Up and Coming Tech Companies That Are Changing the World

By | February 1, 2024

The world is changing at a drastic pace, but even with the rapid pace of change, there are a few companies that are changing the world more than any other.

These companies aren’t necessarily the biggest or the most popular in fact, many people probably don’t even know their name but they are making an impact on our lives every day by improving our quality of life in ways we never thought possible.

As the world becomes more digital and connected, it’s become easier than ever for start-up companies to make their mark. The exponential growth of online shopping, streaming media, and social media has created a niche market for companies that can offer users new ways to access and purchase products.


These start-up companies are off the radar of most mainstream consumers but have the potential to change the world in a major way. Here are some of the up and coming tech companies that you should know about:

Keep an Eye on: Atheer, a Blockchain based Tech Company

Atheer is a Japanese tech company that is on the cusp of becoming a major player in the blockchain and AI space. The company has a suite of products and services that leverages blockchain technology and AI to improve various aspects of daily life, including home automation and energy management.

With its existing product offerings, the company is also exploring expansion into the e-commerce market and is planning to launch a blockchain based affinity token platform for monetization. Atheer’s flagship product is called the Ai Gateway.


The gateway connects different products such as home appliances, electric vehicles, and even wearable devices. It uses AI and blockchain technology to intelligently monitor and manage the connected products. The company is also developing the Ai Smart Energy Management System.

The system uses AI and IoT to monitor and manage energy usage in homes. It can be used to create a smart environment that allows users to optimize the usage of energy resources like air conditioners, lighting, and appliances.

Bluzelle, a Blockchain Based Company for Data Management

Blockchain technology is changing how businesses handle and store data. The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it more secure and efficient than centralized systems that are susceptible to hacking.

Leading this change is the data management start-up Bluzelle, which has built a blockchain platform that enables businesses to store data across various decentralized services.

The company’s technology also enables users to create decentralized applications that can manage various data management tasks, including sharing data across different applications and managing data access rights. Bluzelle’s core product is called the Distributed Data Management Protocol.

This protocol allows users to store data on the blockchain. It can be used to create decentralized apps that share data across different apps and applications.

The company is also developing its Bluzellewallet. The wallet can be used to store, create, and manage any type of data. It uses smart contracts to create a secure environment for data storage, management, and access.

Carbon3D, 3-D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Company

For a long time, 3-D printing was an expensive process that only large companies could afford. Then a start-up called Carbon3D made it affordable for everyone. The company has developed a new type of 3-D printing technology that is based on “printing” liquid polymer instead of solid material.

With this technology, it is now possible to create a wide range of products like custom sports jerseys, toys, and parts for cars and electronics. Carbon3D is also a pioneer in the additive manufacturing (AM) space.

AM is a new type of manufacturing technology that creates products by stacking layers of liquid polymer. This technology differs from current manufacturing techniques, which use solid material (such as metal and plastic) as a “model” to create a product.

With AM, products can be designed using computer-aided design (CAD) software, or even created using a 3-D model created using a blockchain-based product.

Coimatic Screens, an OLED Display Company

OLED displays are changing the way we consume media and interact with our digital world. OLED displays are unique because they can display vivid colors, provide high contrast, and are energy efficient.

Not surprisingly, almost all smartphones and TVs use OLED displays. However, OLED displays are not used for other applications yet, like windows and walls. Coimatic Screens is a start-up that has developed an efficient way to print OLED displays on buildings.

This allows for new kinds of digital advertising, or even smart building features, like controlling the temperature, lighting, and music in a building. Coimatic has developed a way to print OLED displays that is similar to printing inkjet documents.

AM technology is used to print OLED displays on buildings, and blockchain technology is used to create a tamper-proof system that ensures the authenticity of documents.

Otonomos, An Internet of Things company that Monitors Your Home

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming part of our daily lives. Smart fridges that can order groceries, car alarms, and home security systems are becoming more and more common.

To make these systems smart, they all need to connect with each other and exchange data. One start-up that is focusing on IoT is Otonomos. The company has developed a blockchain based solution for IoT.

The Otonomos solution is an open source IoT platform that allows device makers and users to build decentralized applications that can collect and analyze data from IoT devices.

The Otonomos platform has already been used in a variety of applications, including monitoring the status of a fleet of vehicles, keeping track of building conditions, and controlling home appliances.

Sumitomo Moped Technology Corporation, A Japanese moped startup company

Mopeds are slowly but surely making a comeback in the world of transportation. These small motorized vehicles are typically meant for shorter trips due to their smaller engine size.

However, they have the potential to be used for longer distances due to their compact size and low cost. An up and coming moped startup is Sumitomo Moped Technology Corporation. The company has developed a new moped model that has a novel design.

The Sumitomo Moped uses two wheels instead of four, giving it a smaller footprint while giving it more stability and traction. Sumitomo has also developed a unique engine that helps to reduce noise pollution.

This engine uses a cycle-repetition technique in which an electric motor rotates a shaft that is connected to a gearbox. This engine reduces noise pollution and has a compact design that allows the moped to be driven on city streets.

Sumitomo Electric Automotive Corporation, A Japanese Automotive Startup Company

Electric vehicles have been increasingly popular in recent years due to the rising cost of oil and the environmental benefits they provide.

However, these vehicles are not widely available to consumers as there are few charging stations available, and they do not have the same range as traditional vehicles. A company that is leading the way in the development of EVs is Sumitomo Electric Automotive Corporation.

The company has developed a new generation of EVs that have a low cost of production, low cost of operation, and long range. The company has also developed a charging system that enables EVs to charge even if there are no charging stations available.

They have also developed a new type of engine that has higher fuel efficiency and better emissions. This engine has been developed in close collaboration with a Japanese university.


With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things and advances in artificial intelligence, the world is becoming more digital.

Companies are innovating in new ways to improve the way we consume and share data, while also creating new types of products, like 3-D printed OLED displays, that can change how we live. These start-up companies are off the radar of most mainstream consumers but have the potential to change the world in a major way.


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