dog Paws

Dry dog paws are caused by several factors. The most common are genetics, excessive licking, and allergies. But, if your dog also has dry skin, you should also look at your house environment and diet as possible causes of the problem.

Dry skin results when the outer layers of your dog’s skin don’t receive enough oils. This may be due to your dog’s diet, lack of regular bathing, or another underlying cause. In some cases, excessive licking may be to blame. So, you need to be aware of these possible causes and how to prevent or treat dry dog paws at home.

Basic care and grooming

You’re probably aware that your dog needs a basic clean and brush once a week to remove loose hair and debris from their coat. But, are you aware of the importance of bathing your pet regularly? Too often, people skip this step.

Regular bathing not only conditions your dog’s coat, but also helps remove any bacteria or smells that may irritate your pet’s skin. Excessive licking can also lead to dry skin and coat problems.

So, you should try to reduce your dog’s licking. Of course, dogs are naturally curious and your best option is to keep your dog’s surroundings clean. This will help keep your dog hydrated and prevent them from licking too much.

What to do if your dog has dry skin?

Dry skin is often accompanied by excessive licking. If you notice dry skin on your dog’s paws, you can treat it at home. If you notice dry skin on your dog’s ears, muzzle, or other areas of the body, you should also see your veterinarian.

To treat dry skin on your dog’s paws, apply a moisturizing cream or oil daily. If your dog also has dry skin on their ears, muzzle, or other areas of their body, you can also consider administering medications that come in the form of drops.

Home Remedies for Dry Dog Paws

Here are some home remedies that can help soothe your dog’s dry paws. You can apply these remedies daily to help prevent further issues with dry skin. Gently exfoliate your dog’s paws with a sugar scrub. This will remove any dead skin and help your dog’s paws stay moisturized.

You can make a sugar scrub yourself by mixing one part sugar with one part water. Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made product. Coconut oil is one of the most effective treatments for dry skin.

It penetrates deep into your pet’s skin to hydrate it and prevent it from becoming dry. You can apply oil directly to your dog’s paws or mix coconut oil with a carrier oil like olive oil so that it doesn’t stain your dog’s fur.


Dry skin in dogs can cause excessive licking, itchiness, and discomfort. There are several home remedies that you can apply to soothe your dog’s dry paws. Coconut oil is one of the most effective and affordable remedies to treat dry skin.

You can easily make a coconut oil foot cream at home and apply it daily to your dog’s paws. Exfoliating your dog’s paws with a sugar scrub or using a foot cream daily can also help prevent further issues with dry skin.


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