What is Technical Writing? – Interview with an Expert

By | February 5, 2024

How can you define a Technical Writer? A Technical Writer is someone who writes content for a company on technical subjects, such as computer hardware and software, engineering work processes, scientific principles, and so on. They are able to explain in detail the topics they write about making them an indispensable part of many companies.

What is Technical Writing? - Interview with an Expert

We’ve all seen infographics before – but have you ever seen one about something you know nothing about? That’s what we did here. We wanted to create an infographic that would teach people what a Technical Writer is, and how they can become one. Enjoy!


The Basics of Technical Writing in One Simple Infographic

Technical writing is a difficult job. It requires numerous skills that have to be learned and practiced over a long period of time. In order to be a successful technical writer, you need to have:

– Good communication skills

– The ability to understand the subject at hand


– The patience required for research

– A good understanding of grammar, semantics, and the English language

What is a technical writer?

A technical writer is someone who writes documents that are meant to be understood by experts and laypeople alike. They typically write documents with a scientific or technical focus, such as product manuals, reports, user guides, and instruction manuals.

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Technical writing includes translating complex information into language that non-experts can understand—and it can be difficult. Technical writers often work in areas of engineering and science where the information might not be obvious or easy for people to comprehend on their own.

What does a technical writer do?

Technical writers are authors of technical documentation that informs computer users about the intended use of a program or online service. They create manuals, help texts, and tutorials to educate users on how to use a program or service. These documents typically include text and illustrations, but may also include videos, simulations, and interactive games. There is no one job title for technical writers; they can be employed in different capacities depending on their skill set and experience.

A technical writer is a professional who creates and provides content for a variety of technical subjects, such as computer programming languages, medical terminology, or scientific research. They are responsible for translating complicated topics into readable language that can be understood by a wide audience. They also need to make sure the text is error-free and follow any guidelines set for the publishing industry. Some people may work exclusively in one industry or niche, while other technical writers are able to switch between various fields easily. The field of technical writing is largely driven by technology and the need for more people to write accurate and understandable information on it. Here’s what you need to know about becoming a technical writer.

The basics of technical writing

Technical writing is the process of translating complex concepts so that others can understand them. This may include translating technical jargon into plain English, or writing instructions for complex procedures.

Technical writers are often found in the following industries:

– Software Development

– Computer Hardware

– Web Development

– Engineering

How to become a technical writer

If you’re interested in becoming a technical writer, the first step is to find out what kind of work they do. You should study what types of documents they create and how their work is used. This will help you decide if this career path is right for you. Next, you should look into the education requirements for jobs in this field. You’ll need some sort of degree to start working as a technical writer, but if your passions lie with writing, then it may be worth going back to school to learn more about this type of writing.

Another way to become a successful technical writer is by joining an organization that offers training and certification for people who are interested in learning this type of writing. The company’s training program will teach you how to write effectively and what skills are necessary in order to be an effective technical writer. It will also teach you about all different types of documents that are created within this field and how these documents can be used by companies and individuals alike.


This infographic gives a great overview of the basics of technical writing. From understanding what a technical writer is to the basics of what they do, this infographic provides a graphic way to store all of your information.


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