Trinity College Florida 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarships

By | January 17, 2024

Trinity College Florida Acceptance Rate – Trinity College Florida is a selective, private, research-intensive university with an acceptance rate of 90%. With an enrollment of over 2,000 students, Trinity offers a wide range of opportunities for students to study law and humanities. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our website or contact us to schedule an appointment!

Trinity College Florida : Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarships

Trinity College Florida is a world-renowned, private, theological and research university located in Orlando, Florida. The university was founded in 1853 by Methodists. Trinity is one of the leading private Anglican universities in the United States and has co-founded colleges and universities in Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Trinity College Florida is a top-ranked private university, and it’s looking to add a new student to its roster. Trinity is looking for students who are committed to learning and who want to make a positive impact in their community. To apply, you must be a US citizen or have a valid visa.
To get started, you will need to fill out an application form and provide your contact information. After you finish the application process, you will need to wait for an acceptance letter. If you are accepted into Trinity College Florida, you will need to complete additional paperwork, such as a course registration and financial aid forms.

About Trinity College of Florida

Trinity College of Florida is an educational institution located in Gainesville, Florida. The college offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields of study, including arts and sciences, business, law, and information technology. Trinity is home to a number of distinguished faculty and students, including Nobel laureates Saul Alinsky and Richard Lynn.

Established in 1932, this college is an evangelical Bible college located in Trinity, Florida but formerly known as Florida Bible Institute.

It changed to Trinity College of Florida in 1947 and since maintained its value of equipping those who have chosen to go God’s way.

Students at Trinity College Florida have experienced a transformational change as they advance in their spiritual calling.

More so, this private non-denominational college is small and practices a four-year study cycle.

Is Trinity College of Florida accredited?

Trinity College of Florida is an accredited college, providing students with the necessary education and training to pursue a career in the arts. Trinity’s rigorous curriculum provides students with the skills they need to shape their careers as artists, thinkers, and professionals. In addition to its nationally accredited programs, Trinity is also a member of the AACSB (American Association of Colleges and Schools of Arts and Sciences), AICPA (American Institute of Architects), and PEN-USA (Public Education National Committee).

What GPA do you need for Trinity College?

Trinity College is one of the world’s leading universities and offers a wide range of undergraduate courses. If you are interested in studying at Trinity College, it is important to know what your average GPA is. In order to achieve a good academic record, you will need to have a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Trinity College is a large, prestigious university in Dublin, Ireland. With over 12,000 students, it offers a wide range of undergraduate courses and graduate programs. Many Trinity students choose to pursue college degrees in the arts and humanities, but there are also many students who decide to pursue a career in one of the many professional fields that Trinity offers. If you’re interested in studying at Trinity, we recommend checking out our website for information about our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Why Study at Trinity College of Florida?

At Trinity College Florida, the quality of theological education you receive is second to none such that you go through a divine transformation to fulfil your purpose with all excellency.

The more you learn at TCF, the more you understand how important it is to impact peoples’ lives and the world at large.

Trinity College Florida Address

TCF is located at 2430 Welbilt Blvd, Trinity, Fl 34655, United States.

Trinity College Florida Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at TCF is 82%. this means a great percentage of those who apply to the school end up gaining admission.

Which Body Accredits TCF?

This college was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Highere Education in 1996 and the accreditation has remained valid up until this day.

Trinity College of Florida Ranking

According to US News World Report, this school ranks #44 in National Liberal Arts Colleges and #45 in the rankings for the Best Value Schools.

What are the Admission Requirements at Trinity College Florida?

If you want to make Trinity College Florida your study location, there are certain requirements you must meet.

Here are the admission requirements to submit.

  • Online application
  • References
  • Essay
  • Official high school transcript
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Non-refundable application fee of $35

What is the Cost of Tuition at Trinity College Florida?

Triinity College Florida is committed to making education affordable for its students.

Below is a breakdown of the various cost of tuition.

Cost of Tuition for Traditional Programs

Per Year:

Traditional program: $16,300
Full-time traditional program with room and board fees inclusive: $23,900

Per Semester:

Full time, 12-18 Credits) = $7,600.00

Per Credit Hour:

1-11 Hours = $510.00
19 Hours and above = $450.00
Retired Senior Citizens 65+ = $255.00
Audit Hour = $70.00
Dual Enrollment Credit Hour = $255.00

Cost of Tuition for Online Courses

Tuition – Degree Completion (Trinity Quest)

Credit Hour Per Semester = $400.00

Tuition – Online Courses

Per Credit Hour = $400.00
Technology Fee (per course) = $50.00

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What are the Available Programs are at TCF?

At Trinity College Florida, a plethora of courses is available to prepare you for the task ahead.

These programs provide you with opportunities to apply them in real-life situations.

Have a look at the programs offered at this institution of higher learning.

Bachelor’s Degrees

The most popular undergraduate major here is the Pastoral studies/counselling, Pre-theology/pre-ministerial studies and elementary education and teaching.

However, a list of other programs offered at the school is represented below.

  • Business/ Commerce
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Non-profit/public/organizational Management


  • Elementary Education And Teaching

Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • General Studies

Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Studies, General


  • Counselling Psychology
  • Psychology, General

Theology and Religious Vocations

  • Missions/missionary Studies
  • Pastoral Studies/counselling
  • Pre-theology/pre-ministerial studies
  • Theological and Ministerial Studies
  • Theology/theological Studies
  • Youth Ministry
  • Bible/biblical Studies
  • Education
  • Psychology

Scholarships at TCF

Students at this institution count themselves blessed with receiving some form of financial aids to enable them to accomplish their educational goals.

To enjoy this, you only need to fill up the FAFSA form where priority will be given to you when considerations are made for the scholarships.

Types of Scholarships Available at the College and their Worths

  • Trinity College Academic Merit Scholarship: $4,000
  • College Grant: $2,500
  • Early Action Grant: $1,000
  • Word of Life Scholarship: $4,000
  • Community Partner Scholarship: $2,000


Even as the good book says he who watereth shall be watered, it is rewarding if you hearken to God’s call and fulfil his mandate. One way to get started is by reading this article.

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