Why it’s Essential to Learn Everything

By | February 17, 2024

The need for development (mental, physical, professional, social) is a basic human evolutionary need. Self-development requires more and more effort with the age of reporting. But most people do not realize this. They do not recognize themselves as learners or as teachers of the environment. And this becomes the cause of misunderstandings, friction, and images. Why it’s Essential to Learn Everything –


It is not only about the relationship between parents and children. Even our acquaintances or people in the streets can be teachers for us. But only some people we perceive as able to teach us something necessary. And this is normal. Worse when people, in general, cease to learn or consider others as potential teachers.


When we think about education or studying, we often think about universities and academies. That’s obvious – those are institutions building our perception of education. Though, this has no relation to lifelong learning. You can find college paper help when you are studying in the university, which can help you be safe your mental health. When we are talking about lifetime learning, things here are slightly different.


The desire to follow, “replicate” someone’s form of behavior, to learn from the experience of more developed (successful, efficient, status) people is a natural mechanism of self-education for people and animals. This approach gives excellent advantages allows adapting to environmental conditions, surviving, and developing.


However, not all of the accumulated behavioral forms in human society are constructive. That is why it is necessary to choose the right teachers.

Such selectivity in teaching is beneficial, but over time it can also lead to negative consequences – it becomes more and more important to learn, missing out on any information through an already existing rigid set of beliefs about themselves and the world, afraid to change anything, because it is possible and the deterioration or loss of the achieved strong position (the same evil world).


Why it's Essential to Learn Everything



Fear of development, practically absent in children and strengthened by age, can be explained by other factors. For example, fear of alienation during changes, destructive attitudes of parents, community, inertness, and support of the social system to changes.


The desire to find out, sort out the emotions and situations that arise in oneself and find the optimal form of reactions is a natural mechanism of human development and a basic need. And the very fact that people want to learn, looking for a teacher and study, “watching” for more developed individuals, creates the necessary transition to a more harmonious life.


In this sense, self-development requires more and more effort throughout the report, related to overcoming personal fears and divergent stereotypes and the natural support of the environment, which is also part of the learning process.


Spiritual and psychological development is more informed and intensive life learning, going beyond the ordinary self. As a result, life becomes brighter, more violent, and more prosperous than the constant and daily “boiling” through life (see the path of suffering) in constant incomprehensible sublime.


Intensive training begins at the moment when people realize that they no longer want to live the way they did before:

  1. When the old methods, roles, and principles don’t work anymore, they don’t provide the satisfaction or desired effect.
  2. The pressure of realizing one’s goodwill has become so great that it has overpowered the protective mechanisms of psychology and other internal and external obstacles.
  3. Worldview and self-identity have ceased to possess a person so much that the fear of changing or losing one’s image has taken second place.


Once my mentor told me (it was about social development) that you should start your own business when you can no longer force yourself to work “for an uncle.” You can compare this to the sensation of being immersed with your head in water, practically suffocating, but you muster up the remaining strength, and in a shaky rush, you will rush out and breathe on your full bosom.

That is the solid and clear desire characterized by the totality, which is necessary when you do your work. In principle, this allegory depicts well the volitional entirety in everything. And to the occurrence of such a peculiar bent, it is better to be engaged in “important” matters.


After several years and low stressful life events, only later came the realization of what the mentor had in mind. And here, we found a technique for pumping up and awakening the fighting will, which you can rely upon in critical situations. And this is the foundation for the further cultivation of warlike, authoritarian states. For the perception of their status and the environment.


It has been shown that the quality of such training (different kinds of intense training and sports demonstrate excellent results) often dramatically changes the entire life of the student for the better:

  • An active life position.
  • Confidence in their forces.
  • Determination (in connection with this, I recommend getting acquainted with training according to the system of Werner Erhard, especially in the part of total responsibility of people before themselves, according to which all the actions of people without exception are the result of their choice and their responsibility for this choice).


Such preparation often helps in successful social realization and a good transition from a grey mass, hating their work, to people whose activity becomes their desire – a hobby and a job at the same time.

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