What you need to know about testosterone therapy

By | December 22, 2023

Since most men tend to deal with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction as they get older (50 years and above) or due to certain health problems, in some cases, they try to look for lasting solutions. Testosterone therapy is a significant part of the male reproductive system, as it aids in developing various reproductive tissues in men. 

Before considering testosterone therapy, you must consult your doctor and take physical examinations to check your testosterone level (in the morning) and low testosterone symptoms. If your doctor is unable to determine your low testosterone to a probable cause, you may decide to take testosterone therapy. 

Symptoms of low testosterone

1. Hair loss (less facial hair or balding)


2. Difficulty in getting an erection or random erections 

3. Poor sex drive

4. Exhaustion


5. Gained body fat

6. Hot flashes

7. Mood swings (sometimes)

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy or Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a long-term treatment for confirmed low testosterone in men or health conditions in the body affecting the male testosterone level production. In America, the percentage of men using testosterone products is increasing daily. 

Different causes or symptoms may require various approaches, as doctors prescribe the best treatment. After running your physical examinations and certain body tests, your authorized doctor might prescribe testosterone products in patches, tablets, injections, implementations, or gels to help with your treatment.

Forms of Testosterone Products

Most testosterone products are sold in licensed pharmacies or clinics on prescriptions, although there are some cheap natural testosterone products you can buy without a prescription. You can search trt clinics near me to find the best local testosterone therapy hospitals.

  • Tablets

Accepted tablets like Methyltestosterone have been employed to counter symptoms of low testosterone in men. 

  • Gels

Practicing medical practitioners can prescribe approved Testosterone gel to help with the testosterone. A patient must only apply the gel to clean, dry skin without any open wounds, as testosterone gel can provoke severe health reactions. Once the gel has dried on your skin, cover the area with a cloth and wash your hands with soap and water.  

  • Injections

Although patients can be taught to give injections by themselves, it is more advisable to allow a licensed medical practitioner to provide you with the prescribed testosterone injection dose. After a physical examination and medical determination, the testosterone dosage injected into a patient should be between 50 mg – 400 mg. 

  • Patches

Patients can apply testosterone patches on their skin and leave them for 24 hours before applying a new set. These patches aid testosterone and should not be taken off, aside from the time of change, after a shower. 

When should you consider Testosterone Therapy?

Only men with confirmed low testosterone levels and symptoms early should consider talking to their doctors about testosterone therapy. If your condition is caused by aging, your doctor may advise you to try other options. 

Does Testosterone Therapy become more complicated with age?

Testosterone cure may have some effect in older men dealing with erectile dysfunction or low testosterone caused by age, although it may be a longer process. Seniors whose low testosterone has been caused by injury to any male reproductive organ or certain health conditions may be advised to try other options instead of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

The average man suffers a one percent decrease in his body level from 30, and the percentage may increase as he becomes older. 

Advantages of Testosterone Therapy

1. Testosterone report practiced with diligence may boost the patient’s sex drive and erection excellence. 

2. It can also improve bone mass and muscle mass in a man. 

Although there has been a good number of encouraging reports, the effect of the therapy and the pace of results would not be the same for every patient. 

Testosterone Therapy side effects

1. Itching and Irritation in the applied area 

2. Possible increased incitement of existing prostate cancer. Medical specialists have advised men considering testosterone therapy to test for prostate cancer before using any testosterone product. 

3. Using testosterone products may increase the chances of blood clots in the veins.

How long does testosterone therapy take to start working?

As stated earlier, the work of testosterone would not be the same for everybody. Some patients may see improvement sooner than others, but medical experts have ascertained that it may take four to six months before a patient starts seeing significant outcomes. 

Testosterone Therapy routine

In the first year of testosterone, patients must go to their doctors to check their testosterone and blood levels every three months. If the treatment works fine and has no side effects, the checkups can be done twice a year. 

During checkups, the doctor might perform prostate screening tests to check for any issues. 


Testosterone Therapy is not ideal for everybody, as some patients may deal with long-term side effects. Low testosterone levels can be caused by certain health conditions, aging, or injury to any male reproductive organs. Patients considering testosterone therapy must consult their doctors to get all the necessary information before proceeding. 


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