What is Pre Admission Testing | All About Pre Admission Testing

By | February 13, 2024

What is Pre Admission Testing | Pre-admission testing is a way of prepping for the future. It can help you get an idea of what classes or courses to take based on your current knowledge.

What is Pre Admission Testing

If you are unsure about where to start pre-admission tests, then this article will help! We have compiled all the information that you need in order to make decisions about pre admission testing and how it can be beneficial for your education before college starts.


What is Pre-Admission Testing?

Pre-Admission testing is a test taken when you are a junior or senior in high school and it is required of you in order to get into a college. Usually, it is for engineering and math related fields, but there are also classes that require the testing as well. After you pass the pre-admission test, you are then ready to start applying.

The test consists of taking a qualifying test such as the SAT or ACT and a career aptitude test which is also known as the PSAT. It is used to predict what career or major you should choose, as well as how your grades and future academic career will impact your chances of getting into college. In the future, it can also be used to set career goals and a plan to attain them.

Types of Tests

Each student and college has their own policies regarding when pre admission testing occurs and in what order. Since many people have specific questions, we will break down the different types of testing. We will also go over how you can go about taking them.


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National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test This is the first test that you will be required to take in order to be considered for many scholarships and is the most common type of pre admission testing.

Students who take this test are able to receive scholarships from several national organizations. Students may also get to skip over certain subjects in the upcoming semester. Students should focus on the writing portion of the test.

When to Take Pre-Admission Tests

The timing of your pre-admission testing depends on when you will begin college. The thing to know is that you should start pre-admission testing at least 2 weeks before your first college class begins.

This gives you a few days to test and give yourself a chance to see if your results are abnormal. You do not want to take your first college class and have a problem with an abnormality or incorrect information.

If you take your first class and find out that your information is wrong you can immediately change it to make sure your information is correct. It is best to test at least 1 week and up to 3 weeks prior to the start of classes. If you are still unsure about your pre-admission testing start testing a week or two before your first class begins and go up from there.

How to Prepare for Pre-Admission Tests

  1. Answer Questions About Your High School History The first step to test prep is to familiarize yourself with the college admission process. Some questions that will be on your ACT or SAT will be, “Why should I attend this college?” or “What will this college require me to do to get in?” In order to answer these questions, you should review your high school transcript. Ask your guidance counselor or family members to write a list of your high school GPA, honors, awards, and school activities. They should also include any tests, grades, or other information you think might be helpful. Once you have your high school transcript, look through the essay questions on the ACT and SAT. Ask yourself questions such as, “Do I answer the question in a way that gives the most positive message?


The odds are in your favor to gain acceptance into your desired college or university, but you can’t control the acceptance rates that your schools receive. It is always important to be aware of the ways that you can have a positive impact on your academic situation and to be aware of how pre admission testing can assist you with your academic decisions.

When making a choice of when and how to submit your application, there are many things to consider, so it is important to be sure that you have researched all of the available options and how they may help you get into the school of your choice.


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